Arthritis, Alba and All

but lest we had the sun…..

I would like to just say that anyone looking in from The States I so hope that your ok and that sandy has not come too close to you! The devastation on the news makes me realise that although we get storms and floods we never get anything like that… except once in ’88 I think but any way you all take care.

You know I am broke… I really do have to earn more money but….. They are doing regular food bank drops in a local supermarket and it does make you wonder what is wrong with the UK?  It’s just hard to realise that folk need the food bank…. It’s 2012 and we need food banks….

Did say it was an odd day lol.

I missed the sale on sunday as it was rained off and I was relived…. The bones are non so good and the left arm is still doing its impersonation of blinding pain to be used and lifted lol. The lumber…. we still wait for the letter to tell me when I can see the specialist but…… I got a copy of the rumo;s letter and well it basically says don’t bother….. I hope he will.

This lot are all ok.

The Good News:-)

The vets have upped Wish’s meds and she is doing ok :-)



She was out in the sun today though she doesn’t go as far as the others she is still ok and it’s not time yet 🙂

Actually maybe she will get to 13…..  Only if its fair though that I do promise…..

The grass has had the frosts now and it has now stopped being as green and well I am glad there are only the 2 horses out there now…. They are getting well hairy and bless them the rain has been relentless. I did share some of the sheeps hay with them as they are starting to drop weight now……

Flower has a bit of blood in her and feels the winter more than the others seem to do….. I wish he would let me buy her (never sure how I would or could but there must be away…) and well maybe one day cus she deserves the stable and straw and real care…..

Rambling on here some eh?!

The girls are fine…. they are lovely and well the only downside is I get mugged lol. Every time I go out side I have the sheep charge at me lol


Its nice though and as you can see it my baby who comes first lol… she is huge!

They swapped heads lol

Right I have taken a hit of tablets and hope the ramble is okish lol…….


Haz, by the way has been to the feed store and helped him self….He never leaves any money either!

Oh and took these when I rehomed Red… who is so happy 🙂 I owe the Sheppard rescue for that one!

Newforest Ponies….. I had to wait for ages while these decided if they would cross the road lol

The forest ponies…. given it was the first week in September they are not looking that good….. The Moors ponies this way don’t either. there is a big concern over some of the local ones….. What a world eh/ Mind do;t even start me on the fact that so much of the world is shot of food and scared of the guns…..

Sorry too many tables lol….. I do hope that the bones will at least try and give me a day off tomorrow … hey did you hear that? It was the 00.20 flying pig to Newquey 😉

You all take care x





Comments on: "Been an Odd Sort of Day….." (8)

  1. hunktrees said:

    Hey hun. U ramble on girl….
    U know where i am if u need hun. Sloe gin refil perhaps????lol

    Take care hun xxx

  2. Barbara said:

    Aww Cris…you ramble all you want…I am so happy that Wish is still doing okiish bless her cotton socks…she does look happy in the sunshine…mind you not surprised after the awful you say those poor people in America.
    I hope you hear from the specialist very soon…
    Sending you lots of love ((((()))) xx

    • Siorry I did an answer yesterday but had a slight problem with the internet….

      She is now on the top dose.. there are side effects but well…. Its a bit unfair that she her self is so healthy but her kegs just aren’t…. I don’t even know she is that old if you compare them to goats who can live to 20 easily but Wish was breed for the meat trade and that’s different as that sort are not meant to live too long……

      She has been babysitting the chicken today lol. Too wet outside she said so she just sat passing the time with most of the hens that seem to think its their house, lol.

      Hope you are all ok and leaving a ((((( ))))) and a cuppa with milk as I just gone and got some 😉 xx

  3. Haz and Poppy have something else in common, helping themselves to costly treats at the feed store. Pops picked up a $22 moose antler last week. Fortunately I got it back in the bin before she did too much damage 🙂 Snitches bully sticks all the time. Likes the expensive ones best. Glad to learn Wish is doing well. The New Forest ponies are beautiful. So sorry to hear how bad your pain is. It’s hard to get through it some days. And Autumn’s changing weather is rough. Take care and ramble all you please.

    Gentle hugs,
    Nanina and Pops

    • Oh bless her … dogs are like that eh? Haz and Lil have found a supply of tins somewhere… have taken so many off them I lost count… still nice of them to bring in their dinner lol.

      I hope your ok there and the weather has really improved for you? Been a bit rough eh? I so hope things all will return to normal there soon.

      Biggest hope of all is that your ok and feeling a lot better? ((((( ))))) and will ramble again in a min lol xx

  4. Hi dear Cris, Wish looks so contented in the picture, ‘course she does not run around like the others, she has done all that. She is the youngsters, Grandma, no doubt keeping a beady eye on them from a distance. You say you get mugged by them every time you go outside, aw, but what a great feeling to be loved so much by them. They know who looks after them so well. 😉 I am sorry to hear you are not so good, dear Cris. It can be crap at times, can’t it? The old body not doing what the mind wishes it to do. Most irritating, I find it, anyways. Thank goodness for the meds, they do soften things around the edges. We only have to stop taking them to find out the difference they make. I love reading your ramblings, your word not mine! I await the next instalment. 😀

    Loads of love
    Elna x

    • Next instalment sadly on the way and sorry the net cut off last night…..

      Your right you know it is nice to feel loved and unlike dogs the sheep are not trained lol ho do I have the nerve to write that… you met the dogs lol.

      The barrets has been causing trouble today with the gord and been so sick again… slept most the afternoon and only got back up to do evening duties …. waste of a day but the sales were all cancelled and I don’t know as I could have done one today either…. Its a bit rough for many reasons but you are so right that without the meds it would be unlivable actually….. I might have to have the mtx back yet…..

      Hope you and you oh are fine and leaving tea and a ((((( ))))) for you both xx

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