Arthritis, Alba and All

Where to start…..

Years ago now I had aches and back trouble. Teachers didn’t get it nor did the parents but eventually I was taken to the GP.  They said I had a slipped disc, while unusual for a teenager of about 13 I was quite active and took a few falls from a few horses…. I wasn’t a bad rider but they would put me on the difficult ones because I was quite good.

That lead to showing and that lead to both cross-country and then dressage. I used to love that as well.

In my mid teens I would get off the horses so lame and the knees so hurt I had to have help to the nearest sit down point.

Was eventually taken to the docs and x-rays revealed early onset osteo arthritis…. not the best day of my life. Soon after I got to ride real dressage and after a few years got to intermediate… we don’t talk about how much the knees hurt by then but the old cavalier saddles are kind to both horse and rider.

By my early 20’s I was getting comments about the lack of suppleness in my spine and although still being placed I was losing points.

By 27 they knew I had the old osteo in my spine as well and soon after I had to have a full decompression….. that hurt….. and didn’t go to plan.

Been downhill ever since… except it han’t…. there is life after the diagnosis and well it’s not been so bad…..


Comments on: "Arthritis, Alba and All" (8)

  1. Thank you for explaining how it all began.

    • You know I was a kid really and horrified when they said arthritis….. Its not been so bad really.. the right pain control and the exercise has helped to keep it all moving even though its tried its hardest, lol.

      You have a decent day x

  2. I take it this as a great sign of positivism:
    “Been downhill ever since… except it han’t…. there is life after the diagnosis and well it’s not been so bad…..”

    • Lol its a huge sign … On a bad day it does get a bit hard and its taken so much off me so I decided it wont take any more lol. x

  3. I can’t imagine how painful that must be for you, and yet you engage in much physical labor… more than many people who are perfectly healthy!

    • Oh Rumpy the bones have trashed my life if you look at it one way but changed it if you look at it another way…. lol they are acting up today so you come give me a hand to do the hen house and the sheep shed… there’s some dried sausage treats in it for you 😉 x

  4. Chancy and Mumsy said:

    Bless you, I feel for you sweet friend have a bit of that stuff myself. I admire you for all you do despite the arthritis. We gotta keep moving or we will get to where we can’t I don’t want to be there and I bet you don’t either. Hope you and all the critters have been making it okay while I have been getting better. Thank you for stopping by to visit us today. Hugs and nose kisses for you and all from Chancy and me.

    • Oh Flower its evil isn’t it? I was ok for a few years bit the last 10 years its been biting me but… I am lucky I do have some decent pain relief and though its strong its not too high a dose so its got something behind it…. Thats a bit of a worry of mine… what happens when the pain relief no longer helps….

      I didn’t want to have to be on these tablets till I was at least 60 lol never mind I do keep going and the trial re the mtx… I think I might have to go back on it next time I see the rumo but you never know lol.

      Good to see you and really hope your feeling a lot better? Big hugs and some of the dried sausage treats for Chancy x

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