Arthritis, Alba and All

Quick Update

 With a big Smile……

I really am relieved….. The vet has gone with it and actually put up 16 days of pain relief for Wish! Funnily enough it pure Bute…. Good drug that one I know as when I first started the arthritis that’s what they had me on 🙂 Then it got banned for use in humans but has been the last resort really in the equine world for many a year.

Horses are tested as ‘3 legged’ ones ( slang for a 4 legged one so lame they can hardly move) have been known to win races and also cross-country events so it’s a very good pain drug.

It’s also an anti-inflammatory.

Today she has been out for a while and did walk out but them back on her knees. Her back end is a lot freer and

Wish just over 2 years ago before the arthritis came in

moving better but the front just needs a little more time and help to get her back to being my Wish again.

I know we wont get her completely sound but we do have a hope that e can get her totally comfortable and back to having a real quality, be it  slow, of life

Mind if the bute does as good as it can do she will be sprinking about as good as Alba and Bre 🙂 Hey I can hope 😉

Lets hope eh?

I have this scale I work to… The writing comes on the wall but it’s not lit up…. then its lit…. and then it flashes…. then it flashes neon. I think wish has the light on but it aint flashing and its no longer neon but the bute is an unknown result…. See folk don;t keep sheep to old age this way;-)

I asked several vets how long do sheep live and they never been able to tell me. I googled it and there is an 18-year-old (or was when I googled it) Wish can never make that age  but i am messed up my self just now and honestly I don;t feel strong enough to lose her. She is my big woolly comfort rag I guess.

Hey I might have put this one before, but I love this one.

The lady Wishtiria

Wish pulls some of the best faces a sheep can pull, lol.  She is one hell of a sheep. Hey i could be bias 😉

What made my day is I took Alba’s bottle over and some custard creams and cus the bute is known to be bitter I also took a handful of nuts so if necessary I could put the powder on that to get her to eat it if she didn’t the creams…..

Didn’t need to worry, put it on the custard creams and she ate it no worry. Gave them the nuts anyway and …

She got up and was standing to eat them! It’s a small step but I feel like I have lost a huge weight off my shoulders….. We may not win but it wont be for a bit of time and I can get used to the idea I guess…Yeah like that s going to happen but you know what I mean.

Checked Flower and am on low-grade foal watch. All the symptoms are coming in but we weren’t quite there yet as the muscles have relaxed but not fully on her back end and she hasn’t waxed up but its a dark and stormy night…… really wet… really windy and they have been known to foal in this kind of weather.

The little foal (I have called him Clyde as his mum is called Bonnie and I know it was predictable but….) I am trying to befriend. He hasn’t had much handling but he is finding me curious….. I use this keep gently trying to get closer but bent over (man that hurts;-) )and he is starting to come to me a bit but then bottling out before close enough to sniff a hand. We get there… got till december to do it lol.

He will darken and go black in time, lol. I love his forelock cus its just a little top knot for now lol.

I am trashed today you know….. I phoned the dentist about this jaw as I was thinking a possible abscess as you know . Couldn’t get an appointment for 12 days. I sort of said I didn’t think it could wait that long if at all possible so they said phone the doctor. Managed to get an appointment as well.

Went in and yep there is a fair bit of swelling but I don;t have a temperature.  That sort of rules out the abscess as far as they are concerned so no antibiotics . I rang the dentist back as it does hurt even with the oxy’s and thankfully can be seen on Monday.

Even though I so hurt today but really feel like a ten ton weight has been lifted….. You folk and your hopes, prayers and thoughts really helped. I know we have just delayed the inevitable but if the bute works that might be months away and well that will give me time to feel stronger eh? The biggest downside of arthritis is pain… and the pain brings you down. I really try to not let it but with Wish being so bad I just felt so weak as a person for a min.

Much better now…..and sorry about the  gloom of yesterday.

Right I don;t know if this is gong to work but will edit it out if it doesn’t. It’s just a picture show of Alba from 6 days to 3 months and …. well the music isn’t too good but it does comply with copywrite 😉

I couldn’t get it to work but this should take you to it… I will work out how to actually put iton…

Sorry you have to high light it and put it in your browser.. I am not very very computer savey but will learn I promise.

