Arthritis, Alba and All

Got some flair going……

There is a huge downside of the bone shift which some of you sadly know. I got real pain no in the wrists, elbows and the arms wont lift up…. They go this high but no higher 😉  Lol that’s got you wondering eh?!

I haven’t been over to AC ad know there are folk that care and I am sorry just using the keyboard isn’t so easy cus of the neck. The jabs and bi laterals are so over due….. Good old Cornwall trust eh?! It became a foundation a while back…. we all thought it can’t get worse and what do you know … It has tightened the rains, ward closures or threats of them and I am so glad I don;t work for them …… It must be hell.

Oops so much to the not moaning on the blog, lol.

Some Good News!!!!! Wish is so much better. I know she is standing a bit odd and walking a bit lame but she doesn;t seem unhappy and she is up on her feet….

Was trying to up load some pics but the pc is a joke…. I did try and swap them over but the other one is faulty….. I had a new card put in it and now it wont recognise the screen…. hey choices… use the faster one with out a screen or replace the hamsters in their wheel in this one 😉

Will try and get them up loaded by clearing everything and see if that works….

Wish said she still needs you to think of her but she is well on the way and I said thank you all for your thoughts cus I thought I was going to lose her I really did. I know its only brought her a few months but well she isn’t unhappy and she is now back on her feet though her left leg is very arthritic and nothing will cure that as i also know….. We have a couple of months to see if she can improve a bit more and so far she has amazed me 🙂

Right the pics are loading at last though on my pc they are not coming up…. I do with the other one would work…

This little foal doesn;t have a name yet…. She is older than Phoenix but half the size and really dainty.



Her mum is called Gypsy and well any ideas on what we can name the little girl?

We had a slight break in re my sheep’s fence… that will teach me to not keep the battery topped up eh?


And yes look how big young Alba has got! She has no concept of weaning though lol.



See the size young Phoenix has got! Her ears… Primmy was also inclined to do the ‘Fanny flat ears’ as well lol.


Primmy is lovely you know and Phoenix is very like her but a bit shorter in the back. It will be nice to see her grow up though 🙂


Bonnie and Clyde….. he is a big heavy foal eh? Still got his fluffy ears though lol.

Soon after this one I got them out and re erected the fence….. they are ok are ok with the sheep but I wouldn’t totally trust them but the 2 mares have eaten the grass down and it did need that. Its got a bit of weight on them as well cus both were a bit thin I thought…..

Someone said he can’t be left out either……

Right I shall drag this useless body to lie down and hope that the world is treating you all reasonably ok? You all take care



Comments on: "Sorry, not much better" (8)

  1. Chancy and Mumsy said:

    Sure glad to hear from you but sorry to hear you are having such awful pain still. Happy to hear sweet Wish is still hanging in there and is staying on her feet. All the horses and foals are looking really good and the foals are growing nicely we see. Had to smile when we saw the picture of sweet Alba, she really is growing. Love the picture of that sweet one ready to play ball there in the last picture. Keeping you and Wish in our thoughts and prayers. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Haz is a lovely dog you know. He is up for anything and a real handful but I love him to bits lol. Didn’t used to… he was one of the hardest dog I have ever met lol!

      Wish is happy and seems content for now… The bute is a short term thing really but well I dread the parting but its not just yet 🙂 Hey been eyeing it up…. her dose would be about for me as well lol. I wouldn’t deprive her though.

      We got yet more rain if you need it willed over to you and hope you are all ok today. xx

      • Chancy and Mumsy said:

        We are doing okay but we sure could use that rain so will it on. Hope your are having a lot less pain now. Hugs

      • Oh Chancy you tell your Mumsy and Pops if there was any way I could get this rain to you I would!

        Haz said he is impressed at your toy collection but he also recons you should hie them better lol. He does the ones here so well but that’s out side and I found a secrete stash in my welly today 😉 3 balls and a squeaky toy lol.

        Glad your all ok and the jet stream has moved here so we might get a bit of summer yet. Hope you can get some rain there so much. xx

  2. Barbara said:

    Hi Lovey
    I am sorry you are suffering so much, like you say these trust are all cutting back….I am so glad to hear that wish is doing well, bless her….must say its all down to the lovely retirement home she is in….I am booking in there…
    I do love the pics, its so nice to see the foals growing up…and Alba goodness she is big…and who would want to be weaned….when you can be bottled fed and cuddled.
    You take care
    Sending you loads of love and slurps
    Barbara xxx

    • You know the bute is helping her so much and she is still improving on it as well. I can’t see the pic’s as the pc is playing the fool….. hope they came through ok?! Lol I must get the other one fixed…. I thought it was but…. Hey you recon they will do it under the gaurentee….

      I had a fall this morning… Oh it did’nt help but will see the doc tomorrow and get the tablets…. Barbara I need the oxy’s for sure today…..

      Back to Wish’e bute, lol.

      Leaving you a good day bucket and a ((((( ))))) xx

  3. Hi Skezier,
    I do love your blog so much. I’m sorry you have been unwell but you are such an amazing fighter. I know nothing about your disease but I hate even to have a headache so I can’t even imagine. I do know animals are such healers and yours must be so special to give you the needed strength to keep going.

    How about Esmaralda for the little girl? Isn’t that the name of the gypsy girl in the Hunchback of Notre Dame?

    It sounds like you’re feeling a bit better?

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Oh Shelley I like Esmaralde 🙂 I use it a lot for any of them so its very much in the frame!

      Animals have been my life line I think. They are so excepting and these have all been abused before they came here and I love giving them the time and space to heal but by doing that I sort get healed my self if that makes sense?

      You know Shelley its a good name 🙂 Will ask the others if they have any ideas as well but I an’t call her Dinky as knew a pony called that and he wasn’t that nice 😉

      Hope your having a good day? xx

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