Arthritis, Alba and All

The Top End……

Getting away from here is difficult. There are a lot of animals and it’s not so much salubrious living either… I hadn’t got away for around 30 years but this year was different!

I managed to get a whole 10 days out and went to see a friend of mine up in Scotland… as you might know Alba said loudly, lol.

While there we went to this beautiful Loch.  Its called Lochend  Loch an is in the Drumpeller Country Park on the outskirts of Coatbridge in Scotland and its absolutely beautiful!

Iris has the most lovely yellow lab called Rubes and bless her she is so well behaved… So unlike mine (an yours Bosan, lol) We went there the first time and I was amazed at this huge expanse of dark water with the surrounding trees all bare and waiting for spring to bring them to life.  The geese where there as were ducks, swans, moorhens and terns.

Down the back a bit away from the Loch I saw deer.. 3 of them and all so un fazed by either us or Rubes .. who actually was far more interested by her stick than she ever as the deer, lol.  She had something akin to a branch by then, lol. She was so good with Alba and I am thinking of painting Lil yellow and swapping her for Rubes next tie I go up… Iris will teach her some manners lol.

Iris has also got arthritis, far worse than me actually and has to have an infusion  regularly to help keep it under control so the day she went in I took Rube’s to the Loch on my own. I had to trust Rube’s knew the way which she did but as you will see she went into all the mud as well…. lol I got her to go in the Loch one more time as we left so her Mum would never know,lol.

The other day Iris took Rubes there and got some lovely pic’s of it now in bloom and all greened up so you can see it barren and beautiful.  I just wanted to share them with you as it was beautiful.

Hey I am getting another break in the end of the summer and we shall go to the Loch  for sure!

To start with mine in March

It had to be so cold in there!

Shhhh don’t tell her Mum lol

See what i will do to your dog if I walk them,lol.

Now the ones Iris sent me and its so differnt with greenery and flowers

in march

and now

and lastly… its as if the ducks are swimming in the sky


Comments on: "From One End of the UK" (18)

  1. Ha ha, you mentioned me and here I am. 🙂 If I could go one place, it would be Scotland. I know I will never go there, so photos are the next best thing. I enjoyed these very much. Beautiful lab your friend has.

    • Boson you deserved a mention, lol, hey wouldn’t it be good to be able to run our loons and Iris’s Rube’s (who is a bit of a loon her self 😉 ) all together? We shall take them with us in spirit so next time they are dreaming you will know what they are doing :-0

      Hope alls well with you and thanks x

      • Oh yes, I love that idea. We shall all go in spirit. Well a dog ran into my head and broke my cheekbone over a week ago, but finally now I am able to gently touch my face so all is well. 🙂 I hope you are getting along OK.

      • That so does sound painful…. I hope it will soon be ok again. Even these past and present have never done that 😉 Mind Bre the sheep did bang my head last week and knocked it in a way the neck said it didn’t do…. Animals…. eh?! Lol mine are family but that doesn’t make me too blind to them lol.

        Going to drag my self up the common in a min so if your jam jarred tornado’s are dreaming that’s where we have gone x…..

  2. What a lovely area!

    • Oh Rumpty it was beautiful. Really peaceful as well. Can’t wait to go back only this time we wont have Alba in Iris’s shed (well back lobby to begin with, lol)

      Hope your doing ok and Haz has got you a chew stick from his secret stash x

  3. Chancy and Mumsy said:

    What wonderful pictures. It must have felt so good to you being able to get away for awhile. Scotland looks like a beautiful place. Beautiful dog, funny about the wet, muddy legs. 🙂 Hugs and nose kisses

    • Chancy you tell your Mum that she got absolutely plastered in black smelly mud, lol. Its a beautiful place and honestly bar a week in hospital that was the first time I had escaped for about 30 years….. I really am looking forward to gong again 😉

      Hey Haz said so you want one of his squeaky toys 😉 x

      Oh glad you got some rain and hope you get some more as you do need it there

  4. Barbara said:

    Hi Cris
    Im so glad you are going back to see Iris, it will give you something to look forward to, I do think this is so important.
    I love the pics, we did visit Loch Lomond a few years ago and , it does look like you and Irises doggy had a good time.
    You take care xx

    • Oh Flower you been there as well 🙂 I’d been with Iris but the day I took Rubes I didn’t go the same way as Rubes said ‘we go here’ …. I think she did it as there was the most disgusting black mud ditch and she went straight in it ….. I really did have to throw a stick back in the Loch to get it off her, lol.

      Just about to do Cornwall cus she would be cross with me if I didn’t 🙂 xx

  5. Iris said:

    Cris…….Hey! I didn’t know you got my dog so dirty! that was a well kept secret. Lol…
    that was such a fun visit….I haven’t laughed as much in ages ….who would believe two ‘lame birds’ could have such a great time.?

    I am so looking forward to you coming back up in the Autumn (Ruby is too…!!!)

    love to Albad and the rest of the employers.

    Iris xx

    • Hey Tis good to see you! Now you know why Rubes was so wet….. lol you know that ditch up the track to the right you kept her out of? I wasn’t so lucky, lol. She really was black at one point, lol.

      She is a lovely dog iris and a joy to walk… these can sometimes be a bit of a handful but Rose always says the jury is out on weather I am top dog or not…..

      So looking forward to coming u again but don;t tell Albad as she will want to come to 😉 xx

  6. I’m glad you got a nice break away. I enjoyed the pictures. Labs just can’t seem to stay out of water no matter what the weather or water temps!

    • They really are water babies aren’t they? Does Poppy do it though?

      My one (she is an ex breed bitch and is lovely but spayed now 😉 She will lie in puddles, always jumps in the horses water troughs and bless her mud is like a magnet, lol.

      Hope the day has been kind to you? x

      • It has been a good day. Less pain today. I’m always grateful. How ’bout you. Hope you have a day now and again with a little less stiffness and pain. Poppy hasn’t been to a creek or pond around here yet. I’m waiting to get her leptospirosis vaccine in a few weeks. It’s a real problem where I live. She does love splashing in her water dish and picking out the ice cubes I put in. 🙂 Bet she’ll be a waterdog just like my Labs were. Might have to put a wash tub outside for her if the weather gets much warmer.

      • My lab says she uses horse drinking facilities, lol…. I got an old one that the horses don’t use now all just for Slurps and the ducks to try out…. lol. Poppy looks like she might be a water dog doesn’t she?

        Pain is activated today by other bit of broken down body syndrome, lol. I got 9 other things (well I will only have 9 😉 ) and the barrettes and the hernia are having a big argument so that makes the bone stuff hurt more as well. Someday’s, though, once the stiffness has worn off the pain isn’t too bad or the drugs are that good.

        The leptospriosis jab is def worth having, I had a lovely dog years ago now and she was lucky as her brother and sister both had it.

        Hope the days been kind to you/ xx

  7. Great pictures! Love the area

    • Its a lovely place isn’t it? my home is about to say hi as well…. The 2 ends of the UK 😉

      Hope the days been kind? x

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