Arthritis, Alba and All

But so worth it…….

Been up country again.. for me that’s anywhere over the Tammer lol. Oh the narrow mindedness of us Cornish lol….. Well at least I know that lol.

The new girls have settled in so well! They are out and about during the day and in by night ( they have got used to that one now 🙂 The slightly worrying thing is Alba seems to be in charge lol….. Ermentrude is a bit more independent and just now up in the bank… will have to keep a small eye on her as they could climb over that if they wanted to…..

Enter the ‘sheep dog’ though I really do think he should talk to Babe lol!

Well at least he got their attention lol!

But not for long ….. and he thinks he can come inside in these clothes lol!

I have a doctors appointment in a second so will post the Scottish pics later… Oh its a beautiful place and has really big hills but…… its such a long way and hours on the M6 as well lol….. I would love to go above the middle bit one day mind as a friend of mine said the hills in this bit are babies compared to the ones further up… but you know what…

Where I have been would take some beating!

You all take care and will bore you with holiday pics later 😉 x


Comments on: "That Was All Such a Long Way lol……." (10)

  1. He looks like he wants the sheep to play! Lovely photos!

  2. I love those sheep.
    Let us know (if you want) how the doctor appointment goes.
    All the best!

    • The sheep are so much part of me even though the 3 haven’t been here long they have got much tamer and they are just so lovely.

      The doc wants more blood tests and the joints might get some help soon… you never know lol. Somehow I doubt it…… they stuck me on palliative care about 2 years or more ago and I don’t get much except more pain tablets… maybe one day eh>

      Hope you and Doggy are ok? x

      • Doggy's Style said:

        Sheep can be evil, I got bitten by one once, but it’s ok, I don’t hold a grudge, they are cute enough to get away with it.
        I hope you get a straight answer/solution soon, doctors sometimes are so bad at giving you a straight answer.
        We are doing fine, doing is a mess lately, he feel empowered because he’s growing up so I need to remind him once in awhile who is the boss.

  3. Barbara said:

    Hi Cris
    Glad you had a good time up country, we have only only been to the middle bit of Scotland, and I keep saying we will go further one of these days.
    I love the pics, and good on Alba being the you get some rest xxx

    • Oh Barbara… Alba in charge is interesting lol. I now have a 4 sheep enterarge lol. Bre would never belittle her self and Wish… oh lets not go there eh?

      Just going to do the first of the Scottish ones. Hugs and some hopes my friend xx

  4. Mag (Chancy's Mumsy) said:

    Glad to hear the new girls have settled in and all is going well with them. Love the pictures. Hugs and nose kisses

  5. elnafinn said:

    Sorry for the delay in replying Cris. Pleased to know you had a good time and are back safely. The sheep look so gorgeous and content. Going to read your next two blogs and enjoy the piccies.;) 🙂 Love Elna x

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