Arthritis, Alba and All

The soap box comes last its ok lol …..


I have found a few blogs i love reading and I just thought I would say how much I like reading them before i go of on my rant lol. In now particular order

Doggy’s Style   To Swim or Not To Swim?  Doggy is a water spaniel so I would instantly like him lol.

Chancy and Mumsy  Chancy has such a pretty face and well its juts a nice blog.

rumpydog  who though a dog (with help from June the cat) does a blog that often has animal welfare issues in it…. Some are sad and some are horrific but a lot of the things in Rumpy’s  blog do relate to the rant that’s coing….lol never say you don;t get warning…..

K + D Don’t Bother Me Now that pic is lovely and it’s why I started to follow her blog. A picture a day and there is a beautiful sunset in there as well so I am sold lol.

Bosun Dawg  Home Sweet Home  Not seen Bosun about for a bit now but he did say he’d got a pup so we can let him off eh?!

Emama 【Peeping Toms】  another spaniel and pics but again haven’t seen her about for a bit and hope all is ok.

Sadie and Daisie  About Some is clothing and places but there are also 2 lovely dogs and well I also quite like some of the solid stuff and clothing too 😉

rlcarson  has some really good pics 🙂

There is raising Poppy Seed but I can’t get a link to work and hope that’s just me and not something gone wrong.

Ruth I hope you don’t mind this but anyone with Arthritis might find this one interesting I hope those links will work for sure but…..

An interesting piece of research

This pc is rubbish lol. I must get the other one fixed actually….. Thought I had.  It’s good to know they are trying eh? Too late for me but everyday others get their diagnosis and it hits like a 10 ton truck as I remember…

and now the soap box is polished up and looking good …….

I was doing the sale last week as you know (I tend to mention about it a ‘bit’ but only cus it takes it out of this useless body;-) ) and a young guy came up and asked me if I had any collars with studs…… Got talking to him, as you do, and he had just got a Staffie boy…. and already he had mated it to his mates collie cross lab….

There is a good chance some will come out looking like Pitbulls.

Under the DDA they are illegal dogs….. Any Pitbull type can be taken by law and put under an order…. It’s that simple cus of the DDA.

Now I disagree with a lot of the DDA and its multiple amendments….. I can’t work out how to make proper links but this is the 1991 DDA

I  tend to agree a lot with the Dogs Trust where the DDA is concerned but its been here since ’91 and it’s not going anywhere but it will get worse as there are proposal up for discussion just now and again another amendment will be added.

And yet they still are breeding Pit types and proud of it as well….. Its doing so much damage to the dog world…. Don’t even start me on the other things they are breeding such as Bull-mastiffs cross Staffies, Neapolitan’s, Rotty’s also crossed to the poor old Staffie, there is nothing these idiots wont try!

There have got the moving Staffies up to the first group lurking as a proposal. That would mean Staffies are in trouble and yet 99% are lovely. They are known as the nanny dogs and yet …. My mate who does rescue rightly said they will just use something else so they end up being moved up as well…… Section 1 are  now illegal dogs so where will it end?!

As a dog owner and also as my Lab is on their list be it not too near the top, I find the DDA a bit worrying…. every time there is a dog attack they add something to it!

I am not condoning the attacks, they are horribly bad and the dogs that do that I actually agree should be put down but they also target any Pit type if they chose to. Thankfully (in one way) it’s not policed very well but the DDA is there and its a bad law and has bad amendments but it’s not going anywhere…..

I personally think they are going about this the wrong way. 

The problem is not the dogs the problem is the cretinous morons that get a kick out of fighting their dogs and walking about with the butch type dog on the end of a lead… the dog has an idiot on the end of the lead!

So I would go after the idiots themselves! Back street breeders are trashing the dog world in the UK in my opinion….. Its them they should target not the dogs but the idiots churning out dogs that technically are illegal and could be seized even though they are lovely and never put a foot wrong!

I get so distressed over the number of dogs on death row awaiting appeals in the UK Months in kennels and no contact with their owners damages both dog and owner actually. It doesn’t deal with the problem as most the dogs are lovely family pets….. The DDA takes no prisoners and the moron brigade need to learn that so go after them….. I gave that boy the full facts ie that he was breaking the law to breed Pit types and the pups could be taken and destroyed at any age on the whim of the law!  I asked him to consider neutering.. I really did go the whole way and he did at least listen and well he sort of agreed to at least look in to neutering….. BUT he has already mated the dog with his mates one! Thankfully with the mum  they might not be deemed Pit types…… In the UK what is a Pit type?!

That comes down to a vet to decide…. I have friends that are vets and they wont do it as they know if they say it’s a pit type it could die….. Vets are there to promote good health and life no condemn dogs so using them in the first place is wrong as well! (oh this is really as rant now 😉 )

I said to him what are you going to do with the pups?! His mate  said he was having one! The lad with the staff said it wasn’t really his problem…. I explained he had some responsibility and it is illegal to breed Pit types and under the DDA his dog could be seized as well…. That made him think! I really did go in heavy but very ‘kindly’ and politely….. Will it do any good though cus there is money involved in all this……

Dogs and cats are being breed in such a volume that rescues can’t cope. Nice dogs are being turned away as the kennels are full of these Staffies crosses but it’s not the Staffies fault and well I really would like to see them go after the back street breeders.

