Arthritis, Alba and All

Pregabalin and Oxycotin…….

Sorry its been a bit of a rough week. The eyes had a migraine and that left them a bit iffy for a few days. They seem much better now. I wonder why they do it but really given how bad migraine can get I guess I am lucky its only my eyes that do it.

It got a bit warm the last few days and Wish is also lame and as the fleece is some weight I decided it was time to shear….

In the old days it was never easy.

Nearly there and we just sat and did it together

Nearly there and we just sat and did it together

You have to hold them and bend over them and they don’t like their bellies and back-end being done at all. Wish was sat outside though and I just sat beside her and un-peeled that huge heavy coat without too much trouble…. but … Breagh is a monster and a tornado in a jam jar!

I have to get the little bits off but at leat they are mostly done.

I often think about getting a real shearers in but they can’t do them till August and that’s too late so it’s the diy with the fool who can’t bend and has hand trouble, lol. They would not ever recommend their hairdresser, lol. thinking about it the fool may not recommend her clients, lol.

Alba was funny, she found shearing an interesting thing to ‘help’ with. I have had my hair chewed again and look as bad as the sheep now. It’s as well I am not too bothered now a days.

Once I would have been upset. I used to be quite well turned out and ‘normal’ but I don’t recognise that person now, lol she wouldn’t me either….. A lot of us change as we get older bt I seem to have gone back to how I was as a kid but that has allowed me to find some understanding and healing from old wounds so it’s not a bad thing… just sometimes….. I notice now far away from the ‘real’ world I have retreated.

The back is very sore and stiff today but thanks to the cyclazine I am able to take the oxy’s and the relief of less pain is so liberating really. Its a good combination for once and it gives me hope for the future. Saying that here is   the rub…..

There was bound to be one.

What have you done to Her?!!

What have you done to Her?!!

The damage and nerve pressure hasn’t gone anywhere just I don’t feel the pain so now…. It suddenly without much warning makes me feel like I will pass out. It really in’t going to take prisoners is it?

It never has actually. Younger I might have coped with it better where the shearing is concerned.. wasn’t so much damage then I guess but now… oh what I would give for someone else to do the back-breaking shearing thing!

With Wish half done and Bre not started I decided to rectify it on saturday….. 1st grab you victim…. Bre did a few walls of death before she allowed me to get her… Then she was actually very good. I did nick her unfortunately … I was by then kneeling as I couldn’t bend anymore. Alba suddenly and without saying she was gong to launched and landed on my shoulders…. Bre got a small cut, I got shearing pain and Alba won her self a one way ticket to her creat untill it was finished!

I used to take 14 mins per sheep with the hand shears and got the fleece of in one….

Doesn't she look different!

Doesn’t she look different!

Now…. well its hard work but they are done and though some bits are not as close to the skin as they used to be it will do…… I know they are not perfect but they are cool!

Going to just add some more pic’s cus Saturday was my birthday and after knocking my self out i played with the camera…… lol what a way to celebrate another year rolling by… head in the sand or what, lol.

All Done!

All Done!

Velcro meets Alba....

Velcro meets Alba….

Breagh in her summer clothes ....

Breagh in her summer clothes ….

Scoopy and Velcrao come to see what we are doing

Scoopy and Velcrao come to see what we are doing

Scoopy and Bre

Scoopy and Bre



Being watched!

Being watched!

You know I sat ere looking out the window and the sheep are out sunning and eating. Even Alba is laid down and resting… or dreaming up her next adventure, lol.  The chickens are in and about the paddock, the lodgers are eating over the electric fence (it’s not turned on) and well it dawned on me…

We all just muck in together


Comments on: "This Years Shearing Was Sponsored By….." (17)

  1. ag1970 said:

    Wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing–we love animals!!!

    • I am so lucky, they are all such a nice lot and glad you liked the pics x

      • ag1970 said:

        We have a Tuxedo cat–Mittens–and I’ve been around cats all my life, but somehow I’m convinced he’s got more “personality” than your typical cat–he’s very affectionate and (sometimes unintentionally) funny. He’s our thousand-dollar cat (after the vet bills); and he was my bright idea: we adopted him and he came with his brother, Pickles. We couldn’t get just the ONE, now could we? (We’ve also got three dogs, a tortoise, a turtle, and two parakeets; my older sister lives at a boarding stables and in addition to horses they have border collies and sheep; we’ve mostly Hampshires and Rambouillets ( spelling? My brother raised one as a teen) around here that local kids show at the county fair. I’ve never seen so many varieties as the time I took some of my students to Ireland and we watched a sheepdog exhibition–we thought some of the sheep might’ve been from Mars!

  2. great pictures: love all the animals there. you lucky!
    happy birthday!

