Arthritis, Alba and All

Alba soon settles…..

Its was a funny thing… I went into the shed with the farmer and saw Alba in the pen. She looked a bit lost and forlorn as she had just come off her mum cus she had run out of milk.  He said did I like her, I smiled and picked her up and immediately Alba and I bonded….

She latched on to my ear and started suckling… something she will still try to do but she has her bottom teeth now so I try to discourage her, lol.

Sheep are true herbivorous and like all that group of ruminants have no top teeth, just a hard palate but on your earlobe they only need the bottom ones, lol. She is getting big to pick up now, the day I got her she was the size of a long-legged cat.

It was odd and as if she knew I was now mummy… he hadn’t cuddled her but actually she didn’t do it to anyone else either….. Made me feel it was right as i had agonised over the decision to get a lamb.

See the bones are bad and it’s getting hard to shear and do their feet but I can do it over a few days and now they are home again, well ….. Wish is old and bless her though she is lame she doesn’t bother too much about it but the day she does… and you can;t really have one on her own….

For Breagh 2 wasn’t enough to feel settled. She is so much happier with a lamb in the mix and she will be the next one cus there will be one more either just weaned or hand raised again.

We will have to see, its hard to know what to do for the best but all time I have one the same problem is there and well tis important that they are also happy.

She traveled on my friends lap and we then put her and a cage in the back lobby and made her first bottle…. It was her first as well and took a bit of time to gether to suck but then she cotton on and now….

she can sink a whole bottle in next to no time, lol.

What a difference a bit of time made 🙂

This is her in their back lobby and look the fear has gone from her eyes already! She had the security of 3 mummies then and also the cage but we moved her to the shed the day after as she needed a bit of room. Bless her how many friends do you know who would have a smelly lamb in their shed and do the morning feeds, lol.

She now has less long legs in proportion to her body size but the growth still in them is something…… I guess she is  body wise the size of a large jack Russel really but does have these long legs and huge amount of growth in the plates 😉

I had taken 2 bottles and some powdered milk with me so was all prepared. Took some straw as well but the shed was bigger than the straw (Cornish straw was terrible last year) so we went on the straw hunt round the local farms  at the back of Lanark  Got a lovely bales as well… so good that despite lack of space I brought it home in sections hidden all over the car, lol. Decent straw is worth that you know, lol.

Alba in the back lobby

I took this one from above the child guard in the back lobby and it’s not a good angle but she was a real baby baby, still smelling and covered in Iodine (they use that on the lambs umbilical cords) and I am so pleased her and I found each other.

The getting her on the bottle was a bit of a hard one but often is when they frist come off their mums. The brand new hard rubber teat is the problem. My friend did suggest a false boob like Robert Denero had in that film but…. got some pride, lol.

powdered milk is a simulated type of ewe milk and contains the things a young growing lamb needs but it’s not ewe milk and Alba knew that for a bit. You can see here she doesn’t have much of a tummy yet…. that defiantly came along later, lol, she now has a huge one most the day and still wants her bottles!

Alba and Ruby

She soon learned to interact with other things be they human or animals and loved my friends Lab. Bless her the dog was so kind to Alba as well.

She would never fit on the little ones lap now but we did plonk her on a few kids before she learned to play chase me, lol.


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