Arthritis, Alba and All

The Neck…….

The neck is, quite simply, an instrument of torture! It really does give me a major kicking…. causes temporary paralysis, vertigo, headaches and swelling into the base of the brain… that’s never a good one and I do ease off it about then lol.

I think it all started in 1978 on the back of a big head injury… I also dislocated the neck as well.  Slowly over time it started to tighten, stiffen up, click, grind and crunch so in 1998 I said about it to the doctors to be told it wasn’t my neck it was the shoulders…. Sent to physio and given muscle relaxers, they were awful and as the lumber was then as now only held together by the muscles it caused even more trouble.

In 2000 I was allowed a x-ray of the lumber and knew how bad the oa had got then. They stuck me on diclofenics (diclo’s) and  morphine (mst) ad I started throwing up. ( I not so good with morphine).  I floated through the not throwing up bits and could still do for my girls (top draw thoroughbreds)

I had a psychopathic TB and she was lovely but inclined to be a kicker and biter… one of the reasons I had her was because she was in trouble and needed a calm home… not that I am calm but I am tolerant….. With her I needed to be as well.

One day she went for a horse in front of me, couldn’t be bothered to go the whole distance and got me in the back with her teeth and actually picked me up and threw me across the field… oh it hurt but it also meant the gp looked at my neck. They still wouldn’t send me for an x-ray though!

They kept saying it was more of the same and that went on till 2004 when they eventually did x-ray and we found out how bad it was… they upped the morphine and added tramadol.

More sickness so I stopped taking the morphine and it was easier but more pain.

I started seeing the rumo in 1999 but for some reason never thought to mention the bones to him. In 2008 he asked me if there was anything else he could help with and I burst into to tears…. I had a quality of life discussion with him cus by then I had very little left.

He actually listened and said he would take over the pain control and beef it up a huge amount…… He came up with 3 things, the mst of course, or a opiet or the pregabalin….. he said the pregabs were strong as the others and might (as I had some obvious nerve pain) be the best option so those were what i went on with the tramadol and the diclos as well.

It made such a huge difference, it really did and life quality picked up a lot. A whole chunk of things I was not able to do became possible and lasted for some time as well. He also arranged for a mri of the whole back and neck.

The neck was as bad as the lumber as it turned out. Spondy in it and also a few discs bulged and dehydrating and some nerve roots being effected as well. It was too late for surgical intervention (they say) so was sent to the pain clinic.

Was so cheesed off and thought here we go again but she has been brilliant and has tried numerous things to keep it comfortable. The latest a mix of bilateral with medron in the lumber and a ton of trigger points as well and then she now uses Botox in the neck. It helps top keep the shoulder muscle from spasaming, without it it just locks up and wont stop hurting…..  It’s a big muscle and pulls on the neck as it is strong enough to.

So that’s the neck… Its moved on to the temporary paralysis and the reflexes are sluggish but….

The neck and lumber are so far gone and beyond all help so it ment I got written off and its pain control only so despite the fact I did recently get the lumber mri’d there is no chance of the neck being done I don’t think….. good isn’t it?!


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