Arthritis, Alba and All

Or Float Away Your Time lol……

Oh I did a sale today…. had there been a choice I wouldn’t have done but as ever there are vet bills and well I can make a bit doing these….

Stopped doing the really big ones, I just can’t lift and carry like that but this one is a fair-sized boot and Haz and Lil are welcome. I woke at 6…. I actually did get up, feed Alba as normal and then forgot it was Sunday and I had to go and went back to sleep…. Woke at 8 and hell was the lumber saying morning to me.

The lumber has been dodgy since I buried poor Ben but it’s changed in what it’s now doing… It so hurts and you go very weak in the middle and if you don’t listen to that…. It now makes me feel like I am going to pass out…. Not a good one actually…..

The other night i ony just made it to bed before I went….

They keep telling me it’s not important nerve damage…. You know what to me it is!!!

There is a lot of standing… ok I lean against the car but I also had trouble getting moving today and had taken the 20 oxycotins…. with the pregabalin and was kinda out of it for a lot of the day, lol. I never have been good at adding up….. never been this bad though 😉

Alba missed a bottle as well but she seems ok.. got the door open and she keeps coming in to see me.. oh aint I the lucky one, lol, she has got hold of some of Harry’s monster flakes for sure…. Did i tell you my friend who named her said she should be called Albad some days, lol today is the day for that for sure, lol.

I can see her through the window ( must clean them) and just now she is chasing cats…. chicken and also keeping an eye on the dogs….. She really does have so much energy and is taller than my lab which I might have said somewhere….

I am so in pain today… for a change eh?!

So here are my choices…. I either sit here and feel cut in half or I take more oxynorm and float…. mind even floating I might get some of the work I need to do done.. but actually I end up auditioning for the part of the dormouse in the hatters party instead…..

I don’t know sometimes life is hard…..

that’s when this lot kinda come into their own though…. I have no choice, I have to get up and do for them and its a hell of an incentive as well as actually being a good way to live….

Just sometimes its hard……

Mind I was better before the hole digging and with luck I will get it to be kinder to me soon…. Oh I so hope, lol.  The neck is bad as well but the lumber is so unhappy with me it really does make me want to scream… and scream and scream…. you get the picture, lol.

Alba is back with the girls now…. they are laid down like two old book ends… Sheep do a lot of laying down and I think Alba has to learn

Alba is growing!

Alba is growing!

that bit, lol, mind she was doing the orphan Annie outside the door yesterday.  She really was sat there looking fondly at the closed door and every so often getting up and coming up the ramp to nudge at it, lol. See hard mummy!

I am about to be again as she is in here chewing and knocking everything over… I have to dis lodge Velcro to put her out and Slurps is behind that…. oops Alba has just tried to dislodge Velcro her self… why do they never remember mummies have skin, lol.

Tell you Velc’s has this giant suction pad and being nudged and butted by a lamb isn’t going to shift her at all,lol. Ah she has gone back to the girl again and ia actually laid down by the door…. I am stunned but also secretly relived, lol.

She is a chewer and no mistake.

I took some more pic’s of her yesterday,  found

Alba being good....

Alba being good….

my self sat on the grass and just letting her climb all over me… I am not a first time mum and should know better, lol.

Guess who has just come through the door… my luck ran out there again didn’t it 😉

I can’t believe how big she is getting to be honest, I guess the last ones grew this quick I just don’t remember as it was a long time ago… 7 weeks old and not much smaller than they are when they go to market.

Together we have started to make a make shift run for the chicks but I gave up after a few mins as I am not much good today for anything at all.

The lodgers have just come through so time to keep an eye on Alba and Flo… she has just been ok with her over the fence but she was watching her.

The Three Girls

The Three Girls

I think she thinks Alba is a new dog and they get a bit funny with them for a min or two.  I shall just keep a quiet eye on that one though….. Flo will find she is dealing with the mummy from hell if she tries to chase Alba again…..

They re working their way up the field so we will go back to the make shift fence again in a bit though Alba is at present orphaning it just outside the window again….

You know this pain wont give up even though I been resting up dong this for a while be it with the occasional interruption of the make shift fence and the encroaching Alba, lol.  I really wouldn’t have her any other way though but don;t tell her….

I think Wish knows how important she is but Alba is too young to be that secure and some of this running to me is from the flock thing of wonder from your mum a bit and then run back…. I have so loved having another lamb but it is hard work with the 2.5 hourly feeds and we don;t stop till well past midnight. Look at her though,

Some Maid eh?!

Some Maid eh?!

isn’t she worth the sleepless nights and tired days … and even, maybe the pain days…. Well I did say maybe, lol.


Comments on: "Hard Old Day….." (12)

  1. Barbara said:

    Oh Cris I so wish you weren’t in all that pain,but I do love your blog…the bit where Alba is orphaning it at the door…aww I love you say all your family give you something to get out of bed for….your a good mum…xxxx

    • Hi Barbara, she does do a very good orphan job…. tugs at the heart so you open the door and have her leaping on you and being a monster, lol.

      I remember Ilk ate my then word processor key bored wires…. Gammy used to jump up on a cupboard and play with the wind-chimes, I berried them with her actually. Bless her she was a lovely sheep and big as Alba is likely to be….. Wish is big but Gammy was a very large sheep.

