Arthritis, Alba and All

The Feet become a real problem……

With the fork and the muck through the toe the foot did what they always do and went into hyper drive re infection and lack of healing.  The joints swelled up and the whole foot went purple.

I was used to bad circulation, especially in the feet, but this colour was one I hadn’t seen before even during the breaks and the flattening. I went to casualty the day I did it only stopped to wash it and change the sock but unlike other times (and for much less as well) I wasn’t injected with penicillin……

After a couple of weeks I went to the doctors and was told it was only a slight infected and given some tablets. I went to see my sister-in-law and while there got a second opinion. I was some glad I did as I had gangrene and it was also in the foot!

For 6 weeks they had me in an isolation ward and soaked the toe…. then they stripped it down to the bleeding skin in the hopes that it would regenerate…. It didn’t and eventually it was removed and that gave the foot a chance to kick off big time.

With in a year the other toes had gone mental. Joints swelled up and they flopped about all over the place and so hurt….. The cure, they took the joints out and fused the toes up. None bend but the joints gone has helped with the pa if the other foot is anything to go on…..

They also chipped out some bone and removed bone fragments that had found their way into the ligaments.

That held for a while but in 2000 the feet had yet another over haul and then in 2002 they underwent a much bigger one and that’s still holding…. to a point.

The big toe joint has been partly removed in both feet now and they chipped out more bone and cleaned up the ligaments again. The metal stayed in as they don’t heal well and on a cold day they really do remind me they are still full of metal, lol.


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