Arthritis, Alba and All

Been a bit rough but hope its better days now for a bit……

Hey do you like the optimism lol…….

As some of you know I have been waiting for the jabs to the neck and back for a few months now and at last they have been done. Prior to them the neck and back have been so bad that using the key bored got so hard and well i am sorry but the payback was hell and then ….


The horses owner sold Primmy and well I was meant to have first refusal on her and he didn’t honer it …. I know its silly but I was so upset to lose her as she was somehow very special and my big baby….

Thats when the spirits failed me and I plummeted back on the spiral … Know I think with any long term condition you can’t afford to let the spiral get you and with this bone shift you really can’t and the stress caused a flare and a kick up of the crohn’s (hell I hate the crohn’s more than the bones!) so ….

I kinda feel bad that I haven”t been about but I have not been worth knowing…. So no change there then eh 😉

There are new additions and will go and post their story and a moan cus one is a big problem lol…. Dogs have been dumped on me and one isn’t so good with sheeps…..

Will introduce you to them in a min and I hope that you are all ok and sorry again for the disappearing act.

You all take care


Comments on: "So Sorry I went AWOL for a min….." (8)

  1. I’m glad you’re back, I was wondering how you were.

  2. Hey you, hope things have settled a tad for ya babe.
    Did send you text to say hi, you havent been the only stranger eh, lol

    Keep in touch C xx

  3. Barbara said:

    Hi Cris
    I am sorry to hear that Primmy has been sold, bless i remember her being born and know how much she meant to you.
    Sending you lots of hugs ((((()))) xx

    • I did actually mention to the owner the other day that he had given me first refusal and it meant nothing….. Didn’t see why I shouldn;t say. Primmy doesn’t ound like shje is too happy but i am trying not to think about it…. I have said if they don;t want her to let me know….

      Hope your ok flower? xx

  4. Welcome back!

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