Arthritis, Alba and All

Kinda silly thing to say but obvious…..

I have huge pain again….I don’t know if it’s the weather, the lack of rest of the picking up of a fairly full lamb ūüôā The electric blanket broke so it could be that…. or it could just be how it is I guess.

The Lumber had been useless for many years. It juts waits to stab as much pain in as soon as it gets the chance. That upsets the neck, that tenses and pulls the shoulder muscles and they… well need to be botoxed again. I have that every so often to try and get rid of some of the spasaming they are so good at doing.Then today as well the knee is up to no good. They have been kind to me really but every so often they hurt and Alba has racked the legs a bit… as they do…. so add in a bit of bruising and well you get the picture.

When mine are bad I try to distract my self… I should be bagging up (I do a sale on¬†Sundays¬†weather and body permitting) but instead of standing and filling the bags I have been¬†procrastination¬†and feeling sorry for my self and that…. Tis never good is it?!

Didn’t sleep well. I have got Alba trained to a degree to do 00.30 through to 06.00 re her bottles but its been so cold of late she has also been getting a 03.30 bottle just so she gets a bit of warmth internally.

There is a shed, well its quite a nice one¬†actually….. none of the frame is quite straight but it is cemented in, lol. I did a fair bit and then some friends o mine did the most.

"Say what you like this is not straight!" Little-One said.....

Panels¬†all round and windows with a big double door in the middle it’s not too bad in there but the winds been from the north and its been a big wind so everywhere has been cold really.

The shed its self is all my own frame and roof work….. you can see it’s not straight but it fitted with a bit of patching in and has 3 windows for Breagh cus she loves windows to look through.

It once would have taken me a week if that and yet it was longer to do just the frame.

The back was iffy but not like this. Had it been this bad I¬†don’t¬†think I ¬†could¬†have¬†done it.. except it wouldn’t do its self and so … somehow I would have as I needed the girl’s home so badly.

In all it took 2¬†months¬†to build it and ever section that¬†I¬†did came with huge pain and payback… everything has to have payback eh?!

Then I was so lucky and some friends came to the rescue. Ken did more in one day than I had done in a week. It was like this when he started .

Slow progress

Slow progress

He belted on the¬†panels¬†all round leaving the door way only to¬†do. He did that in hours as well. I was so relived as it was hurting to do it and yet I couldn’t keep driving to the girls every day.

Driving hurts and back then I still had an old beat up manual car. When it failed the MOT I was lucky and got a better old auto car. makes a huge difference.

The gaping hole was handy though as the windows are just the right height for an internal examination of one o the Lodgers. We haven’t got to them yet but they are horses and ponies that rent the fields from Spring to Winter.

Had a few problems with them last year but that’s for the lodgers section and I haven’t got that far yet……

So then the ‘inspector came

The shed Inspector

to check on how good it was and would it do…….. They constantly wanted to know if it was really ‘just’ for sheep and have broken the door a couple of times as well… it’s now re-inforced and surounded by an electric fence.

This has nothing to do¬†with the bones but is distraction and¬†testament¬†to what passes for normal round here….


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