Arthritis, Alba and All

I got one and its a good one…..


divinegreenegirl has said Esmerelda…. Now I use that a lot as a nick name but normally put bum squash on the end of it, we can drop the bumsquash lol. (thanks Shelly) Just i am thinking now that would be a good name for the foal for sure… but….. Shelly it would be a fantastic name for the new sheep as well…. and given the nick name is often to the sheep maybe it’s for her? 

What do you think? Also Shelly more importantly what do you think?

The little foal is being called Dinky just now but that’s no good… she wont be as she grows and also it’s not a ‘real’ solidi name… well it is just long ago in another life I knew a Dinky and he was horrid lol. A small grot pony with too much mind of his own lol. We used to walk with his owner while she learned to ride and it was hell lol.

Maybe that’s why I don;t want to be that name? He was no more than 11 hands but he pulled us to bits and any bit of grass his head was down….. less we dug in and kept it up lol. Funny I don’t remember the kids name but I do Dinky lol.

At at present Gypsy and the baby are yet again in the sheeps field….. I do need it eaten down but wish so much they wouldn’t leave their calling cards 😉

So any more names up for the foal or the sheep’s? I just took these while I am doing this, well not as I am actually typing lol and she is a lovely foal and Esmerelda would suit her but it does the sheep as well….. come on folks help lol




Alba said she is also a big girl now 😉 a gate crasher you all expect lol.


Though she isn’t all together pleased to have her normal visitors lol.


Today’s real gate crashers lol


Right I am going to do another bit later cus well i have this soap box and if I say about it maybe I will stop using it on Rumpy’s comets lol He must always know it going to come along by now 😉

You all take care.



Comments on: "Names for the Foal……" (8)

  1. Well, my friend has a dog named Esmay, I’m not sure if that is the correct spelling. So maybe just shorten it a bit. Or is that also a sheep nickname? The filly is a darling!

    Are you feeling better?

    • I am going to use the name Esmarelde for either the foal or the sheep….. lol I think it will suit the sheep as much as the foal.

      Hey I had an old Lab from rescue and called her Esmie (that’s not the right spelling as like as not 😉 ) Had her for 4 years in all and she came from a puppy farm… oh she was damaged but she came good to a point and was a lovely dog.

      Bit better tonight but got a sale to do tomorrow as as its well past midnight I better go and get a ton of payback from the spine lol.

      You take care and Esmarelde will be the sheep or the foal and hoping some of the others an help us decide which gets it lol. x

  2. Lovely to see you blogging, dear Cris even if Wednesday was wordless. I am no good at thinking of names, took long enough over our own children LOL

    Can only think of Biscuit, Rain,Tilly and Cloud but you are so good at finding names as you have had to do it so many times, they just roll off your tongue!

    Keep on going, putting one foot in front of the other, you are amazing,

    Beautiful photos by the way, as always.

    Elna x

    • The eyes are a bit better this week my friend 🙂 I didn’t do both sales though as I fell again last week and its so jarred everything up. Then I was trying to unload the car last night and owwwww lol. Got to go and try to now as well so could you give me a hand please?

      I do love Esmarelda and think its for the foal. The sheeps I can think of something else so the foal is officially called Emmarelde 🙂

      Hope your getting this sun, late but so needed eh? xx

  3. Did you name the sheep?

  4. Definitely one of the things I am looking forward to when I realize my lifelong dream of owning a farm: naming all of the darling animals! Wonderful post – and wonderful blog, I’m so happy to have found it 🙂

    • Its a good way of life really… gets hard now and then lol but I think I have proved I have some screws loose 😉 Glad you liked it though and sorry I taken so long to get back to you x

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