Arthritis, Alba and All

This weather is getting silly now…..

We shouldn’t complain about our weather when folks in the US have so much more to complain about I know


I live in a swamp! It’s really bad and still the rain falls….. One day this will all just float away lol.

It sort of gets to me the endless mud…. Its bad and only November….

Got the girls in early as we had more rain and thunder today…. Even Haz said enough is enough…. As ever he won’t change his clothes lol.


She went walk about yesterday….. Was captured and returned lol. Some youngsters found her… see there is good in the young! That’s the trouble with Beagles… they get wonder lust….

The cold is making the mud worse actually…. I have a couple of things that make for bad circulation and well you know… if you think about it….. This isn’t really the right way of life for my body lol.

I declare all out war on the useless thing lol. Think I already have so a change of tactics is needed lol…..

Open to any ideas as well……

Not too many pics today, a lot of mud and sheep but the horses…oh bless them its hard in this weather for them as well even if they are the reason there is so much mid out there….. Must talk to their owner as the fields have all but had it and though they are the two best ones I think lower and more sheltered fields would be better for them now….

Look t the determination on that face lol!

Even Harry has had enough of this weather …..

and the sky just promises more rain……

I really do live in a swamp lol……

I wrote this a while ago now… it’s about my animals aka my employer’s lol


It’s an odd sort of trap, this lot and me,
No day is complete without strain and pain,
They give no peace, they won’t let me be,
They don’t care about the mud, wind or rain,
They want their food and endless clean sheets,
They want their water, no matter how heavy,
Regardless of the pain in my hip, back and feet,

But sometimes…….

I wish thee weren’t so many!

Yet which to loose, I could never choose,
Which would stay, and decide which should go,
I worry about them from wake to snooze,
They own me now and are part of me so,
Cluck, quack, bark, meow or bleat
They pull my strings and never give praise,
Looks like another bad day for my hip, back and feet,

But maybe………

I should ask for a raise!


Hey bet they wont give me one… they sending me to a sale tomorrow lol….. Indoor though so it will at least be dry lol.


You all take care now x


Comments on: "Rain and then more Rain lol……." (4)

  1. Sigh…I hear you loud and clear. The critters are so dear, but some days with cold and rain and mud and pain, it’s hard to push on. Bless you for doing it, though, swamp and all.

    Haz looks like a regular mud puppy! I’ve had a few of them in the past. Doesn’t seem to bother them 🙂 And beagles!!! Lord they do wander with smiles on their faces and somehow come home grinning too 🙂 .

    Take care. Complain all you like. It’s ALWAYS the weather’s fault as far as I’m concerned. I blame it for everything, and it keeps on coming!!! 🙂

    Gentle hugs,
    Na and Pops (who is snoring loudly at my feet 😀 )

  2. Elizabeth Soulsby said:

    The rain seems to have stopped at last but I hear snow will be on the way in the near future. I guess that is just as bad for your circulation! They don’t always get these weather reports right though so you never know. Keep on keeping on, hugs and a cuppa (((( )))) Elizabeth x

  3. That last photo of the sky looks mean, Cris. All the brood look comfortable and cosy when inside, away from the elements. I hope you are too, with the kettle constantly on the boil for tea. 😉

    Keep on, keeping on, girl!

    Elna x

  4. Those vows ‘for better or worse, in sickness and in health, til’ death do us part’ apply more to taking care of critters than any joining together of human beings. 🙂 Harry is so handsome, muddy or no.

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