Arthritis, Alba and All

But Some Good News as well…..

Tis some stormy weather out there and unlike some areas of the UK we didn’t need more rain…. certainly not this much. The lodgers are doing their best to have the most mud possible championships held here, lol.

Haz is sporting a mud infested undercarriage that he is insisting he shares with me, the chairs, the floors and knowing him the walls….. He has far too much energy that one, lol.

He never shares it either lol.

I was late getting out of bed today… been very stiff and sore since i had to bury Ben who I sadly lost on friday. In fact the hole digging nearly did beat me to be honest but you know what its like… you either do it and make your self or you do it as you have put your head down and become very determined…. Not sure which I did but I do know its easier to dig when your up set than it is when you’re not really.

It had taken so long to do Ben… it was a hard put down every way and the standing had kicked the lumber off so badly.

Some of you know I have been going up the ladder on pain control for some time but they came with sickness if you take enough to work…. I have to be able to do this lot… I can’t stop and wont stop either ( that’s a real stamp foot, lol)

Been having real trouble taking enough of the oxycotin to be able to function with the pain…. they tried several different anti-emetics but now a new one means I can do the 20mg and it so works, lol.

I had no choice but to try them with the digging and even took the breakthrough oxy’s as well… the only side effect was man did I sleep! Lol, Alba did lodge a formal complaint….

She didn’t miss any bottles only missed the times she usually has them at but as with Wish her brain only thinks… ‘I didn’t get that so it is owed’ lol.

There is a big north-easterly out there. Bits have blown about and need retrieving but cus of the oxys and the ability to take them I can get out there and go get them… I might also be able to clean out the chicken shed…

See it’s not such a bad life!

Though if I don’t go over to May’s and get sheep nuts there will be a continent of employers that wont believe me, lol.


Comments on: "A Cold Wet Miserable Monday….." (8)

  1. your positivity and perseverance are certainly an inspiration. xxx

    • Hi Ruth flower sometimes that’s all we have left, lol. You know I never dreamed that committing my self to this lot like I have would end up dong me such a big favour….. lol I have to say that a few times though on a bad day to believe it 😉 xx

  2. Barbara said:

    Hi Cris
    Bless you for not giving up on the dig and everything else come to that, its times you had some relief from blinking Arthur…please take it easy for a while…and let it work for you .
    I love the pics…little Alba ain’t so little any more….and flo and the rest…I just love um…keep the pics coming xxx

    • You know Barbara the oxy’s really do help. I see the pain doc in June and that will bring some real relief as well cus she always does…. even if its only triggers. I kinda hope now they know there are compressed nerves she will re-do the bi-latrials and re-think the electronic or cryo side of things…..

      I didn’t qualify before cus they said there couldn’t be nerve damage as such… long standing stuff yes but nothing new….

      Hey how wrong they were 😉 lol. You never know they may re-think the damage in the neck, lol. I would willingly cut that off if I could and survive, lol.

      I am just so relived the oxy’s work…. and as I get used to them I will make more sense as well….. xxx

  3. elnafinn said:

    Aw, dear Cris, I knew you would dig that hole for Ben, come hell or high waters and you did, of course, because you are as obsinate as a mule and if you think you may not be able to, you damn well will, somehow or other. Mind over matter, has to be. I was so happy to read that the latest meds are working for you.

    Lots of love
    Elna x

    • Oh Elna I didn’t see this till now, lol you know me so well and that’s exactly what I am, lol. The meds do help, they really do but I am a bit high on them though that should settle eh?
      You stay warm cus its going some cold now….. got a bit of rain coming in later but I did finish the temporarily chick run so if I can find something to keep them dry in they can go in it for the day tomorrow… now today that was bloody mindedness only, lol. Cris xx

  4. Chancy and Mumsy said:

    Thank you for stopping by my new blog. I am sorry that you have to live with pain. I don’t know who Ben was but I am sorry for your loss. I wish there was a way you could send us some of the rain you don’t need, we could sure use it here in Arkansas.

    • Thank you and I do wish we could send you some rain, I think you need it there quite badly? Ben was my old collie dog and though I had only had him for 4 years he was a shadow and its hard isn’t it? Thanks for dropping in x

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