Arthritis, Alba and All

Good Title eh…..

Well the outdoor sale was cancelled and the indoor one closed for repairs and really it was just as well cus I been rough yet again. I have a thing called barrettes oesophagus and also something caused GORD and the 2 combined can and do make me feel so ill at times and very sick….. They look at it all from time to time and give me more tablets and well just today its all been sore as there is also inflammation in the oesophagus as well. It had made it grade 3 last time and well i don;t think its got much better lol.

So getting up to find one sale cancelled meant I was able to drag the useless bones back to bed lol. Then the other was closed so I am ashamed to say i went back to bed after being some sick again….

I not so bad tonight lol.  Oddly enough less tired as well lol.

I went out with the camera though and Lil and Haz accompanied me and got butted by the sheep who obviously haven’t been worked with dogs lol. Bre stood back as she has been. Mind she is not too opposed to a foot stamp at Haz as she turns to leave lol.

She foot stamps me as well. Its funny, I got Bre when Gotley Stampy Feet died…… They are alike actually though I had Got for years she never fully tamed so I thought what the hell I would share another poem with you… dedicated to Gotley Stampy Feet

          Ode to Miss Stampy Feet.


When I first met you you were very ill,

It would take a lot more than some magic pill,

To pull you back from the brink of death,

You couldn’t drink and you were out of breath,

It all paid off and your 8 years old,

But you never have done as your told,

You have a temper there’s no mistake,

And you push to the limits and liberties take,

You have to be sheared its what I must do

And you have 4 feet but I can only clip two,

You fight every inch and you strop and bleat,

I really think you are Miss Stampy Feet,

Yet despite your strops stamps and fight,

That makes me have to try with all my might,

Your feet are done and you clothes are changed

You haven’t got problems and there is no mange,

I hurt like hell and you gave me pain,

And every year it seems the same

Surely by now you know you can’t win!

Is behaving nicely such a sin?

Your sisters watch in total awe,

As you bash me around and make me sore,

Yet deep down under it all and the pain,

I love you as much just the same!

That was Got’s reply lol

She was a lovely sheep and though she was only ten and a half when I lost her she was so ill when I got her that every day was a bonus without every year. She had a thing called Orph… its not good and untreated it can go after the internal organs as well as make sores on the face and the tongue hard and inflexible  Often they call that a wooden tongue  Her sister I lost the first day but Got was a fighter (in so many ways 😉 a good one as well lol) She did recover though was weaned by about 6 weeks though we had no idea of her real age.  I said to her so often the first few weeks that you got to live she ended up being called Got lol.

She loved old Ilk (as did Wish and Hope) and her and Wish never really bonded. After Ilk’s death Wish and Hope didn’t really welcome Got into their circle….. Sheep are funny though and don’t like being on there own so enter the Breagh!

Wow I veered off there some didn’t I?!

Not too sure i am safe to post on the oxy’s lol.

Took some nice pic’s today and did I say i had taken in a couple of kittens? Called Max (a black lad about 4 months old) and Masie about 2 months or so old

Masie making use of my jacket lol

Funny little thing. Quite stunted but has improved and might just be a small cat but sometimes they can surprise you. Long ago I had a cat called Zennor who didn’t grow very well as a baby I took him to the vets… he ended up being one of the biggest cats I have ever had!

Wish was baby sitting today it was too wet out for her so though the door was open she said she would look after the chicken lol

Then I braved the mud and went to see where the other girls were

Then they saw me lol

A break in the rain was appreciated by these two as well I think

off they go……

and back they come…..

and after a long day eating grass its good to kick off your heels and roll…. though I wasn’t quick enough and only caught the aftermath lol

I will get that mud off her tomorrow lol

Ermentrude said since non of you have custard creams she is off lol.

You all stay warm and take care x


Comments on: "More extracts from a Fools Diary lol……" (8)

  1. Barbara said:

    Hi Cris
    I do love the pics,and the one were the sheepies are heading for you, bless is it the custard creams or you they love..both I take care and try to stay be honest the sheep shed looks much cozier than my house…just make room
    Barbara xx

  2. You should take a rest to let your body recover a little.
    I love the ode to miss Stampy Feet, seems like she’s quite a character, a mind of her own.

  3. Mag (Chancy's Mumsy) said:

    I would venture to say that bed rest is just what you needed sweet friend. Love the pictures of Wish looking after the chickens. Got was a pretty sheep. What a sweet picture of the sheep running to you they are just so cute. Macie is a pretty little kitty. I had one colored like that she died several years ago, her name was Callie. These are all terrific pictures of everyone enjoying some very nice sunshine. Hope you are feeling okay today! Hugs and nose kisses for all from me and the crew!

  4. Loving the photos, Cris, you take care now, do look after yourself as well as your brood and keep warm. We have a beautiful day here, hope you are sharing it too, lifts the spirits. Cold though. 😉
    Elna x

  5. may porter said:

    Hope you are ok Cris i have seen the news reports on the floods , hope you and all critters are safe, love and warming hugs May xxx

  6. How are you feeling? It’s awful feeling awful and having so many responsibilities. The beasties look good and satisfied and I hope bring you smiles even when you’re aching.

    Gentle hugs,
    Nanina and Pops

  7. I hope you are doing fine Cris, haven’t seen posts from you in awhile, just wondering.

  8. Hugs to you Cris! Hope you are okay? Thinking and thinking about you.

    Hope all is well and you have a Merry Christmas! ❤

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