Arthritis, Alba and All

So much has gone wrong…. and some right ….

I got very down for a bit there… worry about Wish and my own health to a degree.. or cheesed off might be better than worry in the health case. I have had so much pain and swelling typing became hard… and then so much pc trouble (that’s still going on lol)

In march i lost my beautiful Slurpy Lilly lab… It was a tragic accident. She got out in the lane and despite being a over knee high dog on a straight bit of road….with good visibility…… the driver wasn’t looking and that was the end of Lil…. I took it hard to be honest as no matter what it was my fault she was out there but bless her she left such a hole.


In May the worst happened and Wish left us… bless her 13.5 is a good age for a sheep but oh I missed her. So did Bre

The lady Wishtiria

R.I.P to two of the best animals I have ever had the privilege to know.

The day I lost Wish (it was on my birthday actally…. not the best way to celebrate) I was  given Flower…. now I was worried about her, and have been for the last 7 years as is obvious in this in blog lol. She is now safe!!!  She is not in foal this year (though he wants one more foal from her which is fair enough I guess).

I kept her and Phoenix over winter as she needed a rug and food!  Got her a light weight turn out rug though as you can see she looked some silly lol.

DSC05331 DSC05341

It took me a long time to get him to agree to a rug, and then I had to say I had borrowed it but of course I brought it….. it didn’t look quite so shiny and new in a few weeks lol. Now I can just save up and buy her a heavier one that will keep her a lot warmer as well as dry!

That one was before I knew I was going to keep her over winter…. I couldn’t let her not grow a coat as when she went she would be out in the full force of a hideous cold, windy and wet Cornish winter….. they are so long now a days as well lol.

She has a shed to be in over night (he would never have agreed to that) and now by fluke she has a companion……

Farley is a beautiful 22-24 year old part thoroughbred (though it might be some Arab.. infact I thought she was an Anglo but the vet said not…) anyway she has a bit of blood in her. She came here as her owner needed to find her other livery and couldn’t part with her so her she is as a companion to Flower and a really nice additional shadow….

DSC00092 DSC00131Now to the health thing…..

I hate arthritis and it hates me! I have had more facet joint jabs, a ton and a half of botox in the triggers (hell i wish I could get my face in the way lol) Then a couple of months ago the pain doc put me on a trial of a new drug….. its been developed as an alternative to MST and the Oxycotin (i am sorry as any USA readers will have different names but they are both morphine based… well actually morphine one in liquid form the other in tablet.

Both make me very sick

That is why the new drug has been developed They wanted to give the same pain coverage but not have sickness as a side effect. Its a bit like Tramadol very big brother… still licensed so could be addictive (I keep heaving to remind my self to take them though lol)

The have been incredible and the drugs company… I am so pleased with them, to have pain relief and not the grinding sickness lol.

Still on the pregablin (for the USA folk that’s Lyrica) and that is such a good drug and again I am lucky and can take 600 per day with no real side effects as such… well a night with a singing tree was interesting lol.  At the time my only issue is he sang a song from a musical and I would have preferred something modern lol.

Even with the pregabs and the tapadol i have hideous pain… but.. we made the shed into 2 stables… what did I expect? Did some finishing off with bread baskets as well as wood 😉 what did I think would happen to the useless body?!

Really the one I will not have  (the Fibro) is growing teeth as well…. I been put back on the MTX and at least some of the joint swelling is going down but I feel like fill in the blanks 😉

It is rough after finishing off the stables as it was a lot of sawing and reaching up…… I am so stupid but then I long ago vowed to fight it and I really do…. I feel like some one has a knife in my spine between the shoulder blades and the left arm is so painful and doesn’t like lifting…..

Least I am better mentally….

That bit was horrid, I was just so down and had no good news or even normal just bad news and sadness….. Its better now and the fates have smiled on me and I have ended up with a baby Springer…. she is beautiful, wilful and a monster lol

The first one I asked someone to pin her down lol

Resize_P230813_14.15 Photo0081 DSC00221 DSC00246 DSC00279

And yep that is a kitten….

Have 2 now and they have been so ill. Fluids and milk every 2 hours for 6 weeks… three of those weeks they were at the vets each day for injections… the vets saved them though and they are going on ok….. They look a bit odd but they are alive and 4 weeks ago that looked very unlikely….

Hey this is the sheds transformation……

It was hard work but I had a very nice willing helper and she sis so much of it leaving the useless body to be a lot less challenged. The finishing off… well that was just me but it will do eh?

The other side now needs some finishing off. i am planing to bored it and then put in some sawdust to bring the floor to all one level and then shavings on top… I can’t get the concrete up from the bases that are there so it will have to be levelled with the shavings and then really packed out with shavings eh? Can’t have the dust and its possible the shavings will do the job…… I might try that first as sawdust really is dusty stuff.

Its not brilliant but it will get them out of the cold and rain at least.

DSC00126 DSC00121 DSC00110

Its a temporary thing and will do the job though they have the length the width is only just under 10 feet….. they fit but I wish it was wider but being broke means I can’t build one but in time they will have nice stables up near the sheep shed 🙂

Hey with bedding it looks ok on the side that’s now finished. I had to poach a few feet fopr a small feed store as it would be easier that way but as you can see Farley been in as a test it out five mins thing and she does fit… Flower will as well but i still have to make a door and finish her side…… tell that to my back, neck and arms……. lol I seriously hate arthritis!!!

Then meet Ethel, Ermentrude’s sister 🙂 She came in June (I think) and Bre was happier to have 6 again….  Ethel came from Surrey Dock farm and as last time I was amazed at how well they had laid it all out. Its got to be good that kids in a city can see cows, sheep pigs etc and even in London there is a farm lol.

