Arthritis, Alba and All

Not a Good Day

Hopefully not worse to come…..

Wish isn’t  too good…. The vets put up 2 injections that have got to work yesterday.  Got to ring tomorrow but there is a small bit of improvement so please keep your fingers crossed that I can either get some more treatment for her or that  miracle happens. I sort of got this plan….

When I ring tomorrow I can say she is able to get up on her legs but soon goes back on to her knees but that’s an improvement so maybe we can re-do the jabs, give her till monday and then….

Then I will have to decide……

You know it doesn’t get easier does it? I picked the jabs up yesterday and they said she is a good age but it doesn’t help. I have had her from a few days old, hand reared her with love and care and this will really hurt if it happens.  At least the vets are willing to make a few goes at getting her back on her legs.

She is lame all the time to a degree.. more stiff than lame but she got her self stuck in the shed somehow and obviously had tries to get up and its pushed her front legs especially as well as stiffened up her back and hind legs….. I really do hope there will be some more improvement by the morning.

They gae her a pain-killer and also antibiotics and as there is some improvement i am so hoping they will let her have another jab both tomorrow and again on saturday as it’s all 48 hour jabs. The pain one can’;t be and well that’s what makes me more concerned…..

So please could you all cross the fingers.

The horse’s owner turned up yesterday with a mare and foal…. she is lovely but got shall we call it unkind face markings, lol. Talking of foals….

We are now all on foal watch so line up with your keep Cris awake technic, lol. It looks like tomorrow night really but will check her round 2ish and 2 hourly till then, before deciding do I sleep or not…..

The new one has a foal at foot and he will be pleased to see a new one for sure.. mined Flo and Blossom have been really sweet with him. Ivy a bit sneaky bite….. she will come unstuck though as um is starting to notice.

Flower…. she is restless and taking her self off to be on her own but so far no wax up so technically it’s not tonight… mined i have known her wax and foal inside 6 hours and her muscles are giving way nicely as well as the foal is turning.

Just gone and looked and I would say tomorrow night but… lol I wouldn’t put any money on it, lol.  Wonder what it will be like?

Flower yesterday … it’s not gong to be long eh?

Flo is beautifully marked and Primmy is solid bay. Last years was very beautifully marked but pale so would have gone black and white. I do wish he had lived and also wish it hadn’t worried me this much an it almost certainly wont go wrong again……

Some of it empathized as I am so worried about Wish….

Oh on the way back from Iris’s I called in to see my mate Rose who runs Second Chance Animal Rescue and took some pics of her dogs as well… She said I could share them with you so…..

They are a bit posh these southern dogs, lol. These were all rescued but for different reasons can’t be re homed so stay with Rose.  The last one…oh does she have a story as well.

She didn’t come from the UK. Rose ‘found her and I think about 19 others (but it may have been more) and they were supposedly in a rescue…. but were so bad… really bad and had no shelter either. She got as many as she could passport and jab and brought them into her rescue where all but 3 she managed to find homes for. And I thought I was mad!

Her ladyship ( th pharaoh hound above) had so many problems and when I first met her she was all bt bald from the long-term skin trouble she had been left with in the place Rose found them….. he also is very arthritic but she really has made such a good recovery and is a lovely dog.

Occasionally Rose comes down here for a few days (like me she has a hard time getting away and we have peace here… except for me shouting,lol.) and Diddly Dee the white one comes with as she is a lovely dog but… Work for environmental health and the look she gives you makes it obvious she wouldn’t do it that way, lol.

Diddly and Shannon on a visit here

It was winter of course 😉

I going to try and post a special one for Alba later but we went round the fields yesterday to check all was ok and Alba came too so (you guessed it) more pics….

It takes my mind of the pain IO got in my jaw and neck today. Its bad actually. hey it will help to keep me awake for the foal watch though so maybe its s good thing. Must get it seen tomorrow as there is a lump on my jaw and it’s banging….

See the Loons in the background 😉

Oh lot of pics eh? I really am worried about Wish…. I sort of think we have had some improvement and therefore we could try a bit more but she does have to improve a lot and I not sure she is going to…. Sorry I am so down today. combination of the bones hurting so much ( I forgot the mtx yet again! I do have to remember…) This jaw I wonder if I have an abscess or is it the arthritis I know is in there. Tis some swollen either way 😉

Right you may not believe this but Alba came around the field and was playing chase me with Haz and Slurps….

and lastly…. was she really this small….