    • Oh Marina they are lovely every one of them. The sheep are special but so are the others really. Thanks for the happy birthday, it was an odd way to spend it but I am so glad they are done now x

  3. hunktrees said:

    Lovely Pics Skiezer, and the shearing aintbad for an arthritic shearer 🙂

    Love to all from all of us xx

  4. hunktrees said:

    Also loving your sponsors…….

    • Oh they are ok for an arthritic with duff hands and back, lol. Hey our sponsors are very good and its a shame more people can’t take them but really the true sponsor was grit determination and bloodymindedness 😉 Lol I started Wish on the 14th and started dong the blog and then the eyes kicked off so it was a bit drawn out….

      hey hope your doing ok? xx

  5. Dear Cris

    How ideallic it all looks in the photos and what wonderful hair cuts too. A great salon you got out there in the sticks! Goodness knows how you will yourself to continue each year with the shearing. Sheer willpower, I’ll be bound. I expect you keep saying to yourself, “I will do this and will not stop until it is finished”.

    It does not matter how one spends their birthday as long as one is happy and you were.
    You most certainly are a good team and as you say, all muck in together. 🙂 They cannot do without you and you cannot do without them. 🙂

    I shall show Ian these lovely photos.

    Love and gentle hugs
    You look after yourself, too,

    Elna x

    • Oh Elna make sure he doesn’t look too closely at the shed 😉 another bit of shear willpower I think, lol. It did just dawn on me yesterday we really do just all muck in together, all of us even the lodgers.

      Hey Flower foals next month i think…. after last year I am worried. he was going to leave her but he changed his mind…. it should e ok though I hope….

      Your right though we all need each other here …… but could someone tell harry the dog, lol.

      Hope your doing ok flower and will pop over the ac site and catch up xx

  6. Dreamdaisy said:

    Hello my lovely! I’m sat here trying to cough up a gold watch then it dawned on me that I haven’t caught up with you for ages, so here I am. What fabulous pictures of the girls and some members of the Ark – it’s lovely to be able to put hooves/paws to names. I think you did a wonderful job with the shearing and with this spell of warmer weather I bet she’s very grateful.

    • Hi DD glad you popped in. Hope your feeling a lot better today? Hey according to Horrible Histories a used sock round your neck will cure your cold 😉 Hey we some lucky that medical science has improved, lol.

      The ark is all fine but I been given hell by Alba who, as they all seem to, knows she missed a bottle….. he hasn’t she had one early and one late, lol. Wish has taught her well eh?!

      The shearing… it will do but its not brilliant by a long way, lol better than last year though 😉 x

  7. Barbara said:

    Hi Cris
    Thanks so much for the pics, I do look forward to them, I do wish I could ease your pain…but I know that your lovely family keep you going, you will keep going come what may, when I saw the pic of the haircut on Wish It did make me laugh …you should have come to specsaver cames to mind with the lovely sheep dog.
    Like Elna says it looks so ideallic….I have always said if I ever win the lottery I would love to buy a small holding, when I was little my Godfather had a pig farm nearby… mum always knew were I was when I went missing….and my god the mess I was in…..but has they say happy has pigs in muck.
    You take are my love, and keep this blog coming it is fascinating xxx

    • Oh Barbara juts done a sale and hell they are getting hard! I have got some more pics and will do an update tonight, head ache allowing 😉 Its an age thing flower and I wish it would stop, lol.

      I am bit weary f pigs…. as you know the sheep sub letted to some and they were a bit domineering and bullish….. When I was a kid (actually when I was dragged kicking and screaming up country) we lived surrounded by farms… it was a agricultural college…. Hey I won ten bob riding a young steer….. got a broken arm though 😉 The parents went ballistic….. lol and I wonder why I have so much arthritis now…..

      As you know I dream chased and well soon as plan B can be done ….. lol mght be some wait eh?! Hugs and tea xx

  8. A belated happy birthday! What a tale! I do enjoy your pics of your animal family!

    • Oh Rumpydog thanks for the happy birthday… Hey saw the Olympic flame as well 😉 It went through the village at the top just as I was getting milk….. Took me a min to understand what was gong on, lol.

      Going to let Haz have a page… Rumpty he is what we Cornish call a ‘eller! lol we have our own words here lol.

      Hope your having a decent day and Haz said he will steal he pc keyboard and pop over and see what you been up to helping your mum. x

  9. Ag I am late answering you there, sorry. It won’t let me reply to you underneath… I not so good this week.

    Your cat sounds lovely and your right some of them really do have a lot more personality. Velcro the tabby one Alba was fascinated by, has a very sweet personality but… she has got strings on me and pulls them so well 😉

    A friend of mine has gone to a show today…. She has horses and foals. It was the lads first time out and I am really looking forward to how she has done.

    Velcro and her brother (he actually is called Erk-an-squawk) came to me when they were young and though he is a bit of a out door chap Velcs welds to me like glue, lol, thats why she is called Velcro….

    Hey I find the most stupid names for some of the cats…

    It sound lovely there by the way and I did love your pic’s. Hope all is well for you? x

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