Arthritis, Alba and All

I feel bad that I am rehoming him to be honest…..

Am feeling rough over this one… a hard choice but I really do believe that a GSD rescue are Reds best hope and I have said I will have him back if need be.  He is just not good with the girls or the cats and though I could sort it out in time as like as not….

The bottom line is I make a bad GSD owner and always have. I am not a firm handed owner and they know it. I have had 2 over the years and they were different as they had been made very submissive with the way they had been treated and so were not challenging me all the time for want of a better word.

I also am shocked at how weak I have become re leads and pulling dogs. He is so much better in a halti though and at the vets was much quieter…. making it harder for me to pass him over to a new home but it would be better for him.

If he has one to one with someone experienced with Shepard’s than that will be so much better for him and be honest me and the cats though Alba has now rammed him and he is a lot better with sheep…… I would never trust him on his own though…..

Will ask a friend of mine if she will log in and up date you all tomorrow with pics from my phone…. It will be like your coming as well and believe me with London traffic and a trailer you lot are driving lol.

Tis some scary I have to say…. and its right into London as well but only one side and I don’t think I actually cross the Thames….. Its right by the back of the farm though and my friend and I went down that way a bit with the tide up and it was lovely…..

Just right down in London…..Hell now a days I don’t do Plymouth lol.

Hey and its being done with a beat up car I haven’t washed for weeks lol…..  Mind the trailer will look presentable now its been repaired, modified and painted.

Just wish I wasn’t so dam tired…. the one I haven’t got has teeth just now;-)

Right took these today and hope you all have had a reasonable day. take care x

Soon after that one I stood on the end of the trailing leads, lol a Beagle on a mission ‘-)

and isn’t she a big lovely girl now….. I have trouble believing she was ever so small……




Comments on: "Tomorrow is the day….." (16)

  1. Alba is so adorable and I will never forget giving her the bottle and how I needed both hands to do this. LOL. I shall always associate sheep with custard creams from now on. 😉

    All the very best on your exciting venture to London, dear Cris and I hope you can get some rest tonight to be as strong as possible for the trip.

    Elna x

    • Oh Elna glad you got back in 🙂

      She is absolutely lovely… and she knows it lol. I wonder what she will make of her new sisters? I think Bre will be very happy to have a bigger flock,….. though it will only be 6 for a week as when I get back from Scotland there is something I really do have to do….. I don’t want to but it is time eh?

      Oh they love their custartd creams infact all this lot have said you have to come again soon as you didn’t half spoil them with their treats 🙂

      Toni will update the blog… I just asked her so you will see the new girls as soon as I have them and Toni is on line.

      Leaving you ((((( ))))) and love and hey your the navigator lol. I have done the goggle map thing for Red .. It looks lovely! xx

  2. Chancy and Mumsy said:

    Some of the choices we have to make are just right down hard but we know we have to do what is best for all concerned. You did what you felt was best for Red and for all of you there. It will be okay and work out just right in the end. Beautiful Alba she just looks wonderful. All the rest are looking goo too. Be safe on your trip and hope you enjoy the ride. Hugs

    • Yep your right and its a much better option for him really… If he did kill a cat or maim a sheep I would be mortified so all in all this is safer for all of us and besides he is such a lovely dog and she said she has homes for nice dogs… he really is nice.

      I said I would have him back if it didn’t work out but would have to get some advice on the how to stop him side… He totally fixates and stalks them…. Circles Bre like a shark and I know if she ran so would he….. Its like he is trying to make her run…. Same with the cats as well.

      He doesn’t know what they are but he is behaving in a way that is worrying…… He is a big lad and could easily do some damage and how would I feel then?

      Its the best option eh? Least he was saved for a very uncertain fate and that owner got him away from the really bad ones, he was so thin and even though he is only 33.45 now he has put on about 8lbs!

      Right could you both give me a hand to do Alb’s bottle (she is down to 2 a day so that’s getting nearer weaned 🙂 ) and sort out the car x

  3. I hope the right home is found for him.

    • I am sure they will. She said she has a lot of homes for nice dogs and he is a really nice dog just totally no good with cats and very dodgy with sheep… Never known anything like it to be honest as all dogs have to learn about both but he has got worse as he has got bolder and well this has to be better and safer eh?

      It looks a nice place and my mate who does rescue did recommend her so I think it will be ok.

      Hope you ok? x

      • I’m fine, thanks. I hope your health problems are no worse.
        Yes, if he’s getting the idea that he’s in charge, things may get worse. He needs someone who will be firm with him for a while. It’s a difficult decision to make, but probably best for all.

      • He is getting worse as he gets bolder and your so right about someone to take a firm hand. I also think one to one would help cus he doesn’t listen to me often as he gets distracted.

        Thankfully he wont go out with cats and not too many homes actually have sheep so it doesn’t narrow his chances too far.

        Just taken a load of tablets and in a min I will be able to walk and do that horrible car lol.

        Glad your ok and least today so far isn’t raining 🙂 x

  4. may porter said:

    Hope they journey goes well, will look farward to seeing pics x

    • Hi May

      Will put some pics on tomorrow but they some ansom and they are so friend;y 🙂 Hey Alb’s seems to have a bit of separation anxiety….. what will she be like next week…

      Hope your ok and leaving you a ((((( )))) xx

  5. C’mon, not ready yet? No rain at the moment, with me navigating you will not get there until next week. LOL. Seriously, wishing you a safe and uneventful journey there and back.
    Elna x

    • Hi Elna,#

      We did it! Mind the sat nav stopped talking to me but the maps were working and I was able to get there. On the way back I had a human sat nav till the M3 bless her…. Much easier and less scary.

      Got back about an hour ago and all sheep settled though they wont meet till tomorrow…. The new ones are lovely and so friendly 🙂

      Hope your ok and leaving tea as we gone some short today lol xx

  6. hunktrees said:

    Take care hun, thinking of you (((((((((xx))))))))

    • Hi My friend,

      You feeling any better?

      Hey London is so big and huge houses and I saw the eye, the houses of parliament, big Ben and got as lot of pics of the farm… will update tomorrow as I so tied I don’;t know my name lol. Nice to see you 🙂 xx

  7. Yay Cris, you did it, you brave girl! Wow! Hope you are proud of yourself. You should be. Some mammoth trek.! So worth it though, aye, the newbies are simply beautiful.

    Elna x

  8. Posts like this make the innretet such a treasure trove

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