Arthritis, Alba and All

Been a bit unwell again…..

I am sorry to just disappear but the eyes gave way.. then the IBD kicked up and the bones were never going to be out done….

The drip was cancelled as the nurse deemed me too unwell to have it so that’s still to come and well I feel like (fill in the blanks lol)  I have had inflammation in the jaw, the wrists and the back and neck have ground at me to the point of planing a quick 6 disc laminectomy with the aid of this lot and a Stanley knife, lol.

I am having real trouble getting the pain meds….They are a licence drug and though a doctor can give them you just like that its proved to be impossible to get them from the receptionist…. they only pass them to a chemist and the one they use belongs to a company that I have had a 30 year embargo on cus of their animal testing policy…. they say they have stopped but there is still ‘evidence’ they haven’t… Not knowing for sure the embargo holds….

That means I been without the oxy’s at the level I am supposed to have and will see a doc this coming week if it kills me 😉

Oh had a tooth out today.. its meant to help with the inflammation as the bone below it is pitted and got holes in it and it had branched out and gone after the tooth root…. Hey it might mean once its all healed up that I will not have low-grade infection all the time eh?!

We can hope….

Anyway i promise to give you a real update tomorrow… got to  do a sale in the morning and I am too broke not to do it but oh they don;t half take it out of this useless body!!! I have said this before and just have to say it again…. I hate arthritis with vengeance!!!!!!!!

I will be better tomorrow and got some pics of the foals (there are now 3 here) not soaking wet….. some summer we are having but someone sent me this so forgive me if I shouldn’t use it cus I don’t know who came up with it but tis (as we say this way) some true lol

Doesn’t seem to have come up but will post it cus it might work on a pc that isn’t worked by elastic bands lol. I have got a newer one and its got a really good vid card but haven’t got round to swamping them over… another thing i must do as I am gong to lend my ‘foster’ daughter this one as soon as I have got round to using the new one 😉

Right I shall go find a pillow and fight for bed space 😉 You all take care and will update properly tomorrow.


Comments on: "A Quick Sorry……" (15)

  1. Barbara said:

    Oh Cris
    Its lovely to hear from you…but I am soo sorry you are suffering like this….always the good ones has they say….I will give you one thing you never lose that sense of humour, and I love your blog, elastic bands indeed.
    Hopefully you get that sale out the way…and the weather will be kind…
    Take care of yourself…
    Sending you buckets of pain meds and stamina
    Love to all of you xxxxxx

    • Hi Barbara. 2 sales on the weekend have hurt, lol. Long time since I had to do this but at least its a income 😉 Not good mind and maybe this week will be better.

      There hasn’t been rain today but the cloud has been there all day and tonight the rain will come in I am sure… we really are going to have a bad year for hay….. again.

      Thanks for the buckets, I nee them just now for sure. ((((( ))))) and so many hopes your ok? I am all behind but will catch up I promise. xxx

  2. Nice to hear from you but not nice to know you are going through that. How get better soon.

    • Thanks Doggy, I am a bit less yuck today but the bone have flares and I think i might have one just now 😉

      Hey i saw a dog like you at the agricultural store and he was lovely but very wet, lol. xx

  3. christine said:

    Cris sending you lots of love. Good to hear from you will be in touch soon. no baby here yet, so if I dont make it there in the summer it will be October. Keep warm and dry, love to all your friends there.
    Christine x

    • Hope that baby hurries up 🙂 I am a bit better today but the eyes keep watering and hurt as well as a bit red…. Its a breeze this bone shift eh?! The jabs really are needed.

      You wont belie how big Alba is now and when you come down there should be the others…. 2 or 3 actually. ((((( ))))) and a hope your ok? xx

  4. Dear, dear Cris, I knew that something was very wrong and am so sorry. You really are going through it big time atm. How you manage I just do not know. You still have that fight in you. You struggle on regardless. I do hope that you are well enough to do a sale. Please be careful. We do worry about you. I was thinking about putting up a thread on the forum as I was so concerned but delayed and Sal did it. It is so good to get word from you. Please do not worry about photos, lovely as they are so view. Look after yourself and your family, that is the main thing. I so hope you get to see a doc this week. You cannot be left to cope like you are doing.

    Barbara let us know that you had updated your blog so I came right over to read. I am so sorry you have had such an awful, awful time of it. What an utter nightmare for you.

    Love and gentle hugs
    Elna x

    • Oh Elna I do feel so tired and lousy. Its a hard slog sometimes but thankfully its summer.. it is really lol. I have told this lot tomorrow I rest… I really do rest…. I hope they didn’t have collective paws and hooves in their ears lol.

      Thanks for your email.. will get back to you tomorrow as the pc is so slow tonight. ((((( ))))) and a hope your ok? xx

  5. Dear Cris

    I see the title is “Been a bit unwell again” – that is such an understatement, but so like you to brush over things, like your own health. You are so poorly. Wish I could do something to help. Please do not apologise. What have you got to apologise for?

    Many people have you in their thoughts, my lovely.

    Gentle hugs
    Elna x

  6. Legs said:

    Ah Cris, I knew you were probably struggling again, I don’t know how you keep going, you are an inspiration to us all ………………..though I bet that’s been said before, by others.

    Three foals, how wonderful, I bet they keep you going along with Alba and the rest of the employers and lodgers. Your photographs are lovely, I think you have a real talent for capturing them just at the right moment.

    Thinking of you and sending healing vibes and a cuppa.

    Love, Legs XX

    • Oh Legs any news on your grandchild? Hey my ex foster kid has a 7 month old baby boy and she has moved nearer…. only 7 miles away so have been in a few times now lol. He is lovely and well you wait cus if that’s what this one is like imagine how lovely your own grandchild will be 🙂

      I been trying to up load some pics tonight but they wont as yet… The pc is struggling and the foals pics might have to wait.. need names by the way 😉

      Hope you will soon have your new addition and Legs its wonderful! ((((( ))))) and hopes my friend xx

  7. Salamander said:

    Hi Cris, sorry to hear things have been tough and hope you got through the sale ok.
    I hope you don’t mind but I posted a thread on a/c to ask about you as I noticed you hadn’t posted for a while but I have signed up to get notifications for your blog so can keep in touch. Going to look for photos of foals now. take care. love Sal xx

    • Glad you have found it Sal I do try and keep it updated but have been really yuck. The neck and wrists are not so good at typing for long and also the last 2 weeks have been a bit rough.

      Thanks for your message over on AC I must call in there and type tomorrow. Promise I will try ((((( ))))) and a hope the new meds have helped and your feeling a lot better? xx

  8. I hope you’re soon feeling better.

    • Thanks Clowie and I hope your ok there? I had a dog a bit like you long ago… she was lovely. A rescue and a bit messed up i the kennels so I fostered her. She was magic and sadly she found a home lol. A hug and a chew stick xx

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