Arthritis, Alba and All

Been a few to many of those of late….

Woke laid on the back.. woke by pain that was so bad I couldn’t move . I can no longer turn over in my sleep…. the lumber will not tolerate being laid on for long but since I have to wake to turn and use most the body to get the turn even with the bed turner aid it means your going to have a bad day.

The lumber is unforgiving and always has been.

This bone stuff interferes with everything… every move every action is dictated by the bones. hell they have power!

Cus the OA is so bad in the spine and neck I have so many problems doing for this lot every day. Water buckets hurt but as long as I balance them… well i can do them, qs long as they’re only half filed, but at a price.

This lot have no idea….. none at all.

Just finished putting everything to bed and getting them all settled for the night , came in and just had to sit a the back was taking me down. There are compacted nerves in the spine, they don’t seem to think they \re very important but man do they hurt.

Just about made it to the chair and then the heart started racing and I felt really rough again….. Pain is evil and I sem to be sick of it in so many ways.

I wont give up this way of life as well how do I?! I couldn’t do what I would have t do so I just plod through concrete (it feels as if your walking through a marsh really) and slowly the things than are essential get done… they things that aren’t wait to be done again….. It’s not good is it?!

Tonight I got in just in time to have to sit and get the weight off this stupid spine! The heart started to race and the pulse went really fast… I so hate this bone stuff and the pain it brings….

Today, except for 2 more bottles for Alba, I have again just about survived….


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