Arthritis, Alba and All

With the  ever willing Ruby ……

Its a beautiful place and alone worth the mileage but best of all the swans have now got adult signets and the water might have been warmer for Rubes lol, she really loves going in there…..


and I don’t care what that dog said it must have been cold in there lol

Its a lovely place and has easy to walk on paths which kinda spoil it in one way but don;t half make it easier for us lurchers 😉

The signets are big now

Rubes is really lovely but…. well… when you take a picture… its always wise to see more than just the subject your photographing lol


I honestly didn’t see what that dog was doing lol…. Rubes does know this one was being put there lol.

Right I shall leave you in peace for the day as I am some tired but we went to the hills in the background (I think) and they…. you know I have never seen hills that big before lol. We got moorland here, we even have falls but….

Well that’s for tomorrow cus I not too good today and the hands are really swollen again but all is feed and watered and Albie is now on one bottle a day…..

So far so good…..

You all take care x




Comments on: "First The Loch at Drumpellier…." (5)

  1. may porter said:

    Thats a nice little flock you have there Cris glad they are all getting on , hope you havent smuggled any of the scotitsh hill sheep back with you , we have been a few times to scotland and yes the senery is stunning , hope your apointment went ok xxx

    • Oh May forgive my late answer. Really not so good just now… might have mentioned it lol.

      Hope your ok and yep thats some place and I had a really good week and no real mud, work, water buckets or bales lol. Leaving tea and a hope your ‘lads’ are behaving and don;t forget they can do a cameo here if they would like to. xxx

  2. Mag (Chancy's Mumsy) said:

    What wonderful pictures of a beautiful place. Rubes looks very happy. Hope your hands are better today and you are having a good day. Hugs and nose kisses

    • You know Rube’s is a joy to walk… except for the love of water which I still think is very brave when its already cold lol.

      Oh the hands…. They doing more bloods on Friday and maybe that will lead to some help…. I don;t really want the mtx back but it was doing more than I thought lol.

      Hope your feeling a lot better and leaving a ((( ))) for you and that lovely little lad as well as Popsy and the cats xx

  3. elnafinn said:

    Haha! Rather Rubes than me in that water! Brrrhh! Haha I am glad Rubes gave you permission for that photo of her to be published on your blog! Love, Elna x

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