Arthritis, Alba and All

I prefer eccentric lol…..

Long ago I had a Harrier called Milo… he was a real 100% heller lol.  I have hunted about to find a couple of pics of him from back along (he went to the meadow 18 months ago bless him)

Come to Sunny Cornwall!

and well he was the dog from hell but unlike Haz he was a nice dog from the beginning… Haz and I had a rough 12 months to begin with lol.  He challenged me ever min of every day where as milo was just hyperactive lol.

At the sale on sunday a few weeks ago a woman asked me for help with her dog… a Beagle… and as well as coming up with one or two suggestions I said the cure would be hard as her mum worked full-time and if they got stuck to let me know and I would have her… she comes tomorrow lol.

She can’t be worse than Mi she really can’t. he spent the first 72 hours at least refusing to sleep and swinging from the curtains. lol.  Well what was left  of them after the first few swings lol. He was a heller and no mistake but I so missed him and well River (that’s her name) might help fill that hole eh?!

You can quote that back at me if you like in a few days lol.

One thing I do hope is that she doesn’t do the amazing disappearing dog trick…Mi was so good at that one I used to have him trailing a long rope to have a fighting chance of grabbing him before he went over the hedge lol.

He went down the local school nativity play… with some of the rope trailing behind him. I think he thought they were dong Scrooge and he was set to be Jacob Marley lol.  The dog warden thought it was funny and i did after I had got oer the embarrassed lol. Was always glad he didn’t find the room they had all the food in…. he would have eat it no doubt about it….

Milly is growing slowly but she is really darkening.

She is nearly her dads colour…. not like him though and is still small but doing ok. Her conformation is still a bit ‘odd’ but she will come good I am sure and even if she doesn’t she would point out this is a lousy picture and I have to get a better one for her!

Her Mum is a small one as well but she just needs to sort out the a few bits at her next growth spurt… and that isn’t the best picture lol.

Her and Phoenix are good mates. Its like Milly is the baby but she is actually 2 weeks older I think though the owner isn’t too sure when she actually was born….. What can I say except the ones born here I know the date and time!

River arrived by the way… horrible thing lol. Typical beagle she has a bad re-call and doesn’t appear to speak English lol. She is magic though  and well she is a nice addition but actually much better behaved (so far) than Milo was……. Please don’t let that change, lol. I am running her with trailing leads and she still got out, lol. She is very small for a beagle but the vets say that she is just about the min height….. She is lovely….

And then….

Then there is Red…….

8 weeks back I said no to him…Then 10 days ago it became impossible to not take him……. He is a GSD that failed the police course and didn’t make the grade but spent time learning things like grabbing arms and pulling…. Stopped that one already so no wonder he failed.

Kept in the wrong environment he isn’t socialized properly and is very insecure, he is a bit clingy and gets jealous of the other dogs as well….

He has no muscle and is well under weight but already he is getting a bit of a chest as he exercises more and gets a bit of muscle combined with putting on a bit of weight.  He is still so much work in progress and I am trying to find him a good and real home cus he isn’t really the right dogs for here… and also I make a bad shepherd owner…..

They need someone a bit firmer than me and this one is challenging me all the time. He is that kind of breed and he knows I am not a firm owner lol. have had to be though as he has been victimizing Haz! He also fixates on the cats and will follow them in doors and tries to chace them outside….. and he isn’t too good with sheep though we have had a big improvement on that cus we had to!

He is called Red but he changes his name if there is distraction and here we have loads of that….. Thats what makes me such a bad home for him.

I had the hideous drip last week and feeling wished beyond wished but tis nice to be able to type again and phoenix said she has been posing for me even if the rest didn’t… Mind if I have learned nothing I have learned I must not get fond of the owners horses as they can just suddenly leave…. I hope Primmy is ok …..

You all take care and Elna if you look in I am so glad you came down and it was really nice to see you both and made the drip that day go faster so many many thanks. x




















Elna the next ones were in the rain lol 😉


How I lose so many car lenses…..





Bre said for once she is having the last word! take care x


Comments on: "I must be mad….." (7)

  1. I very much like your Beagle! I happen to be a fan of Beagles. I enjoyed the photos of all the animals a great deal.

    • She is lovely and after Mi the Harrieir she is easy to live with lol. Hope you and all your dogs are ok? x

  2. Barbara said:

    Oh Cris it so good to read your blogs, another doggy a beadle…I hope he or she settles in very soon, and I do love the story of Mi doing its Jacob and thanks for the lovely pics xx

    • Mi was a nightmare flower, lol. he was also the gentle one and lovely… this beagle is sweet as well and much better at coming back than Mi….. he just went totally deaf and she has partial hearing lol.

      She seems to be fairly settled and Red is getting better so its all a bit calmer though still a bit of yelling ‘OY!!!!’ here and there 😉 xx

  3. Love the photos. Cute.

  4. Lovely to see your family, Cris and also to visit you in hospital and so pleased that it helped the day go faster. Even in the rain everything looks ideal 🙂 x

    Elna x

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