Arthritis, Alba and All

Mr Harry (Haz)

aka The Loon…….

Harry has been a bit peeved that Alba got the lime light and he didn’t so he is making me do this lol.

I got him via a friend who told me there was a 9 month old Springer Spaniel being put down for biting.  I had just lost one of my springer (I had two black and white english ones and they are gret dogs) and was looking out for another as my girl was pinning a bit even though she had a few other dog friends here.

So I said I would go and get him, like you do.

Pip my Springer

Pip my Springer

He was living in a cage a lot of the time, in a flat as he had become so destructive and he wasn’t a springer. He was a springer crossed to a collie and he was very stressed out. extremely actually.

He had been hand reared and that wouldn’t have helped but he had not got the kind of exercise or  brain stimulation he needed for sure. I got him in the car and did notice he was a bit iffy round the edges with not knowing me and a car trip.

I had another dog at home as well as Pip, well I had a few but one was a harrier. Now he had been the worst dog I had ever met and I knew within seconds Haz would be close on his heels for that title lol.

Milo was also about the same sort of age when I got him and he had so much energy but had been tied to a shed and also lived inside of a flat. They did realise they had the wrong dog so at least that’s something but

Milo the Harrier

Milo the Harrier

Mi always had to be run on a rope till the day  lost him as you had to have a chance of grabbing something as he went over the hedge…..  He was a very striking dog and unlike Haz his temperament was 100% Haz at tha point couldn’t have reached 60% to be honest.

We came in and immediately Mi said ‘I don’t like that dog!’ and Haz said ‘It’s mutual!’  so there was a bit of friction but I had a lovely lurcher cross and her and Pip didn’t always see eye to eye but were amicable so I didn’t see that as too big a problem. Thankfully except for the occasional scrap it wasn’t.  To the end of Mi’s time with us Haz deferred to him to a point.

Sat here the first night with the lurcher was bad enough. She had had a bit of a hard time and was 10 and she sat beside me demanding a hand on her. If I removed it she started howling so i was well used to difficult dogs… hell Pip had been quite a handful as well. We spent the afternoon out in the fields, all of us even the old lab came with me ad Haz ran, and ran and then ran some more.

Haz before he was fully settled and it shows in the eyes

Haz before he was fully settled and it shows in the eyes

He could out run Mi easily and Pip was old enough to know not to try and keep up with him but to try and ambush him with her very best ‘these are my teeth’ expression.Haz was green and fell for it a lot. Pip was a real character to be honest. She had mastered the art of lull them and attack them by the time Haz came along.

He was so bad the first year he really was. He loved to play chase me and one time I took 3 hours to get him to come back to me. He would come close enough to almost touch and then tank off again in a giant circle. After that I ran him on a 15′ training lead and that was it he learned to come back and come up to me, lol.

He was so destructive as well. Soft furnishings are his speciality… I say are cus he will still do them but not as bad and not as often.  The stress is still there and it leads to him getting very over excited. he was neutered before 3 months and it seems to have retarded his maturity somewhat.


In full gallop

In full gallop

His treatment has really got good. He is 100% with people and the only thing he does that gives away the state he can get into is he will fixate on things still. Chicken for sure though he wont hurt or chase them but he does like to try and heard them… that’s the collie in him eh?

He has turned into a really nice dog, he does still try it on a bit but he is no longer the tornado in a jam jar that he once was. He now is asleep in an armchair that he hasn’t tried to eat…. yet lol as you can never say he wont! It took me a good 18 months to get him to be a nice dog to live with. I was absolutely tearing my hair out at times….. cus of the mtx there isn’t much of that left to tear, lol  The he hit that magic age of 3 and he changed.

I suddenly found him easier to live with and he got nicer each week till now…. I would hate to be without him …. though he is such a fun dog but that’s nice really….. not very helpful but defiantly fun!

