Arthritis, Alba and All


Her name means beautiful and she is in a way.

She did have a real manic look for a while but that’s sort of gone unless you have something shear like of hoof cutter like in your hand.

I had rung a ton of farms looking for a sheep to keep Wish company. Most didn’t have but one said he had 6 or so gong to the market the next day as cull sheep. The last time I had asked they were next to nothing but the market was hight and mutton much praised by now, which kinda came as a shock. I went over and stood in a small stone built shed looking at the 6 sheep and wondered how did i chose just one.

There were a few bold ones standing their ground and looking at me and then a couple running away in such a confined area and at the very back one small oe climbing up the wall in total panic. Not being able to cope with how scared she was, and how scared she would be the next day this one was the one I chose.

She’s been on the same farm fr a long part of her life adding to the flocks every time she lambed. The last season was her last and she failed to test positive to being in lamb and so was on the culled list.

Breagh the day I got her

He didn’t know if she was 6 or 8 but my guess is that as she was starting to go grey 8 was more the likely age but I will never know which it is.

She was absolutely terrified and I felt awful to be the reason something could be that scared and vowed to make it up to her…..

I use custard creams as a bribe with my sheep ( I read recently a lot of sheep owners like me do:-) ) So I began by throwing one into the feed bowl while she was eating.

The first came back out at 100mph but slowly she got the idea and ‘luckily’ I can’t move fast anymore so she didn’t have the additional fear that I could out pace her… lol long way from that now.

Wish was over the moon to have a sister and she had a needy one, the kind she likes best. She started eating and is so friendly and settled that Bre didn’t get a result when she did the wall of death round the sheep shed.

Inside a day they had really bonded but the taming of Bre is on going…

Hide behind Big Sister

She will now come up to me and others and have a custard cream from the hand and since I got Alba she is a lot more settled and seems to be happier as a three sheep flock than a 2 sheep flock…. Makes me think I had better get one more later in the year and then…. well then with these bones that will be the last but for many years we should shall be one big happy family……..

That’s the hope


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