Arthritis, Alba and All

They are sorting out who is where in the order lol……

The farm I will tell you about in a week or so as I am off away today and running out of time lol what’s new there eh? It’s quite a place though with what they have managed to get on a small area not much bigger than the back field. It’s a fully working farm and they have sheep, goats, chicken, turkeys, cows, donkeys and a Shetland pony.

Oh and forgot they have pigs as well…. quite a few at that lol.

The big one is Ermentrude, then the one with the most wool on her face is Esmerelda and the other little one is Evelyn lol bit high brow and they are 2 year old so probably not going to get any bigger…… Alb’s is huge next to them lol.

You all take care and see you in a week. x

It was raining at the Farm 😉

It really was  raining by then lol.

It did most the way back actually….. but at last we got home and these all seem to be getting on though I don’t think any of them know what to make of Alba lol.

Ermentrude and the two small ones behind her

That one is Esmarelda and has a broader and woolier head.

Alba seems so big lol and so badly behaved…..

But she did say hello to them unlike Bre who was too busy butting them all……

Right I must go and will be back in a week… and Red…. they liked him and he has gone to a lovely place in the Newforsest… and I mean in.  I hope it will all work for him but it should as he is such a nice dog.


Comments on: "The New Girls are Lovely!" (17)

  1. may porter said:

    they are lovely , hope you have recovered from your journey to the big city , i didnt know they new what sheep were down there [joke]

    • Hi May,

      Hey you would not believe how much the The Surrey Dock Farm is trying to change that lol. I was amazed that they have utilised such a small area in such a brilliant way…. xx

  2. LOL what do you mean May LOL 😉 🙂

    Elna x

  3. I just adore Evelyn, probably cos she is the smallest of them all. Still got a very special place in my heart for Alba too, cos I gave her a bottle and she nicked most of the custard creams. 🙂

  4. Enjoy your time away. Return refreshed! 😉 🙂

    Elna x

  5. It is good to hear you say that you are sure Red will be happy where he is in the New Forest. If you have this gut feeling then he really will have a good life there. 🙂

    • Hi Elna,

      Oh you wait till you see them… Esmarelda and Evelyn are real pocket sheep lol. Alb’s dwarfs them…. but Evelyn seems to be very friendly and has decided to become my second shadow behind you know who….

      You know I was so tired I decided to go up country tomorrow instead of today and get a good night kip before I go….. Be safer eh?

      Red has gone to a wonderful place. Its right in the forest up a road that becomes a track and the guy was so good with him and though he kept coming back to trounce me he was ok to leave me as well….

      I will have him back if need be as you know but Elna I think he will be absolutely fine there I really do 🙂

      Hey give me a hand to clean out the car please…. can’t take all this to Scotland lol. xx

  6. Barbara said:

    Hi Cris
    I do love the pics, gosh Alba has it all those custard must be so exciting for the others meeting there new family.
    And I am so glad Red has a new home…now you take it easy in Scotland and enjoy yourself.Have a safe journey xx

    • Oh Barbara we stopped at Rose’s to pick up the dogs and I thought they could do with a bit of rest up …. by the time we left they were happy to munch on custard creams but they do love sheep nuts lol.

      They are so people orientated and ideal eh? Also very sweet and just kind sheeps. Bre likes being in charge of a flock as well… the downside…Lets not think about that bit eh but its time really and something I have to do when I get home…..

      These will help both Bre and Alb’s and in a way maybe me?! tea and I have just about got finished lol xx

  7. hunktrees said:

    Glad things have worked out for Red, the new girls look great.
    Take care hun xx

    • Oh Clare its an absolutely beautiful place and they know Sheppard’s as well…. I think he will be fine but I will have him back if need be though I think this lot hope it wont be,….. They have an agility thing in the garden but he was too busy playing with the toys to bother with it lol.

      He is such a nice dog I think he will be ok 🙂

      Hope your feeling a bit better and nice to see you xx

  8. Iris said:

    your new gals look so much at home already! I like Esmerelda’s funky hairdo…… and I can hardly believe how much Alba has grown,……. as Barbara said, it must be the custard creams. lol
    Cris…you take care driving up here…and make plenty of stops en route ….Ruby will be watching for your arrival, and Smudge has booked a corner of your bed.
    ………….and I’m so glad you cleaned the car! Iris xxxx

    • Lol yep I got a jcb in the car to get the rubbish out….. How does it get so bad>! Mind half a bale of straw and 3 dogs might explain some of it…. The new indicators are in now so I actually have it behind the sheeps electric fence so they wont get broken lol.

      Mind I haven’t washed it so you might want me to park round the corner lol…..

      Will see you Sunday and yep look how big that monster of a lamb has got….. Charlotte said she is ready to go lol

      You tell Smudge she is booked and Rube’s has to take me to the Loch again please… and if we did happen to see some deer ….. xxx

  9. Chancy and Mumsy said:

    Beautiful, healthy critters one and all…love all these pictures. Hugs and nose kisses

    • They are lovely… couldn’t have got tamer ones i I had hand reared them lol.

      Your right they do have lovely faces and the 2 Ryelands are easy to tell apart as well….. the smaller one (Evelyn) is a real treasure but the old girl (Ermentrude) now she is instantly special as she is so like my old Ilk.

      Hope your feeling a lot better and Chancy you look after your Mum! xx

      • Chancy and Mumsy said:

        Thank you, I am doing fairly well now and about to get back into my groove. Chancy took excellent care of me. Hugs and nose kisses to you and all the sweeties from us!

  10. Goats always make me smile!

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