Arthritis, Alba and All

tis the one I haven’t got……

Good news is Red is off to a new home. I shall miss him but he just isn’t too good with sheep or cats and well tats not too good here about……

A GSD Rescue have really been kind and I will take him up-country on Tuesday. Then off to London to get 3 sheeps ūüôā ¬†It seemed silly to go up that far and so near and not get them and¬†thanks¬†to a very good pair of friends I have been able to do it. ¬†Will get them from the farm on Wednesday and be home for tea…¬†that’s¬†the cup of not¬†necessarily¬†by tea time lol.

The names are  going to be Ermentrude, Esmerelda and Evelyn and they are the older one (6-7) and then two youngsters of 2. Alba will like having two near her age I think. Ermentrude is the Oxford Down and the 2 other (I think they were called Ryelands) will have to wait and see who gets which name but I think it suits them

Thats a ryeland but I might be wrong on the name and they could be something else lol.

The trailer has been repaired and painted … it started like this ¬†and is up in Southampton so will pick it up on the way through. It’s not a big¬†trailer¬†but its got room for Alba and could get 3 of her in it so these are smaller than her….¬†Should¬†be¬†ok¬†but wont know till I get there and might have to go back. ¬†it is a 4’x6′ so it should be ok.

It tows nicely as well as being smaller in width then the car (just) and well it seemed like a good idea but well i did put Alba in it and its 3″ wider than she is long so ……. Will have to see but think they will be ok.

The breed¬†description¬†for the Ryeland is ewes weight approx 50 kl…. Wish is 80 and Bre and Alba are a good 65 each so they are small. The Oxford are smaller than Wish and Albs and Ermentrude (who¬†I met) is smaller than Bre so the trailer should be fine….. I so hope it is lol.

Kinda excited …. but…. the downside is as you know we have been nursing Wish through till Bre has the new sheep and well when I come back from Scotland I will have to get the vets out and see what they think…… I know the answer but I hope I am wrong……

You know I been so tired the last week and half my muscles are aching as well as the joints swollen. I came off the mtx cus it made me feel rough and has done for the last 3 years nearly…. I did forget to take it as you all know and from that it seemed it wasn’t doing much but the last week the joints have really gone swollen so maybe it was. It’s just a trial and well they can’t get the blood out so the blood tests have become a real problem….. and I have got worried about the continual stabbing as well as a knotted vein in my elbow from so many needles in it.

The back and neck jabs have helped but Red pulled me to bits at the vets and that seems to have jarred everything up since. he goes again on monday but this time he will be in a halti! Not that he is much better i that but he isn’t worse lol.

Took this¬†at the sale last week… Haz in cute mode suckling his blankie lol. Least while he is doing that he isn’t eating the car lol. Oh he has done some car damage in the time I have¬†had¬†him… totally ate all the seats at a few sales in my old one except the driver’s seat which he never touched but the rest went…. Now I have a decenter car I have sussed it and he has his blankie (duvet and towels) to suck, rip and annihilate lol. ¬†Not sure you can see he is sucking it but I promise you he was.

Forecast for tomorrow is rough and though I shall wake up to see if the weather is dry I don;t think I will be doing a sale so haven’t loaded up tonight…. If its dry I will start the day hurting lol. Mind I did a sale this week¬†and it so hurt I even had to go out and sit in the car for a min…. really have got back pain again and no¬†reflexes¬†so roll on seeing the back specialist at last

Only taken the 30 years since I last saw one lol. Something is amiss though as reflexes have honestly got bad or non existent depending on how bad I am at the time of testing for them.

The horses are growing big thick coats a bit and the cold is coming but I took these last year and well its¬†Gypsy¬†and Teg ¬†and they are kind of cute….. I must be getting old lol.

and¬†something¬†must have been¬†well¬†interesting in the field today….

Mum said stop!

Though September this was a real winter type sunset

Right I shall go before I fall asleep in this armchair again… Woke up in it at some horrible time of early morning last night and well hottles and my own blankie calls lol.

You all stay warm and take care x


Comments on: "Been Some tired This Week" (6)

  1. I want some sheep for Doggy to heard, but living in the city that’s not an option.
    I’m sorry to hear you are in pain in again, good thing you gonna get to see a back speciallist, hope all goes smoothly.
    The horses look great, but I’m still fan of the sheep, their hair it’s too cute.

    • Wonder what Doggy would make of them? Red said … well maybe he shouldn’t say what he thinks lol.

      The Oxford one has an odd head hair cut and left like a mop which they say they have to have so she will keep that fashion I think. She is lovely and has big Mr Bumble type sideburns. Will post some pics of them as soon as I get back ūüôā x

      • Thank you very much for the ‘like’ of my ‘Pain is a Pain’ scribble, really appreciate it. I have just started this blog route so would like as much feed-back as I can get!
        I hope all goes well with your visit to the back specialist, please dont let my experiences put you off getting help.
        Good luck and best wishes.

      • Doing a blog can really help with either yelling how your feeling or else distraction.

        Your pain blog deserved a like and I know where you were coming from lol. Be good if we didn’t have it eh?! You stay warm and thanks for popping in. Cir s x

  2. Lots of sunny photos again, Cris. Lovely sunset too. Has Red gone now? Try not to worry I am sure he will be fine and he was not doing you any favours or your family, was he? You did all you possibly could and have said you will have him back …… if need be. You have been very fair and cannot do more that than. All the very best for tomorrow, dear Cris. You are very brave but you are a determined lady so all will be well.I feel it in my old, creaky bones. ūüôā

    Thinking of you,

    Elna x

    • Hi Elna,

      He goes tomorrow, well today now. I am dropping him off on the way to that huge place called London….. lol I don’t feel so brave tonight.

      Your right he isn’t fitting in too well but I kinda done right by him and certainly rescued him from a very uncertain future, be it after he had been from the bad home he had. I just wish he had been better with cats and sheep but you saw him and he is fixated on the girls and the cats even after 3 weeks of trying……

      Right see you at 10 for the navigating ūüėČ xx

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