Mind look at those growth plates….. She is now about 5 inches above my knees…. Hey your right my dress sense is zero,lol.

You all take care.


Comments on: "Not a Good Day" (12)

  1. Chancy and Mumsy said:

    Great pictures!! I smiled when I read the Alba went with you that is great. So sorry to hear about Wish and your jaw. Sending up prayers for you both and keeping fingers crossed too. Hope to hear a lot better news in your next post. Hugs and nose kisses for all from Chancy, me and the crew.

    • Alba really does think she is a dog, lol.

      Oh my friend I have to talk to the vet and will try the defer it to Monday as I still hope she will get over being cast…. Silly girl got so stuck. The trouble is cus she is a sheep…. well they don;t normally treat them so your limited in what you can use. Thanks for your prayers, I really appreciate it.

      Haz said did Chancy see his toy 😉 x

      • Chancy and Mumsy said:

        Well, someone needs to get on the ball and get more help going for sheep….they are such sweeties. Chancy says to tell Haz he saw that pretty red toy, now he will want a red toy. 🙂

      • You know in the UK there are only 4 types of antibiotics for sheep. There are no pain killers licencee for them and luckily they can use a lot of equine meds…. I am so glad they can, lol. Vets are very good though as more people are keeping sheep in small holdings (that’s what here was meant to be, lol) and they do know what can or can;t be used licence or not.

        Meds here are also governed by the EU and sheep have but one purpose so no real research is done into the run of the mill things or old age a not many have that chance. Hey i got a first aid book for sheep….. It was incredibly good at symptoms but the treatment was almost always cull or send for slaughter….. Not quite what I was looming for 😉

        Haz said he will let Chancy play with the red toy (its a Christmas decorated plastic bone that sadly still squeaks, lol) so he said ‘ Here you go Chancy, Catch’ lol.

        You take care and thanks again for the prayers for Wish. xx

  2. Hugs to you and prayers for improvement for Wish. No it never gets easier…sometimes I think with each one as the age (and as we do too) it feels harder!!! But I did love seeing Flower and all your two and four-leggeds. You dress for what you do. I think your legs and feet look just fine! 😀 Lets hope that jaw of yours settles down too. Hugs xxx

    • Your right you know it doesn’t get easier… still waiting for the vet to ring and well there is a bit of hope…. Wish’s best frien was called Hope, I lost 3 in fairly quick concession but Ilk was the hardest… I think Wish might be harder though.

      She has so much character and is a right little madame, lol. I love her of course like you do a dog…. The injections have helped so maybe… I just wish the vet would ring.

      Thanks for your prayers and keep everything crossed please. x

      Oh got to wait till Monday to see the dentist….. Doc saw it today and said it was a dental job and he couldn’t give antibiotics so lets hope it not an abscess 😉

  3. Lovely photos. I enjoyed them so much. The sheep that is down – she is an old girl? I am sorry. I hope she can get better, and you as well.

    • Yep she was born on the 15th December 1998…. that’s the real problem here eh? Age…. I got her on the 20th so she was the same age as Alba when I got her actually. I think I can delay the decision till Monday and that will give her a good chance of getting better (if she can) and me a chance to get used to the idea if she can’t…..

      The arthritis is kicking back a bit just now…… I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, lol. Hey may be one 😉 I have a ex lol.

      Mind if I renumbered to actually inject the mtx maybe I wouldn’t be so sore, lol.

      Hope you have better weather than this cold, wind and rain? Nothing like summer! Hope that cheek bone is a lot better as well. x

      Oh meant to say I will have to get the vet to let her have more jabs if we can go for that plan… its now all down to the vet really.

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed for you girl. She looks so sweet. Especially hard since you were there from the beginning.

    • Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed, it all helps. I bit wired, us Cornish are ;-), but collective thought into the either can really help I think.

      She is a sweet sheep actually, been a naughty one in her time… If you look at the category Alba you find her sister as and Wish was a little horror as a lamb, lol, just like Alba is…. Funny Hope wasn’t.

      Its hard but if she does’;t improve…… I wouldn’t let her suffer how ever reluctant I am. Its the last thing you can do to help them isn’t it really?

      Will let you know how it goes with the vet when she rings… I wish she would soon.

      Hey nice to meet you as well x

  5. ag1970 said:


    • Thank you so much. Have done a quick update and there is a bit of hope as she is now able to sand up but we have to wait and see how she goes over the week end though I have to phone the vets in the morning.

      Hope your keeping ok there> x

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