Arthritis, Alba and All

It’s a Boy!

Now to find a name…..

Well I did say originally Sunday… after she didn’t foal Friday lol. Wont be doing a sale for sure 😉

Born at around 2am…… After the dead foal and septicaemia last year I been so worried

Right will check they are both ok and give Flower some nuts then after Jean has rung I am off to bed and then go do an impersonation of Rip Van Winkle;D

Now its all gone well for flower lets hope it will Wish….. Mind one worry less is good.
Night Night
15 mins
Above was about 15 mins and the lower one about 25. He is now suckling and steady on his feet and he is lovely!

Comments on: "It’s a Boy!" (10)

  1. Chancy and Mumsy said:

    He is beautiful!!! Hugs!

    • She, lol, really is. Very like Flo in size and shape so might well grow up to be that kind of horse. Primmy, her other sister, is more of a throw back to Flower and you can see more blood horse in her. Mind I love them all and just wish they were mine or I could get the owner to do things slightly differently….

      Hope you got some more rain and had a decent day? x

  2. So sweet. Congratulations!

    • They are magic aren’t they? She came up to me as well.. I have this theory that talking to them before they are born means they sort of know you when they arrive.

      Hoe your ok and had a decent Sunday. x

  3. Barbara said:

    Awww Cris is is so beautiful, you and flower must be so proud….what I would have give to see him born…now hopefully you can relax a little…sending you loads of hugs ((((())) xx

    • She is a proud mum 🙂 Think she deserves to be as she does these wonderful calm text book foalings (except of course last year) She doesn’;t give you many clues she will though….. doesn’t really wax and it is a case of sit with her as you just don;t know when its coming.

      As you know I know the dates and as ever she was early with the filly… hey that should have given me a clue eh lol. x

  4. Lynn said:

    Hi Cris. Surprise!! Thank you for the gorgeous pics. Would Morph be a good name perhaps? lol. Lovely to see though, and yes, it did make me smile. Not many of those lately, after losing our precious Brandy. My fingers tightly crossed for Wish, too. I know how important she is to you. Loving the blog. Love, hugs, and hope, Lynn xx

    • I so feel for you Lynn. Its horrible when it is sudden and I so hope the pain will soon be easier for you.

      Glad Phoenix has cheered you up and made you smile for a minute. Alba said she will as well tomorrow as she is a lovely one as well.

      Brandy was a beautiful girl Lynn and will be forever in your heart but the pain will ease and the memories will bring you comfort. Again I am sorry my friend but leaving you ((((( ))))) and so wish it hadn’t happened. xxx

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