Toys don't last long lol

Toys don’t last long lol


Comments on: "Mr Harry (Haz)" (29)

  1. Lovely read and beautiful dog. I like that ‘tornado in a jam jar’ – I have a couple who fit that description. 🙂

    • Oh its a good way of describing them, lol. Don’t you think though that the messed up ones do in time make really good dogs? Mind with both Haz and Milo if I could have given them back I would have for at least 72 hours, lol.

      Hope all is well with you? x

      • Hee hee, the best dog I ever had was a heinous heifer most of his life. I’m fine thank you, except a dog ran into my head and broke my cheekbone. I hope you are feeling better.

      • Oh BD that sounds so painful! I hope it will soon settle and mend fast for you.

        I had a huge baby tornado in a jam jar long ago… she was lovely. A St. Bernard cross who used to stand on my shoulders and give bear hugs, lol. It didn’t matter what you said or did she was gong to give you a bear hug an that was that!

        She was magic and you know dogs help to keep you sane… or in my case maybe not, lol.

        had another migraine today.. they messing with my drugs and tonight I have rebelled and gone back on the old dose 😉 Fingers crossed eh?

        You look after that check bone and a quick heal draft on its way as well x

  2. Barbara said:

    Hi Cris
    I do love the pics and with story’s behind them they even better, you are so good with then, who else would take on a dog that bites…saying that me probably, I did used to love my strays..I hope those migraines are keeping take care xxx

    • Hi my friend, hope the Jubilee was ok for you? Hey it was good to see the Cornish flag in the Themes, lol. It used to have a different meaning, lol.

      You know I take in the unwanted and well sometimes its hard work but Haz is now a really nice dog 😉 I feel sorry for the animals that can’t go into rescues as they are iffy etc…. Hence the feral cats 😉

      He wasn’t a viscous dog, he was a stressed and scared dog and I could’;t leave him to be put down as none of it was his fault….. Like Ben eh? Hey even he has left a hole in my life….

      Haz would leave a huge one but back them I would have willingly thrown him in one, lol. He was so manic…. I mean so manic,lol.

      Haz wanted to say ‘hello’ and ‘Dog came Good’ 😉

      Slurps and hugs as well as a bucket of bone heal and hopes. xx

      Oh the head is at it again. Saw the pain doc today she says its the neck…. so is booking me in for urgent bi-laterals and botox. x

  3. Chancy and Mumsy said:

    What a handsome dog you are sweet Haz. We are happy to hear you got all settled in and are doing well with the family. Bless them for bring you home. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Thank you for the hugs and nose kisses, I like them (he does now he is actually a very sweet dog :-0 ) We back to rain and wind again and you wouldn’t believe the state of my under-carage when I had finished helping to put the chickens to bed, lol. Bounces and slurps Haz x

  4. Toni said:

    Ah Cris…..

    Milo 😦 Made me feel sad to see his sweet face and Poppy too even Ben! sigh….. You knwo the ‘cure’ and that is – borrowing my 3 girls for a few days 😉


    Toni xxx

    • hey send them down, lol. Could do with their help here and there…. lol that will send them running for cover eh?! You can use it as a threat…..

      Your right though so many have gone to the meadow … I still miss Pip as you know but Mi is a close 2nd an then there is Pop’s and Ben as well as Esmie…..

      You got this cold wind there? Its not much like June is it xx

  5. You done well for the little guy.. well not so little guy now!

    • He has come good 🙂 I have never seen a more stressed dog and it took a good 18 months of hell to get him right, lol. Hey I am lucky I got the fields out side the door and he was able to really exercise as well as the walks. To have him in a cage and a flat was really asking for trouble eh?

  6. I use to have a Collie cross Springer, she was stress on legs but thankfully came good in the end.I know have a border Collie, she’s 18mths and stress on legs. She’s getting better, by the time she’s 3 we hope she’s not so highly strung. Fancy keeping a poor dog in a cage. xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

    • Hi Mollie and Alfie 🙂

      3 does seem to be the ‘magic’ age doesn’t it? All my ‘damaged’ dogs that came to me young improved in their 3rd year.

