Arthritis, Alba and All

More like life eh………

Been having to do two sales at the weekend as it’s not been the easiest of months this one.. will be glad to see the back of it to be honest.  That coupled with the eyes having a dummy spit and the bones being deprived of the oxy’s as its taken for ever to get a script BUT got one on Friday and oh it’s so much easier and better 🙂

Saw the gp and got the script and the tabs almost immediately lol. Man they work well.

Its been such a sunny week, all about hay is being made and the fears of having none this winter seem to be unfounded. I have to build a lean-to shed to store some in so will have to up the anti via the sale’s and try and get some more stock to sell as its going out as good as it can 😉

I have done a bit of work since getting the tabs and best of all I have had some help! Long ago I had a youngster most hols and weekends. She was a nice kid and now she is nice young adult lol.  Any way Yas and her boy have just moved near by and its so good to have help:-)

Oh and Alfie… he is 7 months old and so lovely but as big a time waister as the foals lol.

Talking of which………………………….. Meet Milly  It does suit her you know and Shelly Esmeralda is the sheep for sure and the others I think Ermentrude and Evelyn ……. what do you all think?  Those names (the other 2) came to me as I walked across the fields lol. Alba in tow of course lol. She is a heller and Flo though better with her, is still not 100% so we had to come back early. Lol it can get a bit eventful out in them fields……

Yas thought of Milly and its a good nane for her, simple and fits with Gypsy really. Glad she has a name though I really am.

Lil had to go to the vets… hot spots…. She really did have a go at it and as the un-proud wearer of a buster collar for a min but thankfully now its had a few days treatment and some respite from licking its so much better and she hasn’t got to wear the collar any more.  Am keeping an eye on Haz though as he too seems to be getting a bit licky at both him and Lil…. Not had hot spots before and well its like springer and I will never use a flea treatment that you can buy over the counter and begins with an F again…. back to good old stronghold cus it works!

The vets shaved off her areas and made them 6x the size, lol. She is looking so much better skin wise but its going to take a bit of time for the hair to grow back lol. I can not belive how ineffective the treatment she had to stop this was….. its working on some but not others and with the heat has come an explosion of grass fleas second to none and I have grass and they are always in it! Just done her a nice shampoo and vet style set, lol Haz too  he said with absolute disgust lol. I got the special stuff Pip used to have from the vets as well and it will sort out but feel like doing a complaint letter and sign it disgusted in Cornwall for how ineffective the other flea and tick thing was! The heat is a problem only cus we just are not used to it!

Mind I gone 5 shades darker and that’s a first for the last 5 years as the summers have been fill in the blanks lol.

Much as I hate the stuff I have had to resort to bared wire round the chicken bit….. It’s the only thing this lot of horses understand… I have tried everything but its the only thing that stops them.  Even the electric fence isn’t safe with them….. The want in to any area that they re not allowed to be in and they just walk through it what the it is. Not the bared though and I so hate it but they broke the hen-house doorway and it’s not good to have the risk of them making it no longer fox proof by night……. I do so hate the wire bit though.

I have put it high enough to not touch Alba and the horses owner uses bared so they do know what it is and well… I got the young chicks as well out in the make shift run and they need to stay safe as well.

They are two roadislands and pure breed for a change. I swapped a couple of bags of dog food for them lol, I love Cornwall. I need some brown egg layers and these will for sure.  I do like the legbars but there are now only 4 hens that lay brown eggs… these 2 will (hopefully they are both girls) will make it 6.

I have a hen sitting and she is on 2 blue eggs and 2 brown eggs so there might be some more brown ones there as well;-)

Right i been out with the camara as you will know lol and Pretty-ne has now well and truly met Aba lol


Was sat on the floor… Phoenix liked that lol

So did Mule lol

If you look at her bum the black is either that or very dark brown lol. What ever colour its dark lol

The rest is slower lol Its going to be dark and I still think black 😉

Clyde who still has the fluffy ears lol

She had to have the last word, lol.

You all take care.


