Arthritis, Alba and All

They help no matter how horrible they sound….

With the bone stuff there is a lot of help out there. I have had some intervention so will just list those as they are all I have experience of but never let the fear  of the op put you off is my moto… well one of them.

The Knees

When I was 15 they showed on x-ray some degeneration and they operated to either remove the cartridges or trim them I actually can’t remember and they have never been x-rayed since.

It wasn’t too painful as I remember and though I was strapped up and on crutches for weeks. Those horrible wooden under the arms ones as well… all I needed was a parrot and school was so hard as they kept laughing at me to say the lease. Mind school could well the all bit but might stay private…..

Anyway what ever they did has held the knees down and though misshapen and huge they rarely hurt… they are just now mind and maybe need more fluid drained off them.

That’s the only follow up treatment they have ever had, a drain and jab with steroid. Normally cortisone but the pain doc has moved on to using medrone in mine as they get worse.

The Feet

My feet have been a constant problem from almost birth! They must be someone elses a lot older than I was then, lol.

I have very small blood vessels and as I grew the fact they have been made too small has become more obvious. I then also have accrocynosis and raynards and the feet…. they have the worst of all that and always have.  1963/64 was a bad winter time for me.  4 years old and feet all banded with erupting chilblains.  They hurt!

It’s a good thing if I get out the Pollyanna hat cus it taught me how to avoid the painful bits…. In later life the feet have had a lot of surgical intervention and well its always helped but I so wish they were not so bad at healing and hadn’t gone for the arthritis with such enthusiasm….. they are not the feet I was meant to have, lol.

As a Kid

As well as the ruptured chilblains problem every year I used to get foot pain a a child and often just limped and said nothing. My parents were not people who cared or took much notice so there was little point in telling them. Only when things became very obvious dd they do anything and even that they complained about.

 I knocked my feet around a lot when younger. Horses ripped the nails off in one hit (ow that hurt I can promise you!) A friend of mines father never forgave me as he missed the FA cup final as he had to take me to casualty, lol.

 Forever jamming nails in them…. there used to be bits of wood hanging about the place and father had moved some to the wall, reversed the truck (an old series 2 Landrover I ended up learning to drive in) up too close to the wall.

I jumped out the back and suddenly has a bit of wood attached to the foot with the nail through the top…… , again that hurt lol. That was the worst one but there were numourous others as father wasn’t very god at tidying up….. A few other things he wasn’t good at either but we wont go there.

Late Teens

I swapped nails for horses in the late teens, they broke my feet with theirs a couple of times and the mend wasn’t quite straight on either foot. Then I was leading a lovely thoroughbred who was beautiful but skitty. He reared at something and leapt sideways on to my foot, only the side of it but it did the cartoon swell thing when I took my boot off.

I got a bad break of the joint to toe joints, the toes and another horse who was a bit heavier jumped sideways and got the same foot as before.

It also did the cartoon swelling bit. Bigger and more red I had this bulge on the side of my foot. By the time I got to casualty it was too swollen to see clearly on the x-ray and as my boss had taken me and all they said is when you sit put your foot up I was expected to carry on working. It wouldn’t happen now a days!

After 6 weeks it was massive and I had my first, and so far thankfully only, ulcer.

That also highlighted the bad circulation but it also turned out there was a break and it had welded its self together wrongly.

Then came the real problems

By 24 I was often lame but then I was moving a muck heap and accidentally put a fork through the toe, right through and it made a small hole in the toe next to it as well.


Comments on: "Operations and pain intervention" (3)

  1. Legs said:

    I have the feeling that after all you’ve put your feet through they’re now rebelling big time! I’m sending a nice cyber soapy foot spa to give them a treat!

    You’ve certainly had your fair share of ‘mishaps’ …………now stop being greedy and let some others have them!

    Take care Skezier.

    Love, Legs XX

  2. Legs they love the warmth and care of the foot spar lol. While I think they are someone else’s they wish they were 😉 xxx

    • tracey said:

      Cris, That sounds like a lot to put your poor feet through i think they have decided to get their own back on your now.
      i am sending a cyber one of those heated boot things that you put both feet in when you are sitting in your comfy chair to pamper your poor feet

      Love Tracey
      Ps Maddie says she will lick them for you (she loves feet.. strange dog)

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