      You know he honestly was bigger than the cage they had him in….. He basically had gone out of his head I guess…. Collies are stressed aren’t they? I am sure she will sort as she gets older.

      Hey I recently took in a Beagle.. now she is 3 and has a long way to go lol. x

  7. Mag (Chancy's Mumsy) said:

    Good day to you our sweet friend! Dropped back by to thank you for coming by to visit and leave the nice comment. Hope your pains are lighter today and you are moving around with great ease. Hope all the beautiful critters are having a good day. We leave you all lots more hugs and now kisses from us!

  8. I have a German shepherd and he is the love of my life. Your dogs are beautiful. I am glad There are people like minded when it comes to animals. i will post a pic of my shepherd

    • I should love to see him. I just re-homed a really nice sheppard, he wasn’t good with sheep or cats so I couldn’t keep him but he was such a nice dog. He is very happy though and got a lovely home… I wish they could have adopted me lol. x

  9. Donna said:

    I loved reading about your dogs! Thank heavens there are people like you who will rescue dogs. I had a black & white springer when I was a kid named Duke. I loved that dog! I had never heard of a harrier before but I have a beagle and they look so similar. I rescued my beagle before she made it to the pound. I love her so much. She senses when I’m in pain and comes over and puts her chin on me and looks at me and makes this little whine. She will stay by me all day until I go to my bed (husband doesn’t allow her in the room or on the bed). If he isn’t home she’ll lay on the floor by the bed but otherwise she goes to bed with one of my boys or she lays on the floor by the door of my room. She’s a sweetheart and I don’t know what I would do without her. The vet thinks she has cushings disease and I’m hoping she doesn’t. I haven’t paid to have the test done yet because it is so expensive. If she has problems again I’ll have it done.

    • Oh Donna I so hope your girl will be ok and I also think wait till she is ill again before the test…. I hope that she will not be ill again though.

      Beagles are so sweet aren’t they? River is a demon but lovely with it lol.

      Will pop over to your blog again soon and you know what… Your doing so well to fight back as you do! We have to fight eh? Cris x

  10. Such a wonderful story. Well done! I so get the problems you went through (had the same with my dog Litchi – although never thought of calling her a hurricane in a jam jar – that fits perfectly).

  11. what Adorable doggies! 🙂
    There is an Online Christmas Party at Marsha Lee’s Blog! Celebrating my birthday and Christmas! Feel free to stop by and celebrate!
    Merry Christmas!
    Renee 🙂

  12. Haven’t seen you around for a long time. I hope you are okay, we think about you and wonder how you and all the animals are doing. Miss hearing from you. Hugs and nose kisses to you and yours from me and mine.

    • You are kind and I am sorry it all just got to me and I could only see gloom. Mind there has been a fair bt of that but Wish was glad to go if that makes sense? She looked so peaceful as well.

      Will pop over your blog later and sorry I have been awol ((((( ))))) and a hope things are ok with you? xx

  13. Aloha, just dropped by to enjoy your posts and photos. Those pups certainly are a handful but it looks like you’ve got plenty of room to let them burn off some energy. Lovely property, quite different from our small island environment. I don’t think your dogs would work out well in a 650 square foot condo setting although you would find it easier to catch them after a game of “chase me”.

    • Oh if chase me was easier lol. I am lucky to have enough room but it makes it easier for the creatures to stay out of reach 😉 Thanks for stopping by and a bounce from Haz

  14. Ah, don’t dogs make your life complete? So glad you found another to join you, and in the end they look like they all got along just fine.

    We just adopted another dog ourselves after losing one to cancer just last week.

    • I am so sorry that your lost your dog but so pleased you have another one as though it can never replace your friend it can help fill the hole. Hope the new one will bring you an easing of the one you lost but its the only thing you can do when they have cancer. x

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