You all take care though before I go get your coats and we shall go check Flower so I can decide am I sleeping tonight, lol.

Oh and I must remember to take the mtx this week as the bones clearly do need it…..


Comments on: "Quick Update" (13)

  1. Barbara said:

    Awww Cris….I am so glad the vet could help Wish…I do remember this well with my little dog…the relief of coming home with meds for her.
    Bless you for doing what you do for your employers…I am sure they really do appreciate it.
    And now you are on foal watch….I do wish I could be there to take over a night or two…you take care and I hope this blog is helping because I love it
    Barbara xxx

    • It does help actually 🙂 It helps to take your mind off things and also off the pain. hey though not this jaw thing, lol that’s banging through the oxy’s even…..

      It was such a relief when the vet said ‘ok that’s an improvement so we will try this’ Bute really is a good drug I really did used to walk into casualty, limping, while at work, get garbed by one of the docs and injection in the knee and a bottle of Bute tablets and I no longer lame 😉

      You know I have had only 2 hour sleep in the last 38…. I really am going to go have a look and if she is just eating grass again like in an hour ago I will turn in for a bit. Thats when i wish there were two. The fol has turned so its all set up just as yet no waxing up though she has been known to do that and foal inside 5 hours..

      Really glad you enjoy reading it and hey you take care. xx

      I tell you another thing that I do really like… There are some amazing blogs here. You know I don’t sleep too well (better since I have been on the oxy’s) and its a good way to wile away the nights. There are some magic pics of animals as well as really clever ones that write their own blogs. x

  2. Chancy and Mumsy said:

    We are so happy to hear this news about Wish. Sweet Wish we are still praying for you to get all better so keep improving ok? Sure was hoping you had your tooth taken care of by now though. Still praying for you too and sure hope they get that all taken care of for you on Monday. Hope all goes well with your foal watch. You are sure busy! Hugs and nose kisses from Chancy and me to all of you!

    • Oh I hope this will do it…. she is a very sweet and kind sheep. She didn’t used to be lol. Funny she came into her own when I lost the old girl ( that was Ilk and she was ‘only’ 11 but top sheep as 28 months older than the others)

      She became top sheep that day and developed some of the characteristics that Ilk had. Maybe they come with top sheep?

      Honestly there is a huge improvement and I am not dreading Monday’s vet phone call as she will probably till want to come and see her but it might be ok now…. I know its only a fix up but it could last a few months eh?

      Hey that foal isn’t here yet… shall check her again and if she is still like she is now I think I might turn in for a couple of hours……. Getting too old for foal watching, lol.

      Hope you and Chancy have had enough rain and been busy outside. he is lovely little chap and such a kind face. x

      • Chancy and Mumsy said:

        I too hope that Wish is going to pop right out of this and do well. I’m getting too old for a lot of things. lol How much longer do you think it will be before the foal arrives? Hope you got some rest.
        We still need more rain and it was too hot to do much outside today. We did go out early in the morning and did some watering….everything is still very dry. Chancy appreciates the kind words. He is a sweetie but has his ornery times now and then. lol

      • She is so much better than she was on Tuesday. The bute is accumulative so if that’s what we have after only 2 days you may well be right 🙂 I did her feet today and I could not have done that tiuesday as she was so bad it would have hurt her too much to have done them.

        We wont talk about how much it hurt me lol.

        I so wish we could share our rain with you there. It has been so wet this last week….. It feels more like Autumn to be honest and the leaves are coming off the trees.

        Oh Chancy might have said in a whisper he has to do these things cus he is a dog and its in their contract lol x

        oh and the foal…. I don’t think it will be tonight as she still hasn’t waxed up but I think if its not here by Tuesday I would be surprised. hey I went to be at 5am today after 22 hours it was lowly lol I wish there were 2 of me lol

  3. Loved the Alba slide show. What great sturdy legs she had as a little one. What kind of sheep do you keep. Wish has a sort of greyish/blue face. So very happy for you that the vet gave her enough medicine to help her feel better for a bit and to hold off for you. Hope after you see the dentist, you’ll get a little relief. Tooth and jaw pain is so miserable, it just stays with you with little easing up. Take care! Hugs xxx


    • Alb’s is a Charollais crossed to a Textile and both those breeds are good size sheep but she is gong to be big as the hand reared ones often are. They get better vitamins and also probably (in Alba’s case) more feeds lol.

