Arthritis, Alba and All

or more correctly Who is Alba…..

Alba ia a lamb, born around the 14th of march 2012 and much needed by both myself and my old ex flock sheep (Breagh) as my eldest sheep is very tame and sweet but also very old and well….. realistically….

I will need a tame one when the dark day comes to say good-bye to Wish (known as The Right Honorable Lady Wishtiria-Ithink-Youwill-Find-Thantmine) She is lovely old lady born in december 1999 and she also now has arthritis.

Anyway the old girl loves Alba and Breagh… well she wants her a bit bigger as she thinks she might get lumbered with a suckling lamb….. having seen what Alba and the other lambs I have had do to the bottle teat I am not surprised!

I have had a very bad time lately and needed some distraction, Alba has given me both that and a reason to keep fighting back against this bone shift which can be really bad at times and is and has been kicking me about for some time now.

I will learn how to do pic’s so she can be seen…….

She was just on a week old. She came off her mum as the mum’s milk had dried up and she was big and very strong so he felt that was the one to remove….. Being a bit of a pig is also something she is good at, lol.

From the back of Lanark in Scotland she and I stayed at a friends for a week… her in the shed me not in the shed, lol.  She had a long drive ahead of her….

Alba’s game of Chase Me

Oh she loves chase me it seems…… My friends grandchildren came to meet her, she loved them actually and when they ran she ran with them. All the baaas she did her best to run to and loved it. The exercise was almost certainly good for her and she sprinked about the place like a demented demon.

She plays it here but I am too slow and boring so the collie cross springer is her chase me  friend…. my lab is scared of her, lol.

My friends lab wasn’t, she also played chase me and put up with being butted in the stomach…

Sadly time flies when you’re having fun and we had to come home.

The Journey Home

We went via the borders and stopped to see some more friends of mine. They also had grandchildren and Alba played chase me again…. lol She loves it so much you can’t stop her, nor would I want to.

We stopped every 2 hours to feed her and caused a bit of a stir in more than one service place with a bottle and a lamb…..

Stopped at some more friends and they played chase me as well…. she now thinks everyone will….She stayed in the utility room there and then on to some more friends who had had the dogs for me.

At last we reached Cornwall and home but she is one traveled lamb.

A scared Alba when we picked her up.


Comments on: "So what is Alba?" (14)

  1. Toni/Frogmorton said:

    Well you have been busy!!!

    I read this from front to back and thoroughly enjoyed it :))

    When does the next installment come out then?

    Toni xx

  2. You have to do something while not able to sleep Toni, lol. Made it public yesterday as I wanted to get enough up to be worth reading. Hugs, tea and enjoy yourselves xx

  3. Legs said:

    An ongoing story, how lovely. I can see how she gives you the will to keep fighting Skezier.

    A cuppa and hugs. ((( )))

    Legs. XX

  4. julie said:

    Hi Skezier
    I have also read all your blog and enjoyed reading it. 🙂
    Can’t wait for the next chapters.

    Love & Hugs
    Julie xx

  5. Oh Legs and Julie tis on going and if I am lucky she will make Wish’s age as well…..

    Hey i had forgotten how hard the 2.5 hourly bottles are though but she is 3 weeks old now and will soon be on solids. The size she is as well…

    We have a saying here ‘some ‘anson maid’ and she is! xxx

  6. hunktrees said:

    Loving ya Blog hun. You take care babe and get those pics sorted out soon. xx

    p.s hunktrees = knees hurt !!!!

    • I hope the knees will sort a bit and let you have a little peace. Keep going with the pregabs and I so hope they will help you. Hugs and hopes Cris xx

  7. Barbara said:

    I have read your blog twice then I didn’t miss anything..if you ask me it was long over due..keep it coming.
    Lots of love and hugs Barbara xxx

  8. eileenasbury2 said:

    That was fantastic petal……as Toni said….when’s the next installment LOL

  9. Hi Barbara and Hileena The next is nearly ready… keeping up with how she is growing is hrd though as she is getting a lovely big lamb (for 3 weeks that is).

    Glad you both enjoyed it and will get the next bit sorted… know how to do the pic’s now as well 🙂 xxx

  10. Marion Philbin said:

    Really enjoying reading this skezier. Love the photos of Alba, especially the one in the back lobby when she was very small. Looking forward to seeing more photos and the next instalment.

    Marion x

    • Hi Marion,

      Yep the next instalment wont be far away and I have some pics of her last week in the sunshine… such a change from today where it had a wicked wind to say the least.

      She is a lovely little girl but very demanding… which reminds me she needs a bottle, lol. Cris xx

  11. christine said:

    Ah Cris only just spotted you can reply on here
    I will forward you the pics we took…and Ive got a new brilliant one of paddy.
    Much love Christine x

    • Sorry Christine only just replying to you…. Hey might use the mummy’s girl pic you sent me …. hard to get pics of how sweet she is but you know she is eh?! She just refused a bottle so that means we are back on target even if it was a late start… Hope your ok and leaving you a hug and a cuppa Cris xx

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