      Did I tell you there will be another at the end of the year? The City Farm are retiring one and well she will be used to people even though she wont have been hand reared. I hope Bre will like her new sister…..

      Hope you and Mr B had a good weekend and leaving hugs and tea. Cris xx

  2. Julie said:

    Hi Cris
    I have been catching up on your blog again and I really do love reading it. I saw the photos of the horses and I wonder how you can remember names. I get tongue twisted with nieces lol.
    Alba is really growing now, and I can imagine how amusing it is to watch her through your windows (did you clean em? lol lol) chasing the other animals.
    I am sorry you suffer so much with the pain and I can almost understand the pain with your neck. The discs i had fused haven’t made any difference to the pain, just made it safer.
    The peg….thats still on hold.

    Take care love & Hug from both me and R

    Julie xx

    • Hi Julie I thinks its cus I named them 😉 Its not always the name that comes out though…. They are really annoying at times… they mug me. I go out and Flo, Primmy and blossom become my shadows. They have also taken the cars indicator lens off again and of course broken it!

      Hey windows are as foggy as my eyes, lol. Hope you enjoyed your self and got a bit of sun?! xxx

  3. elnafinn said:

    Dear,dear Cris

    First of all I want to wish you a very happy birthday and I hope you will be migraine free today and that your family behave themselves. Such lovely photos and yes your demanding family make you have to do things for them, you are their main carer and needs must, however rough you may feel. I promise to reply to your message from many days ago – I think about you often, please know that I have forgotten you. I am sorry to hear that everything is hurting along with your eyes playing up too. Let’s hope there are some bright moments on your special day. Put that music on LOUD, if your head can cope with it.

    Sending this with much love
    Elna x

    • Elna thank you for the birthday wishes. It was a nice day actually even though I decided to shear the sheep,lol. What possessed me eh?! Well the weather warming up and they are getting old so you have this pneumonia thing if they get hot. Their fleeces are waterproofed to the hilt (really greasy and yucky actually 😉 ) and they sweat but it can’t get out so it lies on top of their skin and well the older they get the more they seem prone to the pneumonia thing so …..

      I did put the music on loud my friend…. tis good to not have near neighbours 😉

      Hugs and love as always Cris xx

  4. It’s amazing how arthritis “outlines” our days for us. There’s only so much energy before pain overwhelms. With this new puppy of mine has me thinking I need to break out the cane for a while. Sounds like your animals, like mine, keep you going and happy even with screaming joints and raging muscles.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    • Hi Nanina and your so right. The animals give me a reason to push it and get through a day 😉 Don’t tell them though…. Taking on a pup is often ‘interesting’ but he seems a good one really…. (hey if those exist 😉 )

      I don’t know as you have looked at it but the AC site has so much information and they are very supportive if ever you need it? Its a lottery as well if they get your meds right… they been messing with mine of late and the migraines are a result of it as well as the neck… I hate the neck 😉

      You take care, keep challenging the bones and leaving you a cyber chew stick for you know who Cris x

      • Thank you I’ll check out that site. I feel for you as I developed early onset Arthritis as a teenager too. It settled in my lumbar spine and scaroiliac joints and ankles. The medication piece is ALWAYS a challenge. Thanks for you support, and Poppy will enjoy the chewy.

      • Oh Niania to get it young might be easier in some ways but its also so hard isn’t it? We learn to fight back though easier maybe?

        Check out AC, they really do have so much info and experience via the helplines if you ever need and the forum its self is so good for info and if your feeling down and need a bit of help to stay up. They have been so good to me for sure. far more than I deserve.

        I don’t know if they can do this to you but the pain doc is now filling up my neck and back with a combination of the bi-lateral injections (we use medrone now) and a ton of trigger point cortizone, medrone and botox jabs as well. The muscles can’t spasm with the botox how ever hard they try.

        It lasts 5-6 months as well. I have had a lot of intervention and thankfully this one works…. hopefully for a lot longer yet. It might be something you could talk to your doc about?

        You hang in there and glad Poppy like her chewy 😉 x

      • Wow!!! Thank you so much. You give me hope for the pain. I was just enduring thinking no one is helping me except to say, “You’ve got to loose weight.” I’ll definitely check out this site. Thank you!!! Gentle Hugs! xxx

      • There is always hope my friend… you just have to make someone listen! It sounds like you need some better pain control at the very least! For me originally it was the addition of the pregabalin (Lyrica) Its a very good one if you can take it….. It can mess with your head a bit and its not something everyone can take but its so good at stopping the nerve pain.

        Mine is now backed up with Oxynorm and Oxycotin and of course the jabs from the pain clinic.

        here we have a very good one and I think I am so lucky really but its worth checking out if you have one as they are there to help you manage your pain.

        I so hope hope you will find some help as to be able to manage it might be the best we get but you so deserve that at least. hang in there and sending you ((( ))) and so many hopes. hey please let me know how it goes and just fight your corner. Its wrong you have to but you must not let them just tell you get used to it cus you can’t! Will be in your pocket when you try to get some help from your doc. Cris x

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