Arthritis, Alba and All

Alba was a month old yesterday….

What a difference that month has made to her as well. Gone is the bending over to feed her, she now comes above my knee and she is much easier for that for sure. Se has lost that gangly not quite gown enough to support her legs right look…. Now she is looking stronger and more balanced and is starting to eat real food as well as her hay.

The weather has been ‘inclement’.. went to Mays today and we were saying about the ‘drought’…. not this way at all. Knee deep in mud and the showers are very heavy and Alba doesn’t like rain lol.  She still came with me to put the chicken to bed but as soon as the rain came down she tanked off to the sheep shed as fast as she could go…..

Wish makes a very good stand in mummy and even Breagh

Practising for the part of the push-me pull-you

Practising for the part of the push-me pull-you

has become a little less aggressive towards her… and has also found she fits in Alba’s creat….. actually she does as it is quite big, lol.

She goes in for the creep feed which she now has found a new fondness for….lol, Alba is eating at it a bit Bre demolishes it in seconds….

I can’t believe how sweet she has stayed, no spoilt bratness as such. There is a bit of attitude of course but then she is a month old lamb and its their job.

Bre (Breagh’s name when she is being good) has improved so much with Alba. She is no longer as bullish in pushing her about which is just as well cus I think Alba will be bigger than Bre somehow and sooner of later those scales will tip….. I think it might have some bearing on Alba now being bigger and at this age she would be wondering from her mum without trying to drink from any available ewe.

As an old hand of the flocks Bre would be automatically inclined to push away any lamb not her’s till they reach a certain age or size. I am not sure which of those has to happen but clearly Alba is getting there though she is less inclined to ‘play’ with bre….

Mind Wish clearly is still very young…..

This morning I was bottling the Alba beside Wish and she got bored (a good sign as it means she isn’t hungry and I am feeding her enough) … Wish grabbed the teat and started suckling as if she had never weaned, lol. Daft old thing add senility to her list of things to keep an eye on, lol.

Had to go get some new tats as Wish has these huge great teeth that a ewe would never be able to withstand, lol. Have stuck the new one in boiling water as its so rigid Alba would never use it…… well she might but she would prefer them a bit broken in it seems.

I have sort of arranged another sheep later in the year…. The City farm are retiring one of their ewes and it would mean a better number of sheep and no hand raising as to be honest I had forgotten how tiered that makes you. The City farm ones are used to people and would soon be tame and settled I think. It’s a bit up in the air but….

Not a bad idea is it? Breagh will like to have a few more in her flock and well I have said before Wish is getting very old…… though not on the weaning front….

I will get some better pic’s of Alba but at a month she is dong so well and I am so glad she came home with me.


Comments on: "What a difference a month makes……." (8)

  1. Barbara said:

    Hi Cris
    I really am enjoying reading this, Alba is one lucky lamb…I love the pictures she has certainly made herslf at home
    you take care and I hope this blog helps you xxx

  2. h Barbara she is magic she really is… I needed some kind of hope to hold on to as things haven’t been good as you know… Alba came along at just the right time though… I had forgotten just how demanding bottle feeding is… oh and Wish IS weaned what ever she says, lol. Love and a ((((( ))))) Cris xx

    • Toni/Frogmorton said:

      She looks so sweet!! and Wish lookd so patient with her too :))
      Rather cute to hear that Wish is still an ickle Bubba lamby too at heart.
      Toni xxx

  3. Hey Toni she is also a trasher of teats, lol. Just about to do a bit about today…. I not been good but Alba has been a ‘big’ girl today and been nibbling grass….. Less bottles soon 😉 xx

  4. toni said:

    Fortunately like people-babies they do grow up 😉
    Where will l find the poem?
    Toni xxx

  5. Toni I think yopu will find it here… tis a bit silly to ssay the least 😉 ansd guess who is here inside…. victimising cats and scaring dogs, lol…. she is getting some big. The door was open but the wind has shut it so my turn to be victimised… Wish is so pleased lol…. xx

  6. julie said:

    Oh I did laugh at the thought of wish taking the bottle
    and Alba is growing up fast 🙂

    • Oh Julie she did, she grabbed it and started suckling for all she was worth, lol. She is a wonderful old lady but obviously not weaned, lol. ((((( ))))) and so many hopes your having a decent day xxx

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