Arthritis, Alba and All

I hate this bone stuff!

The times I have yelled that! It’s not fair but it’s hurting a bit today like some annoying thing pulling at bits of your body and grinding into other bits.

Partly its cus it’s so cold…. oh it is and even the sheep are feeling it tonight. You tend to hunch up a bit and I  am more guilty of that than I should be, lol, I so feel the cold and with the big north-easterly with rain and hail and side dish of sleet all day Well its been cold.

It’s possibly a flare again… the oa well that’s a relentless sod who doesn;t take prisoners but this …. this is not like th oa and soon its going to be back to the cutting in half….

I wish I could take the full hit of tablets as they so help but I can;t so no point going there.

Early Years

For a long time I made do with just dicofenac . 50mg 3 x day…. As it got worse Physio was added in but never an x-ray.

I had bad doctors, got very bad actually…. I was told in the end not to bother them with anything to do with my known or suspected conditions. Not good when you have so many.

Anyway i dug in and eventually they gave way a bit and I got some muscle relaxants and MST ( a liquid form of morphine I think) and was sick  every day there ever after till I refused to take it! Lol that’s the only thing you can do sometimes.

Referral to a Rheumatologists (rumo)

In 1999 my circulation really showed its self up. I had some foot surgery and the feet swelled and became blue so since it wasn’t circulatory transportation, though they did find the vessels so ridiculously small, I was sent to the rumo to see if I had raynaurds etc.

Turned out I had as well as the acriocyanosis. He put me on a hideous drip called Iloproust….

The first encounter with Iloproust…..

I was on crutches with my poor operated feet basically thinking about getting gangrene. Very swollen and a deep, deep blue tinged with purple they were not happy. I did think I might lose them at one point and I dn;t think I was the only person thinking it….

On the rumo ward as an in patient I have never felt so alone. As a back drop the sheep had been moved 26 miles down the road as I had tried to sell this place…. It was under offer and I was after a house with no land just round the corner of the fields where the sheep were.

It all fell through but by then the shed they had used here was gone as it wasn’t inclusive to selling here and well I was worried sick about them as well as me.

The first thing that went wrong is they had me admitted on a  Wednesday and the Iloproust could only be done monday to friday….. I felt so alone in there I really did. The next thing that went wrong was they couldn’t get a line in at all so they went for a midline…… that took ages but eventually they got it in and attached the drip bag…..

It was hell…. I have never felt so ill or been so sick in my life and given some of the times I have been sick that was something…. Your on it for 6 hours a day and for 4 o them i was violently sick, not good for me and unpleasant for all others in the ward.

It helped though… the feet became a good colour inside days and started to heal so it was worth it.

I have had it a lot since but that was the worst and in the last 3 years the folk at Arthrtitis Care ( ) supported me through it so much I no longer feel alone.

They are such a good and caring lot there and if your reading this and got bone stuff check it out as it could help you so much as well.

The bones come into their own…..

In 2007 after seeing a rumo for the circulation for 8 years I thought to ask him about the pain and hurt the bones were giving me…. Idiot eh? Why didn’t I do it sooner?!

Bless him he immediately arranged a MRI (the 1st that had been done since the decompression) and not surprisingly I had extensive Osteo in the lumber and sacral area of my back and as much in my neck. Both were beyond being operated on.

The hardest thing is to not be bitter…..Had the usless docs actually done some tests and refered me years before surgery might have been an option….

Saying that I can still do this lot and still cope basically just about. I have been known to crawl to the chicken house to lock them in but its very rare and besides I couldn;t do it today cus the knee is alos very swollen and hurting a fair old whack.

As I said the bones are not good today…….


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