Arthritis, Alba and All

The back…….

With slipped disc’s as a teenager it’s not amazing worse would come I guess… still felt cheated though!

I damaged it at work in ’84 and slipped L3/4 disc quite badly. three months off work and it recovered enough to go back but in ’86 I really damaged it carrying a very large fella a bit further than the back would go…. (I was in the ambulance service at the time)

We carried him down some winding stairs, out into the downstairs bit, out int the road and because the ground was uneven we then carried him to the waggon. The back snapped transferring him over to the stretcher and if it weren’t an automatic ambulance I couldn’t have driven.

Wasn’t able to get out the cab by the time we got him to hospital and then they came and got me, stuck me on a trolley and I was seen and sent down for x-ray. 3 prolapsed inverted discs showed up and that was end of the job basically.

Was in hospital for a few days, had a miagrame and the back was just not in a good condition at all.

Pain clinic intervention

Back than it was a bit hit and miss… they tried the tens machine, it helped a bit but the pain wasn’t the real problem it was the fact it kept (like now actually) taking out the legs. Sharp intake of breath and the legs gave way then and nw again….

Long story short eventually i saw some registrar and he told me I was all better…. I asked what caused the pain then and was told it was mental…. wasn’t sure that was true so paid for a MRI and what do you know the spinal cord was badly compromised and the disc had not got better at all…..

The decompression

I was sent back to see the same department that the registrar worked for….. The consultant said he was very sorry about the mix up, and said everyone was allowed a mistake and he would have me in the next day and operate on it …. I said he wouldn’t as the guy who had arranged the MRI had also offered to operate and I had more trust of him even though I would have to wait longer.

Eventually it was my turn and by then I could hardly stand or walk so in some ways I would have been better having it done by the man who got it wrong its juts spinal surgery has so many ways to go wrong and he had been so wrong over that I really didn’t trust him at all…..

I woke up with my head 3′ lower than my feet and in so much pain in recovery. The bp was horribly low but was normally low so despite the nurse being worried I was awake and alert (she kept telling me I should be comatose it was so low)  It did so hurt, I couldn’t move any of me without a huge jolt of pain and I couldn’t wee so had to be catheritirised… that was embarrassing.

They kept a good eye on me for the next 72 hours and then returned me to the ward. It hadn’t gone to plan according to the consultant but it had been 60% successful and I didn’t mind cus I could feel my feet!  I didn’t feel too well but figured that was a small price t pay. Then the infections started. First the urinary track one, next the chest one, then the back wound its self. Floated through the first week and only remember bits of the lat part as the temperature went up to 106.7 I d remember being thrown in a bath full of ice but ho wouldn’t remember that one, lol.

After 10 days or so and a lot of antibiotics all was improving and they got me out of bed. i was allowed to walk or stand or lie flat bu not allowed to sit at all for the next month. I also had daily hydrotherapy for a month and 3x a week for the next three months but all in all it worked and it stayed quiet till the mid ’90’s when it started to decline again and now….. now it’s not much better than when they did the decompression and I am back to the pain clinic so its kinda done a full circle but now with no hope of any surgical intervention.

Bi-lateral Steroid Injections.

Every so often the pain doctor uses these in the bottom 3 lumber joints. They can really help in time though never instant. It’s about all there is as the acupuncture just hurt more by the end. The lumber is very sensitive to pain now as well because of the one I haven’t got…… lol I wont have I have got it you know. I decided 9 conditions was it and any that came after the 9 didn’t exist, lol.

The injections well they are always worth ago and over time they do help but not by much but how can they now a days.

Recent MRI

Cus of no real reflexes and lack of sensation they agreed at last to do another MRI. It showed the deterioration of the left in disc’s, moderate to severe arthritis and nerve roots being compressed at L5, S1 and S2. Nobody is talking about dong anything for it though this time…. will have to see what happens I guess.

Non of it i helped by falling over the electric fence last night….. that’s jarred the back and neck so badly I feel rough today for sure.


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