Arthritis, Alba and All

Years ago I had a lamb, a lovely chap.  Came home from school and he was gone….

When I grew up and got this place I made good the injustice, lol. The first was Gammy, a lovely girl and though she died from a brain tumour at 3 she was very special.  I had her a friend called Ilk by then and when Gammy as gone Ilk was lonely.

Oh Ilk was some sheep… 10 hours old when I got her and I was so close to her. She was a thinker, you could see her turn her head to one side as the thought went down so she wasn’t a fast thinker but sheep aren’t really

They are reactionary. Anything around them is deemed a threat to their survival and they have the true prey animal instincts however domesticated they are.  The hand raised ones are not as jumpy and obviously truly tame… till you shear them or do their feet, lol

Ilk was a thinker

.This was Ilk when she was about 9 and she was a lovely sheep she     really was.  Yep she has got a missing ear, happened before I got her but judging from the dog at the farm hanging off my nose I think I know what had happened…..

When she was 18 months old he friend Gammy died and so I had the only sheep thing again and non of them are happy being only sheep.

It was November and back then the wrong time to get lambs locally. My neighbour was a sheep farmer and she told me about a farm who lambed in December so I gae them a ring the second week and as able to find he had indeed got orphan lambs.

An orphan implies a dead ewe but it’s rarely the case, more often than not the milk isn’t available to the degree needed for the number of lambs the ewe had.

From preference they adopt a triplet on to a ewe who only had one lamb but that’s not always possible and those lambs need to be hand reared. Hence orphan lambs being out there to get.  I got 2 and they were called Hope and Wish, Wish now being 12 but Hope I lost when she was 11 on the 29th December 2010.

Left to right : Hope, Wish and Got

In April 2000 I just happened to get Got and she also made it to 11 but I lost her on 15th April 2011 and Wish fell apart. She couldn’t for one moment be an only sheep and lambing was over here for the year so all I could do was get a flock sheep who was being culled out from the flocks.

As a vegetarian to go into a shed with 6 sheep in knowing they would be going for slaughter the next day and choose one was hard…..

I went for the scaredest one and that one is called Breagh, its Scottish for beautiful and she is really.


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