Arthritis, Alba and All

The Lodgers…..

 Implements of destruction, lol……

Long ago I used to do hay… it was a bit income, all done by contractor to keep costs down. you need to cut it, leave it dry 2-3 days, turn it, leave it to dry 2-3 days more and then bale it…..

You need it to be dry….

It rally hasn’t been summer time for ages and after a couple of years of hay I was relived when someone walked in and asked to graze the fields off…. originally from August to december….

Then thy came… oh they were poor… I mean poor… He did say they were mind… They were also feral….

I am very hands on with animals, I kinda understand them and they do me really so we started to get to know each other a bit and then a big breakthrough… one came up to me.



She had a bit of blood in her and wa by far the thinnest but she also had the TB’s gentleness…. an odd thing to say about the most neurotic animals known to man but they do have a certain gentleness….. honest

They didn’t have names even so as this one was so soft (and I use it a lot anyway ;-)) I called her Flower. Then with her was a mare and actually nice colt foal but they didn’t get names except for the mare and the foal…. I wasn’t as fond of the lodgers back then….

Before Flower turned up he put a stroppy little pony type in and she was on her own so got called Only…. well come on she was horrible and also she was on her own, lol. Owns came round quite quickly though which was nice as well but she was and is a stroppy little thing……

Then he said about putting a horse in here…. I am thick cus I just thought it was a horse but its also slang for a stallion…. Oh that was hell and he only here 10 days and for 9 of them I as telling the owner to get him out, lol.

Stallions are not nice animals  at all and he stomped one of my dogs the first night! Thankfully it was only extensive bruising but when I thought what it might have been… He also charged through me to get to her! I went flying and he just as easily could have stomped me. I had no idea one of those was in the fields……

Only and her '10 foal Rowan

Only and her ’10 foal Rowan

I had to get as stroppy as Owns to get that one taken out. I said either he went or they all did! We now have an understanding… No stallions and no colts off their mothers!

He understands that now so its easier……


They go from here looking good and come back not so good and though he is improving its an uphill struggle at times…….

I came home and he had put two more in after the stallion left. Two very feral ones at that but young and one (mule, yes i do call her that cus she looked juts like one as a youngster, lol) came round reasonably well but the other ( I called her sweet-Pea) well she sadly died last year (not here I hasten to add) but she and I had got to th point I could go up to her and put a head collar on and just walk her into a box…. It made my day to get that trust by the way.

So that was the mares, none foaled (I kinda glad about that

Flower and Flo when she was about 10 mins old

Flower and Flo when she was about 10 mins old

as Flower was the eldest and she was only just 3) that year but the next he had a foal from Only ut none of the others and then Flower had her first foal …. I was going to call her Petal but…. Florence and the Machine were riding high in the charts at the time and well I called her Florence cus she sort of looked a bit like ‘Florence’ lol and I have said it publicly now…..

It’s hard to belive that little Florence has grown up to be that great lump in the rogues gallery eh?! But she has and though there is a touch of her mother’s gentleness she also has her father’s geans and can be a bit uppity, lol. She is three now but I always remember Flower coming back like a hat rack and having Flo inside 6 days. She was born on good friday at 7.43 in the morning.

That was the first year they came back early and I stopped doing hay… see by then i was fond of them and they needed some grass which though still not brilliant was enough to help the weight go on and the milk to come in fully…… It’s when you get fond of other people’s animals you find it hard eh?

Actually it was Flo’s birth that brought in the no colts unless they are still on their mother (ie under 6 months or so old) He had a yearling colt here and he was horrible as their owner doesn;t seem to have them gelded…. I sort of hoped it would help to make him get them done

Mule and Blossom the foal

Mule and Blossom the foal

and indeed 2 were but I still wouldn’t have them here cus they weren’t done young enough.

Some of the way stallions behave is obviously testosterone and some is habit…. old habits can die hard.

This year only the young ones are here and I have no idea what is going on with the rest…. I wondering if he is thinking the problems with last year were to do with the grazing here… I do hope not as I don’t think it will fare too well for the mares to be alone when they foal.

Will have to see I guess what happens in the next month or so but the 4 here are looking so much better already they really are.

Primmy said she has also become a lump but is more like her mum in nature than her sister (Flo) but would be upset if she didn’t have her first time being free pic shown as well. She wasn’t as lightweight as Flo but she was a very nie foal and is, she said, a very nice 2-year-old… be it with big feet, lol.

Primrose after 15 mins

Primrose after 15 mins


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