Arthritis, Alba and All

This bone stuff really is the scourge of life!

My own fault for agreeing to give up the MTX eh? The thing is it didn’t seem to be doing much and well its a bit of a shock how much it might be doing lol. By giving it up I have also been able to stop 2 anti-emetics and the folic acid….. but the bones…. well the hands are no better and the arm on the left has lost so much of its function….. I must try and remember not to use it to reach lol.

Got a bit of sun today…… bloods in a day or so so the fact its a bit warmer will help to get it out with luck…. Lol like that will happen…. oh its a real pain in so many ways… but…

The girls are settling and have become such a nice little flock 🙂 Elna your Evelyn is so sweet as well but I love Ermentrude so much as she is so like my old lady (Ilk to her friends;-)

The horses are getting very fluffy and am a bit worried at Milly’s short back end thing…. As she grows it might improve but if I were the owner…. well …. some of it might be correctable by a bag of something like grow and win…. I might try it actually….. Just he would get some teasey if he found out…..

I must decide about them coming back next year…. It’s a bit of a dilemma.. they have done so much damage this year for a start and he thinks its funny while I get a bit tired of mending fences, cars, mud and the back end of the other van….. I also worry about the lack of well there are many ways to do things but….. Guess you know where that would go were it not a public place?!

I have at last sorted out the rest of the pics so as the hands are so swollen and the neck is yelling will leave them to do the talking….

Oh and the dogs in the beginning were at Rose’s with her beautiful pharaoh hound who was so bad….. so so bad…. Rose has promised me some pics so when they come I will use them cus Second Chance did such a good and brave thing there to be honest!

Oh and is it just me who thinks Lexy looks like a big bear……

Not quite sure what Haz is really up to there…..

River loves Akera who is up for a play every time lol.

tug of wars so trash a room lol

I really do think she looks like a big cuddly bear…..

Then back to Scotland and the beautiful Trossachs and the most beautiful scenery I have ever actually seem… that noise is my old relations arguing the Cornish views lol……

Rubes loves cold water lol

Mud follows me about lol…..

I actually fell asleep on these benches lol… fatigue is evil lol

This a very old yew and hope you can read this.

Right I will [post some pics of the sheepsis and neighs later…. they are getting into their winter coats but if I don’t go get hay there will be tantrums at bed time 😉

You all take care x


Comments on: "Felt so rough again……" (12)

  1. That scenery is stunning. I hope you soon feel a little better.

    • It was an incredible place and well we have hills, we have moors but nothing like up there lol. There was snow on one of the hills as well but too far for the camara to see… and too much low cloud lol we have that as well 😉 x

  2. Lynn said:

    Cris, you’ve brought back some very happy memories for me. The Trossachs is one of my favourite places in the world, and the Dochart Falls, well, they are stunning, aren’t they? Our last holiday with my lovely mum was at Killin. Happy days. Hey, still can’t believe you crossed the border!! lol.
    Sending a feel better draft, and a good veins potion. And it’s lovely to see your “flock”. Take care flower, love from Lynn x

    • Oh Lynn its nice to see you and so glad you know the place cus it was stunning! I managed to get down on the lower rocks but the bones stopped me from going any further lol possible just as well 😉

      I got a load more and will send them you my friend.

      Hey ho are you doing and so glad and really pleased to see you 🙂

      Stay arm cus its cold that way, lol, tis here tonight and I did something so stupid and got the car well stuck in the mud….. I mean really stuck lol. Took hours to get it out and well me and it are smothered in good ol Cornish mud… why do people pay to get this much on them lol.

      Leaving you a ((((( ))))) and a cream egg xxx

  3. Barbara said:

    Hi Cris
    Thanks for the lovely pics,and yes lexy is like a cuddly bear, I could cuddle her anytime…sending you buckets full of pain portion…and some keep awake pills…
    You take care xx

    • Oh she is a lovely dog! She thinks I am hers for some reason so her and Lil have a bit of an issue but the faces she pulls and the cuddles she gives Lil could learn from lol.

      I have to say Rose is so good letting them trash her room like that….. They love going there actually but they were also pleased to see me again though I am not sure they way they bounce that was mutual lol.

      Hugs and a hope your ok and I must pop into AC tomorrow…. was going to tonight but got badly side tracked with stuff. Off for some pay back my friend but dreading lying down….. xx

  4. The pictures are incredible and I agree the dog looks really cuddly.
    I hope you get to feel soon, sadly I can do nothing but send you good wishes.

    • Thank you my friend cus sometimes that’s worth more than anything.

      See the doc again on Friday and if the bloods show raised levels then she will contact the rumo…. who will possible do nothing and that’s a huge eye roll there lol.

      You take care and I found some dried sausage treats for that lovely lad you have 🙂 xx

  5. elnafinn said:

    Oh Cris, I am sorry to hear that you are suffering so much. I hope there is some improvement soon. Lovely photos though so something pleasant to look back on. Aw, I bet Evelyn is a sweetie. Wish I could give her a cuddle. I wonder what the doc said today re your bloods. I hope it was something you wanted to hear.

    Gentle hugs
    Elna, x

    • Oh Elna its been a rough time for sure…. Might just tell you all what’s really knocking me back but…. well …. the constant news at the mo has jangled a few memories I thought I had dealt with 😉

      Hope your ok my fiend and you know what… you have to come meet your Evelyn xx

  6. This is a really cool blog, Just followed it and looking forward to reading more!

    • thanks for following it and hope the ramblings are ok .lol. I take a fair hit of tablets some days lol. x

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