Arthritis, Alba and All

Falls are simply not good for us lol…….

Falling seems to be a thing I do now a days…. Toni has got me a rollater and you know what I actually look forward to it a this banging down is just not good for you…..

Still waiting for the x-ray…. Mind the fall has made the knee hurt less and I think the problem is with the knee cap and its now back where it should be, lol.

The right side of my body though….

Anyway enough of the pity ditty….

Will up-date Alba’s bit later… been a major breakthrough…..

She is now 6 weeks old and at last her rumen is working….. I am so glad and also a bit relived cus it was a bit late….

She is created up for a min… Wish had the placard and be honest so did I!lol!!

Bless her I know I’m her mum and so she will be with and following me about but just for a min she is at quietly sleeping… she needs to do that to grow….

Talking of which …

The lodgers are flat-out and Alba and I did walk over to make shure they were alive…. Blossom has shot up and already up to my elbow and I never thought she would grow that much but will get out with the camara, rain and all and up date the lodgers as some of you have known them from the min they were born…..

It’s not a bad ol life however hard…

Just that fall rally hurt……


Comments on: "Ow That One Hurt……." (3)

  1. elnafinn said:

    I am sure that fall really did hurt, dear Cris, it is so good to see you can write “its not a bad ol life however hard” – my life is nowhere as difficult as yours, but I feel the same as you too. 🙂 We may as well make the most of it, aye? 😉 There is only one other alternative so I shall continue to stay as positive as is possible, like you. 😉

    Chin up and gentle hugs,

    Elna x

    • Oh Elna if we stop being positive … what is left?! I have my moments though, lol. I have taken ages to do stuff today but only the chicken are left to get in…. Sheep are in early as Flo was a bit iffy with Alba….. will have to get the fence back to being electrified…… got a belt in it I can verify, lol. Thankfully it wasn’t on the other night….

      Tried to get some more photo’s up for you to see….. They wont load up just now but they will!! I did the stamp feet there as well…..

      Leaving you hugs and tea and thanks for always being there. Cris xx

  2. Marion Philbin said:

    Really enjoying reading all your exploits Chris. Makes my own life seem really dull and boring! love the pictures of all the animals… The dogs and cat looked very comfy on the chair!

    Take care when you are out in all this rain and mud

    Marion x

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