Comments on: "Got the tabs and also some names :-)" (17)

  1. Barbara said:

    Hi Cris
    Its lovely to hear from you, and I am so glad you have the meds, and more to the point they are working.
    And you got help…brlliant..I love the name Milly bless she has grown so much.
    You live in what I would class has my dream world….
    You take care of yourself and keep these pics coming I do love them
    sending loads of hugs ((((()))
    Barbara xxx

    • Hi Barbara there are some pics I took tonight… the foals (except for Clyde) are changing colour nicely just now lol. Milly really is darkening….. Phoenix is going to be black and her foal coat has come off in patches…. she looks a bit moth eaten but its coming along lol.

      Hope your ok my friend? xx

  2. You sure have a cool family! I like Milly- she’s gorgeous!

    • Milly is lovely, really small and dainty lol. Phoenix dwarfs her even though she is a few weeks younger. Hey they are a good family and I am kinda privilidged to have been able to help them all and wish I could some of the cats from that ranch!

      Just about to load up some pics of the new Milly… changing colour fast now lol x

  3. Chancy and Mumsy said:

    Good to get an update from you. Glad you got the script and tabs and they are helping…that is good to hear. I love all the names and I too think Milly fits perfectly. Sweet Alba walking along with you out in the field…good for her. So happy to hear she is moving around and hanging in there. Those hot spots can be miserable hope they clear up fast. All the critters are looking great…they are getting excellent care as anyone can tell but looking at them. Glad to hear you have some help. The picture of Pretty-ne and Alba is great! You all have a wonderful week. Hugs and nose kisses

    • The original new sheep with the woolly whiskers will be Ermentrude lol, the other 2 I haven’t seen as yet but they are pure colour like Alba but bet they are not as big lol.

      Something about hand reared makes them really grow lol.

      Oh Wish is holding her own 🙂 She is lame but she is not unhappy and she is moving about a fair bit really and eating standing up which is so good to see. Its a short fix but its not today… or too close:-)

      Hope all is well with you all and we got more rain if you want it lol xx

      • Chancy and Mumsy said:

        We think too that all the loving, tender care they get from you is what makes them really grow. So happy Wish is at least holding her own. Yep, we would love to have the rain so send it on. Hugs

  4. Lovely photos!

  5. Hi Cris

    Lovely to read such an upbeat update. Those meds do wonders for you don’t they and that is great that there is something that helps. Milly looks gorgeous as they all do. Good that you have some helping hands nearby too. Must make a huge difference to you.

    Keep on, keeping on, the photos you take are always on dry, bright days. Mind you the weather has been better of late hasn’t it and that must help loads.

    Love and gentle hugs
    Elna x

    • Hi Elna,

      Oh flower the crohn’s kicked off the day before yesterday… you know the fatigue that brings is worse than anything the bones have ever made lol. I thin its cus I ate something though… fingers crossed I have averted a real flare of that one 😉

      Must pop over AC…. Promise I will tomorrow but for a min I needed a break for a few weeks.

      You wait till you see the change in colour of young Milly and have a bit of news as well.. about another dog, lol. It could be the one from hell but it can’t be worse than Milo and Haz lol

      We have had a lot of rain again and the sales are looking dodgy for the week end but you never know and fingers crossed as I have some sheep to find the money for lol.

      ((((( ))))) and so many hopes xx

  6. Evelyn is nice – that’s my mother’s name. I enjoyed the beautiful photos so much!

  7. Dear Cris

    I have messaged you on AC as I am not sure if I have your correct email address. I used your email to send you a piccie of the completed 4 seater swing Ian made but not sure if it was correct. That swing is now history and in its new home. 🙂

    We have a date when we are in your neck of the woods so to speak. 😉

    I hope you are feeling a little better now and nothing else has crept in with a vengeance.

    Love to you and all the family 🙂
    Elna x

  8. What a lovely ‘family’ of animals you have, quite a handful at times i would imagine. Certainly keeps you busy though.
    Margaret Archer (Elna’s sister-in-law)

    • Hi Margaret. They are a nice lot and we do all muck in quite well… Elna spoiled them but it was a good day even with the horrible drip lol.

      Hope your ok and thanks for looking in x

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