      Wish used to have a mostly brown face but as she aged its cone a sort of silvery brown. She is funny though and we are heading in the right direction.

      I tried to get him to explain this soggy jaw thing and it does sound as if the pa has got in the jaw bone as its pitted and got and gone a bit spongy….. I sort of think it needs a bit more looking at though. Roll on Monday though funnily enough I am also on diclophenic as well as the pregabs and oxy’s and though the other two are heavy duty meds its the diclos that make the jaw hurt less.

      Hope you have had a decent day and Pop’s has behaved her self? x

      • Oh my! You are going through a lot with the arthritis. I’m trying to get by with Tylenol, tramadol, and big doses of naproxin

  4. Me again! Somehow my reply posted before I finished typing!!! 🙂 Anyway, I don’t do well on pregab or gabepintin (terrible at spelling that stuff). I think as I get older, I’m going to have to have more injections. Toughing the pain out isn’t going to be possible. In the US it’s really hard to get good pain management. Maybe doctors are afraid of getting sued. As long as the weather continues mild, I’ll do okay. When it gets hot and humid, I get miserable with discomfort.
    Thanks for telling me about your sheep breeds. I used to do a lot of handspinning, so I like sheep and learning about fleeces. Not so much now as I have thumb issues. I need to keep my hands in shape for painting and drawing for a living. Hobbies have to wait for really good days. 🙂
    Hope Wish continues to feel better. Lots of people are praying for you and her. Hope your mouth will settle down after the doctor visit – as much as possible. Hope that foal gets here soon so you get some sleep!!!
    Pops is so much fun. She had a good time this evening digging a hole. I put her harness on so she wouldn’t run and let her dig and roll. I wish I lived on a large property and didn’t have to worry about traffic. But we manage. Have a good rest of your weekend. 😀

    • Nanina sorry its taken my brain a min to become thinking again…. Too aldal for all the lack of sleep especially with these tablets lol.

      I know its very different over there with the drugs they use to what we use here but didn’t realise the pain management side was so bad. It would also be very costly I guess?

      I know they have this one in the States as it came from there and that’s what we call pregabalin and its known as Lycria over there? I don’t know if you would be able to either get it or take it but it is very good for the kind of back related nerve pain. The side effects can be a problem though.

      Could you talk to your doc like that? We don’t use the Tylenol here for arthritis though so not sure if its compatable with that.

      I have been on it a long time and prior to the Oxcycotin and oxynorn’s I was on tramadol as well. So I know its compatable with those.

      Nanina I so wish you could get a bit more help! The pain clinic intervention I get is so good. Its bi-trilateral steroid injections into the effected bit of the lumber and also a gallon of botox into the spasaming muscles in the neck which helps them to stop pulling the neck over.

      I don’t know if any of that would help?

      There are some tips and ideas on the top of the page of AC… Click this one ( )and it takes you to some pain management tips, exercises and just a lot of other info.

      I so hope your havering a good day and flower they should be doing more for you really! A cyber ((( ))) and a chew stick for Poppy x

  5. I hope the medicine is helping Wish. I’ve been lying about on the floor babying a dog I got spayed instead of being online and I missed this news. I love the slideshow of Alba. I especially like the close up where she is looking at the camera and the ones of her and the cat. I hope you are better as well.

    • I hope the spayed one is ok now? Sometimes they really are down after it but its the best thing to do really isn’t it? I would dread having the kind of pup’s that had parents of tornado’s in jam jars lol.

      Hey the bute is helping…. not sue it will be enough but for now she is heading in the right direction just now as quick as I would like her to do.

      Glad that the cheek is a bit better and so loved your water and the dogs vid 🙂

      Wasn’t Alba sweet? Hard to believe when she is monstering all over the place 😉 x

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