Arthritis, Alba and All

Rainie painie day syndrome…..

I think the lack of sleep and rest for the bones, coupled with a continual reluctance to remember to take the mtx, has all resulted in this one. I was looking for something yesterday, didn’t find it yet, and have spent time bending over so the lumber started up.

I did sit for a while and then went back to finding it again till the lumber said ‘I warned you and now have some of this!’

Woke u so sore and every foot step produced pain down the leg as well as out into the hips…. The rest if me isn’t much better but things have to be done so did the barest I had to and scurried back to bed…. Slept again and woke to do Alba’s next bottle before collapsing into the armchair and now trying to find a bit of distraction so bear with me for the rambled post…..

I have to go over Redruth  tomorrow and thankfully the car is an old automatic so I can drive that with out up setting the lumber. The standing might be a problem but you never know that might not take too long 😉

Will then drop into to Truro for a min on the way back.  I like Truro. Its Cornwall’s principal town and has the most lovely cathedral that

Truro Cathedral

dominates the views all around.   The spire’s (there are 3 of them) used to be green but have recently undergone a big clean up so now they are grey…. you know what I loved them better as green, lol.  It’s actually a really good Victorian fake and is designed to look Gothic and older than it actually is though bits of it inside do date back to the 1500’s the rest is late Victorian but well this time they got it right. (I have to say I love old buildings but find the Victorians were often so OTT that the building s are not on my list as favorites ;-))

I was over having a look at Rumpy Dog ( ) blog and there was a optic of a barn. Rumpy lives in the states and they have the best barns, lol. Ours here are more like our houses in style… side glance at the one I have down the field and known to its friends as plan B lol.

Come on I did say it would be a ramble lol.

That should take you to the BSL page. Rumpy comes up with some good topics actually and he is on the extended list of the BSL as Slurps is under the DDA.

While there has to be some way of sorting out what is going on in the dog world with the attack thing… there have been so many and everyone has been down to the idiot owners! The DDA is already in place but it keeps getting these amendments and well I get a bit concerned at just where it might end up. A friend of mine says (and she is right) ban one breed of dog and the idiots will turn to another and before you know where you are another breed is being eradicated…. Not quite got that bad yet but the talk of moving the staffies up a group would mean muzzles and compulsory neutering….. That would mean the end of the breed over time or have I got it wrong?!

Hey sorry its just something I wanted to shout out about lol.

Now where shall we meander to next? Oh got a cameo page to do…. You wait Rube’s there are other dogs trying to steal your line light lol. Even a cat….

I took some picture if Phoenix on Tuesday and we had a lovely sunny day. Poor little thing is drenched at the mo but they don;t like going in these horses and even though the barn is open they would prefer to be out in the fields.

She is looking so different, her legs are straight and she has filled out. They are sort of born empty with only a small amount of stuff called macodium in their bowls which helps keep the slender and easier to be born. I guess we all have the same actually lol.

I shall just post a few… lol like that s ever gong to happen…..

Phoenix on the 19th … yep Haz had to get in on the act lol

Standing proud

Starting to be a bit adventurous

Who’s that?

‘Not too far dear….’

This way Mum

Bit of shade

Flo trying to get to say hello to her sister

Something interesting in the hedgerow

What’s with that expression?

This branch……

is just the right height……

for a really good…..


You all take care.

She is starting to lead flower a bit of a dance now actually. As Flower has become very possessive it’s not easy for her, lol.


Comments on: "Pain and Distraction…." (6)

  1. Chancy and Mumsy said:

    Awwwww Phoenix is just so beautiful and his mom is too. They are looking great walking the field together. We could see Phoenix watching Haz over to the side. 🙂 Sure hope you get some rest and are feeling better very soon. Hugs

    • She is lovely isn’t she? Full of her self mind lol.

      Oh I so wish we could send you this rain… its torrential and been most the day. Hope your all ok and a speial bounce from Haz and trounce from Slurps, lol x

      • Chancy and Mumsy said:

        We would love it if you could send some rain. Thanks at least for the thought…hope it stops there if you have had enough. Hugs and nose kisses all around from us!

      • Tis unfair we have all this rain and you need some there! I got 2″ of surface water over the whole of the front field….. it really like winter here and nothing like June. Maybe tomorrow will bring a bit of sun lol. Wishing you had rain and Haz said he will get working on a way to pull it over the Atlantic for you. Bounces and more special Lab infested slurps x

  2. Wow lovely Gypsy horses! They are one of my fav horses! 😀

    • Oh they really are aren’t they? You don’t see so many of them now but Flower (the mum) is really lovely and Phoenix has such wonderful markings as well :-). Hope all is well with you? x

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