DSC00013Like her sister she is so gentle and kind and very tame… she isn’t into custard creams as much as the other 5 but she is getting there lol.

Lastly…… In late February I took in a full blown collie….. bit messed up but so lovely…. I have actually called her Imbie…. and her surname is Sill…… and yes she is! lol

DSC00287 DSC00308 DSC00322He loves her

DSC00309Just remembered I am not talking to him….. He tried to kill me lol… he really did but will tell you about that next blog lol.

Bored you long enough now…

Alba said she needs to have a photo call.. man she is big now! Still Alb’s though

DSC05242 DSC05246 DSC05335 DSC05308

Alba would like to point out she didn't say they could have her hay!!

Alba would like to point out she didn’t say they could have her hay!!

Resize_P070613_15.08_[03] DSC00017 DSC05306

You all take care and stay dry if your weather is like here but if you have sun…. send it please… oh please lol x


Comments on: "Sorry its been a long time but….." (15)

  1. Hileena said:

    It’s Great to hear you again….I have worried about you. I thought I had your email….I’m sure I used to but could find nothing. I cant believer that’s Alba!!!!!! If you have my email get in touch please if not Toni has it…….if you feel up to it. I know what you mean about the facet injections LOL Love Hileenaxxx

    • It got me down so badly my friend…. Much better now mentally so that’s good eh?

      Hope all ok with you and got your special stay hot mug and some ((((( ))))) xx

  2. Barbara said:

    Cris my love you will never know how pleased I am to see this blog back..sending bucket of stamina and anything else you need..xx

    • Your a treasure my friend and so glad you had the op and hope its all going ok? It must have helped and well I am so glad to be able to be back if that makes sense? I am also so sorry about Slurps… i know she was special to you as well. Bless her he should have seen her….. he just should have seen her!

      My fault though and that’s what really took me down, the guilt will stay but it was just a very unfortunate accident eh?

      Hey the pup is trying to push me out the chair… Barbara she has so helped to pull me back 🙂 (((((( ))))) and so many hopes your doing ok? xx

  3. may porter said:

    Hello Cris how lovely to see you about , so sorry to hear of the sad losses i can only imagine how you felt ,so pleased you are out of the darkness now , but wow it looks as if you have a lovely little flock there now , and lots of company of the 4 legged kind keeping you busy . love and many (((((((((((( )))))))))))))

    • Thanks May, its been hard to come to terms with especially Lil…. Hey this here pup said hi to your ones and wants to know would they like to come and play for a bit lol she is manic ((((( ))))) and many hopes xx

  4. It’s lovely to hear from you again. I’m so sorry that you’ve lost two beloved animals.
    It’s good to know that all the animals will be warm and dry this winter. You did some hard work on that!
    The photographs are great.

    • Clowie your bipeds would agree some animals should live for ever…. Still Wish had a really good life and Lil did for three years eh? Prior to that she was a breed bitch but it was an ok life there….

      Hey could have done with your help to drag out wood from the shed. Sending you ((((( ))))) and a really big chew stick xx

  5. elnafinn said:

    Dear Cris

    I am so sorry to read all that has happened. Heart breaking and no wonder you wanted to bury your head in the sand. You have done so well with all the DIY. You are amazing! You will not let the arthritis beat you. Good on you! Onwards and upwards as they say, dear Cris.

    Love and gentle hugs
    Elna x

    • Elna my friend the arthritis has bitten me a bit of late but it can’t win as too much depends on me really. The new tabs are good and have helped no end. Hey the last lot of bi-latrils did a lot of good as well so pinning so much on monday lol.

      Tis a bit like a pin cushion though 😉

      Will get Flowers side of the shed done very soon as the weather is starting to turn a bit eh?

      Huga and a cuppa as well as a hope your ok? xx

  6. Praying that the new meds will really help your life and relieve the pain you are feeling. Your losses were so hard. Sorry you had to deal with that. Glad to see your post 🙂 Blessings and love that new pup! Such a sweet lookin thing.

    • Hey the new meds have really done some good. As well as being half decent analgesic they have another component that targets nerve pain in the spine and maybe that’s why they have done so much good?

      Hoping the world is treating you ok and its nice to see you as well 🙂 xx

  7. Oh, I was so glad to see a post from you I have thought of you often and hoped that you were doing okay. I am so sorry to hear you lost your sweet Lily and sweet Wish. I am also sorry to hear that you have been living with so much pain physically and heart pain from the losses. The pictures are wonderful and they all look healthy and happy. That little springer is a cutie pie. Take care of your sweet self. Hugs for you and hugs and nose kisses for all the sweet animals at your place…they are all so lucky to have you to watch over and care for them.

    • Hope all is ok with you and will pop over and catch up with you all.

      I really have found it hard with both Lil and Wish but Seeks the springer pup has really helped to heal that wound. Se is magic but hey long time since I had a pup and well…. they really do like to push boundaries eh lol.

      Hugs and a deceit cup of tea as well as a cuddle and chew stick for you now who xx

  8. toni castle said:

    Great photos my friend 🙂 and a story I feel I have ‘lived’ with you especially hard were the losses of those beloved animals. I thought you had lost it over Lil – you blamed yourself too much, but did some good for any other animal on the lane:)
    I see I recognise a face at the window of the stable;) My rather gorgeous Step-daughter!!!
    I shall show her later as she is busy curling Lu’s hair just now for her drama exam tomorrow.
    Take care and ((()))
    Toni et al xxxxx

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