Arthritis, Alba and All

He Morphed Into  a Girl …..

A slight change I think lol….. You know I am sure she was a bot and it depends on what you think/belive but she is the image and marked the same as her brother last year who had died prior to birth….

Cus of that and the fact that she was born the same date (though several hours earlier in the day) as Teg who sadly got colic, she is called Phoenix 🙂

As the light came up I just happen to look again at her cord stump and what do you know she was a girl, lol Maybe  I need to look at a few anatomy books, lol.

You spray their cord and also their feet cus they are born with soft bits on the end of their hooves to avoid risk of damage to the mares while they are inside.

You know she is lovely and I will shut up nd just post you some pics….. Graphic to begin with whan she was very new and then just now at about 12 hours old.

She is so lovely and Flower well you know by now she is the best one here 😉

At about 10 minutes old

Its hard standing up lol

She is a wonderfully calm mum

12 Hours old now

They are always so funny as they learn how to do things


The legs will soon straighten


Clyde 🙂

Right I am off to do evening duties an then will edit the other one to be a better lay out… wont change the sex and still say I am sure she was a boy lol.

You all take care

At the end Clyde looks so big, lol.


Comments on: "Between Birth and Dawn lol……" (12)

  1. Chancy and Mumsy said:

    She or he does not change the fact that’s a beautiful baby. Hugs and nose kisses

    • You know that was weird lol. I def saw a colt, lol. I sexed her as she had her first drink and something must have gone wrong lol. Left the alone and in peace or a min and wanted to let you all know….. Then

      Went back out about 5 ish and the light had crept in enough to see…. he was a girl, lol.

      Bounces and baaas coming back to you as well as a hope you got more rain x

      • Chancy and Mumsy said:

        I was surprised to see your post that he was a she. lol Still no rain but we are still hoping some will come soon.

      • I so wish we could give you our rain. Its awful to need some and hopefully it will arrive soon.

        Hey I was stocked to find a girl when 2 hours earlier it was a boy, lol x

  2. The baby is beautiful. I like her name. Clyde is a looker too.

    • Clyde is lovely isn’t he? He will be black and white like his mum when his real coat comes through but it can take a while to darken down. He has a home to go to at weaning as well so its all good 🙂

      Phoenix well she is just perfect 😉 x

  3. Love!!! Beautiful!!! Thank you for showing the pictures. 😀

    • The start off a bit messy…. mind its always so nice to be there at the birth 🙂

      Hope you ok and have just answered you on the quick up date one. I hope some of it will help. x

  4. Lynn said:

    Cris, hope your visit to the dentist has helped. Just wondering….would Clyde fit in the back of my car?????? He’s so cute. Hugs for you, and a sheep-sized snuggle for Wish. xxx

    • Oh Flower thankfully the tablets are really knocking it on the head 🙂 Meant to go back on wens… they say the tooth has to come out but I am thinking this is the first time its needed help and it normally settles on its self… but then.. the mtx factor comes in so maybe its better gone…..

      I am seriously scared of dentists and also have trouble opening the mouth too wide…. be interesting eh?

      How are you doing? I so hope things are getting easier for you both? ((((( ))))) and a cuppa. Cris xx

  5. I’m big on horse back riding, so I know more about horses than typical Japanese I think.
    It was the first time for me to see 10 minutes old one, though.
    Thank you for sharing the pics, I’m happy.

    • She really was just 10 mins there. She hadn’t tried to get up either…. that’s the best bit they really do have to work out what those long things are on the end of their bodies lol.

      Its so nice to see them foal with no problems and not needing any help it really is. I was worried about this one as last year it did go wrong. But she was down and foaled inside about 15mins with only jst breaking a sweat.

      Riding is good isn’t it? x

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