Arthritis, Alba and All

The honest answer id I am not sure …. here both the journey and the animals I guess.

Life with the bone shift as well. Some days its hard to look after a lot of misfit animals when your hardly able to get dressed… Mind here equally its safe to go out in your pj’s and slop boots if that’s all you can do.

Food and watering can be the only thing I am able to do.  beginning to sound like self-pity eh?!

It and be a bit of a harsh way of life at times. i used to have a house… my partner was killed, I got medically thrown out of a reasonable paid job and the mortgage was too much so it went. Got a bit of money back from it and then ended up living like an elf in the bottom of someones garden in an old beat up touring caravan.

Guess that helped me learn to rough it cus it really wasn’t pleasant.

Working all hours, saving like mad it took me 2 years to come up with enough to move to my own place. Found a lovely house and when that all fell through i got an empty barn that was meant to be converted and had a bit of land.  Had 3 horses of my own by then and needed some more land….

Sold that and came here but life didn’t get easier … the old place I ended up living in the barn for a bit and here I have a big mobile home but it remains a hard way of life… and that s with out the bones.

Factor them in and its very hard at times though I do have comfortable chair and bed and with a kettle what more can you want, lol.

I had been rescuing feral cats for a few years and had a lot of cats but even that has been effected by the bones….. it really does impact on everything and anything yu know.

The land here used to be for my horses but in 2002 my life feel apart and some hard choices and some decisions had to be made. I had to let them go and you know I have never got over it and probably never will. A deep regret at how things are started about then as it was my health that failed me and it has terrified me ever since that other hard choices lay ahead…. but they are not here yet so best not dwell eh?!

That left me with a load of land and nothing bar the sheeps to graze it down. I decided to rent it out and sell it with the hope that I could juts get a house and find some grazing for the sheep. We got to an offer being made and then sheep had a nice new and safe place just round the corner from a house I hoped to buy…

than the buyers pulled out, not surprising really as here is a bit of a white elephant really….

As you know if you plodded throguh the shed build bit the sheep had to come home again in time… I had taken down their old shelter and they needed a new one very badly so we had to wait till that was built and now the fields have horses and ponies in  them (did try hay a few years but the summer rains mae the last lot unusable as near as so this way at least there is an income from the fields themselves.

I also have the pleasure of the foals who come along as the horses and ponies are all brood mares. Collectively they are called the lodgers and deserve their own section even if I to fill it with moans about what they have done today, lol.


Comments on: "So what’s the All……" (2)

  1. Barbara said:

    Cris my lovely I have read that twice,with tears in my eyes… fate really did hand you some shift..but also it brought you and your lodgers together…my god are they lucky to have you xx

  2. Hey Barbara please don’t have the tears… my hurt is deep over that but I had no choice my friend. I was so ill in 2001/2002 I swear it was the stress of the FMD that kicked it all off as well!

    Just think though had I still got my own the Lodgers would never have come and I know how much I have helped them and how much they needed me to…. see things do happen for a reason.

    Thank you though and leaving you a ((((( ))))) and a slurp from miss slurpious xxx

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