You have to have a breeders licence if you have more than the number of un-neutered dogs in the house…. They don’t enforce it and its being flouted all over the place.

I think the problem is now so big that compulsory neutering might be the only way forward. If you want an un neutered dog you would then have to have a licence and under go local authority checks to see that a) your breeding correctly ie type and defects known to carry through, including temperament. B) You have the right kind of facilities and C) the welfare of the dog (to me ) should be paramount!

Accredited breeders already have that and the back street lot should have to! I get so cross as I see so many Pit types that have a chance of seizure and well though there is an appeal process a lot are put down.  Don’t even start me on the number of dogs and cats put down each day already because they can not find homes…..It was 1000 dogs and 2000 cats a week years back so hell knows how many it is now!

Its such a problem cus they are breeding iffy temperament into what were sound breeds…. Retrievers now an be dodgy! Its bad breeding and it wont stop till something is done about the idiots who are making this problem so bad get hit by the laws and dealt with once and for all!

Sorry here endeth the rant.

I like Staffies, I like some of the Pit types I know and would be so upset if they ever went under an order but it does seem that they go after the nice ones with decent owners rather than risk gong after the ones causing the problems…. OK I done and will shut up now.

You all take care and sorry I have gone off but I do feel quite strongly about this one to be honest. Hey does it show?!

Rumpy if you see this one chew up my soap box please lol this time you have to 😉







Comments on: "My Soap Box and Other Blogs" (13)

  1. Doggy's Style said:

    I won’t lie, I haven’t read all the post, I have yet to get ahold of a reliable wifi and read from my computer, just wanted to thank you in advance for the mention and I’ll be back once I’ve taken the well deserved time to read the post.

    • Oh Doggy the rant was quite something lol. It was the tip of the ice burg as well lol. I do like keeping up with what you have been up to and just wanted to say so. x

  2. Toni Castle said:


    Hope you got your breath back after that Cris! I say – well said 😉

    • Yep all recovered now lol. It just is so big a problem ….. Its going to flare up again and Lil is about 20th on the list so as dogs move up she might find be moved up as well…. I so disagree with how they have gone about this one as innocent dogs pay the price for their breeders folly! Ops starting again lol xx

  3. Chancy and Mumsy said:

    Thank you so much for the shout out. We are happy you enjoy our blog. Good soap box reading. I too think they are going about this situation all wrong. The breeds should not be punished because of what individual dogs do…that is crazy to do that. Anyway I enjoyed reading this and say…Good job!!! Hugs and nose kisses

    • Its the wrong way round and condemning all dogs of a certain type seems wrong to me…. The DDA is just such bad and far reaching act….. That lad … so many reasons that was wrong lol.

      I hope the law they are taking about there will be better than the DDA but think it looks similar…. Chancy you will be ok though as your nothing like the dogs the DDA went after.

      You go protect your toys from mauradering cats and Haz (who is a secrete cat chaser) said do you need his help lol xx

  4. Wow, that was A++++, Cris, your soap box has been well and truly tried and tested. Don’t think there is much room for improvement, aye? Phew, I feel worn out, bet you did too after that. 😉

    Lol Message to Rumpy, don’t you dare! 😉 🙂

    Elna x

    • Oh Elna this rant has come up on Rumpy’s so often he has the right to eat the soap box lol. That lad so got to me as the problem has long been the idiots and not the dogs. That recent attack… the little one who wondered into the garden…. the dogs were out of order but why didn’t the owner have a bolt on the gate?!

      If I had a dodgy dog, or when I have had had as sometimes the straightening out takes a long time, I would/have made sure the dog can’t cause trouble except to me. Its not the dogs its the idiots and yet the DDA goes after the dogs……

      Sorry I am off again, lol.

      I promise to hide the soap box at least now 😉 xx

  5. I agree 100% with you, the problem is not the dog but the owner or in this case the so called breeders, I don’t understand why the law is not enforced with the source of the problem, seizing dogs won’t stop the problem but as you say it’s easy to target and enforce the law with a decent citizen that has mush to lose than to do it with people that care little to none about what they do and are just after the good old money.
    Poppy Seed’s blog has gone private, I hope everything is ok with Poppy and that the owner is just taking a break from blogging.

    • Always the owners Doggy but it really is hard to not get really cross with the fools that at times buy food from me off the stall….. I have to make money but wish I could choose my buyers better ;-). Hope your having a good hike? x

  6. “Got talking to him, as you do, and he had just got a Staffie boy…. and already he had mated it to his mates collie cross lab….”

    That just burns me up – grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

    • He has now used the dog on another staffie…. What can you say?!

      Good to see you and how are you keeping? x

  7. Very well thank you!

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