Arthritis, Alba and All

The Cameo Page

Haz’ and Velc’s friend are closing in lol…..

First you have to have the delectable Didderly Dee…. She of the look down her nose and know what ever it is your have done … haven’t done it the way she would lol

Waiting for her minions lol


Her lamb is about a week younger than Alba and she will come here when the lamb is weaned

I love the hair cuts… they are the in thing but don’t tell mine lol

Our girl is sober… Doris however….

Clearly over did it lol

Bruno often comes here…. but….

Its all just so boring lol

Little -Legs came last summer

She found it more interesting but (obviously) it rained…..

Caught being silly

Little-Legs being posh

Velc’s friend Daisy-cat the gardener

Watering is so important

Admiring her pawrywork

Then this is out new girl…. watch out for drunk Doris in the background lol. Then the lovely Little-Legs who came for a week last summer when it rained. Hey not as bad as today…. the weather out there is akin to mid winter not mid summer….

Velc’s gets emails from her gardening firend Daisy…. I think they are planning world domination somehow but have never quite caught them at it….. I wonder what their password is?! Lol ‘Feed me’ as like as not 😉

The bones are a bit better, the tooth and jaw are settlering and well you all get oyur coats and come help do up and get everything to bed….. you’re going to need brolleys. foul weather gear the lot….

You all take care and have better weather than is here

Oh and we need to think of a name for the new girl….. Mind it might be better to wait till she arrives and see what she is like personality wise… I still love that fringe.. yep she will fit in here just fine 🙂


Comments on: "The Cameo Page" (11)

  1. Chancy and Mumsy said:

    What great pictures of all those sweeties. Those last two shots are great…love the watering is important. Excited about the new girl and seeing pictures of her after she get there. Glad your bones, tooth and jaw are some better. We would love to come help do up and get everything to bed. We would want to play with everybody though instead of putting them to bed. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Oh they would love it as their Mum is a bit out of sorts just now and having trouble with tendinitis again…. You know this bone thing needs nurking, lol.

      The new girl I did meet back along. She lives at the City Farm and is used to people but I love the hair cut … and drunk Doris, lol.

      Chancy Haz said he thinks he would love to be able to play chase with you but he will have to work on his swimming skills. Be good though wouldn’t it? You can come and help give Alba her last bottle now as well if you like? Oh and the Bute is helping Wish! Its not brilliant and she is still lame but she is using her legs again 🙂 x

  2. You should have a contest to name her! I love the pics. You have a wonderful family.

    • They are lovely and its not long till the new girl will be here.. hey best get a tow bar to the car before then lol.

      Yep there could be a name the sheep thing eh? I have a name but always thought it would be a foal …. Its Willow and well will see if it fits here and then ask everyone for suggestions. x

  3. Barbara said:

    Oh Cris
    What a lovely start to my day, I do love the pics…must say little legs has such long legs not what I imagined at all…
    Now a name…I ain’t good at this but will go away and think….and I do love the head gear….
    You take care…and I hope the bones continue to do well…
    Lots of slurps and hugs coming back to you xxx

    • Oh the hair cuts… worthy of me that lol. Shall we do it for her here as well?! lol the other sheep would laugh at her….

      Little-Legs is lovely and so sweet. She ear marked me as a mug though… haven’t put those pics up lol, but she really did work me out very fast lol as do they all. Rose told me a while back that the jury is out on weather I am top dog lol.

      The bones were easier but have pushed it a bit and now.. payback is a sod eh? Hope your doing ok and please help with the evening duties please 😉 x

  4. The sheep are sooo cute, I should get me one.

    • Doggy they are lovely but harder work than you are 😉 I nearly had a water spaniel once but I found a real home for her with a one to one rather than one to many mummy.

      Hope you have had a good day there? x

  5. Toni Castle said:

    Well what a rogues gallery thsi is Cris!!!!

    I am trying to crack the password……I have the letters….but so far the numbers are proving harder to get…. 😉


    Toni xxx

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