Arthritis, Alba and All

All for Alba’s bottle

Be sure to be careful when climbing over the fence,

It’s not the shock that gets you its the ground that dents,

It doesn’t matter which ever bit on which you land,

Cus it’s an involuntary action you put out your hand,

That is certain to jar the wrist, shoulder, back and neck,

And you can’t get up and flounder before you think what the heck,

Get on your feet somehow and feel the pain go through your knee,

Oh what wouldn’t I give to be pain-free….. lol

on that note I shall go rescue Wish, feed Alba her bottle (having carefully negotiated the fence ;-)) Put her in her crate and say good night. Thanks for reading this rambled junk.


Comments on: "Be careful of Electric fences……" (7)

  1. elnafinn said:

    Oh Cris, what an adventure, hopefully not to be repeated. You poor luvie. Must have been such a shock to the system and so painful. Thank goodness you could get yourself up after the tumble. I shall not think about if you could not have done so. These things just happen, don’t they? Sent to try us, for sure. I hope you were able to rest and had a good or fairly good night.

    Elna x

    • Hi Elna and Barbara, that was quite a fall… went down some heavy this time. The neck and back are a little easier today but the hugs and messages have helped me actually use the one handed type thing… I am sorry I do the disappearing thing but be honest some falls hurt and some really hurt, lol.

      I must update Alba as she has had a big breakthrough and is now chewing cud;-)) makes me some pleased as that means her feed will be properly digested… tell you she isn’t going to be small, lol.

      You both take care and will do some updating later, I promise. xxx

  2. elnafinn said:

    Aw, you poor luvie. What a shock to the sytem to say the least. Thank goodness you could get up again after your tumble. I dare not think what might have happened otherwise. I do hope that your knee and aches and pains are not too horrenduous and that you were able to have a fairly good night. It would be great to be painfree even for a day.

    Elna x

  3. elnafinn said:

    Ooops, I did not know what I was doing, Cris and it seems both my messages went through!

    Elna x

  4. Barbara said:

    Hi Cris
    Thats is awful..I have only fallen once when there was no one to get me up…like you say you dont care how has long as you do it
    And this is not junk …it is your story, be it bad or good
    Hope some hlp arrives very soon
    Love and hugs ((((())))
    Barbara xxx

  5. julie said:

    Cris the poem was great but I am so very sorry that you had the fall
    I am a bit behind with my reply so hopefully you will have now recovered
    Take care
    Love Julie xx

    • Julie its all settled a lot now thanks. Hey the oxy’s work… I can at last take them to the level i need…. good eh? Mind its all a bit bad just now but its under control and that’s all we can ever hope for isn’t it?

      Must go put the chicken to bed and I had 9 eggs today and Slurps well she wont tell me how many she has had 😉 xxx

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