Arthritis, Alba and All

You know the kind…..

I often end up sleeping on my back as i can no longer turn over without using the arms and kegs but my body is stupid when its asleep and doesn’t remember that…. I was watching a video last night and feel asleep watching it… I always do to be honest but…. I really am a great believer in distraction helping with pain so much.

Anyway at some point I vaguely remember the neck going for the paralysis pain thing it does and must have laid down not awake enough to know (or care) how I laid. This morning I woke in total agony. tried to turn over and fell out the bed as near as, lol. Got my feet down and used the bedside cabinet to get upright even though I knocked it over doing so….

A day that stars like that is often not the best lol.

The arthritis really has got my neck and spine so badly and it doesn’t take prisoners.. but.. nor do I. They are sending me to see a counsellor to try and help me to understand that there are better ways than all out war!

Then they say it’s the fight I have that ha carried me this far so which is right?! Maybe a bit between the two eh?

I have a hideous infusion next week as well…. Pocket duties are needed but its unpleasant and its also a nasty drug. It does work though as it’s for the circulation which I have and its riot so good with both acrocynosis and Reynard’s.

So going for the normal distraction tactic I went out into the fields with the camara…. and….

This makes taking pics hard lol. She has to be with me and does climb in my pocket as near as lol. She says she is, of course, very photogenic lol. I was trying to get one of her and also one of Flo who is no better and often I get both of them in the way lol. They are such lovely mares as well but most the pics I get of them are them walking towards me or so close you only get the eyes, lol.

They both have this habit of just walking through the shot as you press the shutter as well and I have so many of Primmy and Flo’s faces up too close every time…… Mind its nice they feel so lose to me in a way I guess.

Causing a bit of trouble with Phoenix though as Flower doesn;t want the 2 too close to her and I can’t go anywhere without them…

We will work it out somehow… lol I say no to them both, I even plead with them lol What it is to be so loved eh?! I think Flo probably gets closer lol. It’s an old camara, its got a good ability but a very slow response between pushing the shutter switch and the shutter actually working…. so I started with the sheep for some pcs….

Your ahead of me aren’t you?! Alba gets even closer than the 2 horses and to try and get some decent shots of her wasn’t easy but see how big she is now! Still not at her full size though she will be quite a bit taller I think….

Level with Bre as near as but Bre isn’t very big. Hey nor is our new girl either as I remember from the quick visit I did to the farm.  I think Wish is big as she was hand reared and they often are on a more balanced kind of diet vit and minerals wise. there is no fluctuation and also they might have more milk over all…… It’s hard to ignore them when they want a bottle for sure lol.

Hey in here as well is Velcro…. she loves to come with me and is actually what Clyde was watching….. Phoenix is looking good and will go that odd colour for a min I think as Clyde has and then black and white.  She could just darken but if you look closely the fawnish odd colour is starting already at only a week… mind I have odd eyes just now 😉

Bre said she wanted to be the last for a change lol. You all take care



Comments on: "One of those days…." (11)

  1. what cute animals!

    • Oh they are magic and its funny cus when I feel really unwell they sort of stay close…. hey if they get hold of nurses costumes i am going to run, lol. Will post some of the new foal tomorrow… she is dinky actually and so far unnamed.

      Dinky is too obvious eh?! lol x

  2. Beautiful photos 🙂

    • Oh they are lovely…. Its been hard though to get them when they are dry this year but got some of the new ones today and will post them up tomorrow….. they are cute but the ones that like being in my pocket ‘protect’ me from the others, lol x

  3. Chancy and Mumsy said:

    Oh, my!!! I do so hope that by now that pain level has gone way down. All the animals just look so healthy and they are all beautiful. You post some terrific pictures. Hugs and nose kisses from us to help you feel better.

    • Oh the pain level went to a new height, lol. Never mind feeling a bit better today and have at last updated the blog 🙂

      Hey did you get some rain? I did will it your way…. its crazy weather this way and sounds like you have the dry and hot crazy weather your side as well?

      Chancy you practice that face;-) x

      • Chancy and Mumsy said:

        So sorry about that awful pain level. Wish there was a way to make it all go away.

        Yep, we sure did get some rain. We had showers all morning 3 mornings in a row. Thank you we appreciated every drop.

        Oh, that little man has that face down pat. lol

      • Oh it will ease off but i keep forgetting to do the mtx so sort of ask for it lol.

        Glad you got some rain and bet you were both busy in the garden as here weeds always come up so much quicker than the things I have planted. Popped into your blog earlier and Chancy it would seem you have managed to get your toys back lol. You all 3 take care xx

  4. Dear Cris

    Although I have not been in touch you have not been far away from my thoughts and I have noted that you have been quiet of late and that worries me. I do hope that things are not going really pear-shaped for you. All your brood look so well cared for and loved.

    Sending you over some extra stamina and spoons which you may well need at this time.

    Lots of love and gentle hugs
    Elna x

    • H Elna,

      Had a rough couple of weeks but on the mend now:-) Its not good is it this bone shift but the IBD and eyes joined in which isn’t good.

      Will update properly tomorrow and laving you tea and a ((( ))) as well as a hope xx

      Hey Toni they did look good didn;t they? Phoenix almost came to me today as well.. that was some lift as Flower is still being silly….. I then got mugged by the short shanks who I don;t think will ever wean, lol.

      Hugs, tea and a hope xx

  5. Toni Castle said:

    Big Girl Albaaaaa 😉

    and why ever shouldn’t Bre be last…….but not least eh 😉

    the horses foals and colt all look so well this year.

    and of course as daisy said meeoowww to all cats ::)

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