Arthritis, Alba and All

and I still not sure it went lol……

I have a lot of bi latrails (i hope) and botox going in my back and neck Monday and odd to say am looking forward to them… she uses a lot of local and its wonderful to be so numb for a few hours lol.

I put young Seeks on some really top draw food and man is she growing but challenging every boundary about 50 times a day lol…. who said having a puppy is easy ๐Ÿ˜‰

She has been going to pup parties at the vets and has not been too bad… though deep down I think she might be on a quest for world domination lol. They take pics and its open to the public so this is where you can find some pics of ย the pup parties. There are a lot of other pics there but the parties are logged mostly each week…. Seeks is the black and white springer and yep she does have a degree of dominance……

Now they have added a Beagle…. I followed the link and found this petition… no body has to sign it but its a good one, to me, as I have issues with animals experimentation (I don’t plug them) but to use Beagles with their need for exercise and mental stimulations as much as they do to me is so wrong….. The link is u to you all but if you think that in 2013 (nearly 14) its un-fair to use the beagles in the way maybe you would like to sign it.

They need a few more signatures though deep down I suspect nothing will change. Not sure about other countries policies re the testing on Beagles but the UK should hang its head that its made it this far already…. see I do have issues lol. ย They are an incredibly trusting but very active breed and such a bad choice if any would be right they are one of the ones that suffer that bit more by being caged and restricted in every way…. will shut up now and let Seeks eat the soap box ๐Ÿ˜‰

Will just say that its an odd breed to have chosen but it might be thet they have no real know hereditary health issues and so many breeds do eh?

Its gone cold so have put rigs on both Flower and Farley….. I sort of hope it will help to keep both up to weight for a bit longer. The grass has got a huge second rush just now and both are going into winter well covered ๐Ÿ™‚



Will get Flowers side of the shed finished this week after the jabs I will be much better at hammering and moving wood lol. I do abuse things a bit I guess…..

Seeks is really growing… I got some of the top dig food for her… It was fluke but its Mum and Starter but will cover a pup to 12 months. Her mum was fairly small so I sort of hope that this will help get her to her full potential lol…. what ever that is…… ๐Ÿ˜‰

She is crashed out, half on my lap and half on the arm of the chair…. now she can’t do that when she is bigger….. She came to a sale today and is shattered… that makes 3 of us as Haz came as well and is upside down on the settee….. he doesn’t snore though and the pup does like hell lol.

Did I tell you Primmy is back? Its nice to see her and she is looking good, well they all are.

Remember little Phoenix….. look what she has grown into


I think being here over winter and being fed actual food is why she is so big….. shoulder high to me easy and might well be bigger than Primmy but never as nice, oh hows that for bias lol

Took a lot of pics today and well you can see there is a problem with the camera…. Its got haze or condensation on the inside of the lens and well I don;t know how to get in to it to dry and clean it…. It was raining the other day and cold and that’s when it started…… I hope you will forgive the fog in the pics though as long as its away from the sun its not too bad…..




Yep Seeks is running trailing a long lead…. she has been playing too much chase me and I hate chase me…..








and of course the full grown Alba ๐Ÿ™‚


Someone kept on and on and on telling me today about the risk of sheep rustling…. There have been a few taken in Devon and one the Cornwall border but I so wish that they had not kept on so much as I couldn’t cope to well with these being taken and eaten….. can you imagine…. see they shouldn’t have kept on so much but they are in a shed 30′ from here and I would be woken as the dogs would go mad….. Really on edge tonight….. There us a big padlock on the gate that doesn’t lift off too easily and we are here…..

Its not going to happen is it?

Oh the gate and Haz…..

Its an automatic car (it couldn’t have happened if it had been a manual one) and I stopped at the gate to unlock and open them (its two gated that meet in the middle and have a spike going down to hold the gates there…..

Put the car in park but did leave it running…..

Haz got his collar (somehow) stuck on the gear selector….. pushed the button in with his head…… stuck it right down in low gear… it would all have been ok as the hand brake holds it quite well in gear but in his panic he got his back end onto the foot well sand stood on the accelerator…..

Did some damage… the wing and door had to have extensive knocking out and the gate ended up being ripped off its hinges as well as under the car where it hit the petrol tank and made a hole in it……

A mate of mine think there might be a contract on me and Haz is the hit man lol

See what he was like tonight … and what he then did….




She does look sweet doesn’t she ๐Ÿ˜‰

You all take care and subject to Harry and his contract will see you soon x


Comments on: "There is Another week Gone by….." (13)

  1. may porter said:

    Hello lovely pics , sounds as if Taz is a wanabe boy racer, or want entering in to the demolision derby , i know where you are coming from with the fun of a new pup , we thought Wilf was bad but Dottie is in a league of her own , you stay safe and warm too . xxxx

    • Dottie sounds like she has Haz’s hand book May… best beware lol. He really has lost his licence and go an asbo for that one ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx

  2. Seeks is absolutely gorgeous! Whoever said that looking after a puppy is easy has obviously never looked after one for more than ten minutes! No, make that five minutes, ha ha!

  3. P.S. I’m about to sign the petition.

    • Ah thanks for signing it, it just seems a bit barbarick to still be allowede eh?

      Oh nope pups are very hard his one runs rings round me I think ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx

  4. It’s so nice to read back from you!
    I’ve been absent and missed the previous post (but caught up with it).
    As I usual, great pics.
    I just signed the petition.
    The pup is too cute, I hope your sheep are safe.

    • Bless you for signing it. It needs stopping now.

      Yep the sheep are safe as long as Bre doesn’t get wind of a ram lol she relly is a heller when she does. It was good tro see you back as well xx

  5. Barbara said:

    Its so lovely to have you back..and what lovely additions to your family..I have signed the petition..good luck with the injections will be thinking of you xx

    • Got some more jabs to come I think on the 9th now I really think about it but its the beginning of next month. I so nee them.

      Hows your hip my friend and thanks for signing the petition xx

  6. elnafinn said:

    It is reassuring to hear from you Cris. Wishing you all the best with the injections and I hope they really work and give you a break. Try not to worry too much about everything. I am sure you and the lovely sheep will keep safe. Beautiful photos of your family and the additions. I have signed the petition.

    Sending you love and gentle hugs
    Elna x

    • Your right my friend, worry is just no good at all and yet I do so much of it. Since the pup went missing even more.

      Hope your keeping ok and thanks for signing it as its just so wrong to condemn them to the cage life and suffering in a lot of cases.

      When Bre went missing it was first thing I thought… I just worry too much as really they would never get over here and take one without me knowing…… I would be out there like a shot as well….

      Hope your OK and sending hugs xx

  7. Wonderful pictures and that last one…well, how could it be any more adorable! Vet parties…how cool and the pictures were great. All the critters look wonderful and it sounds like all is going pretty well with them. Glad to hear you get some window of comfort even if it comes through numbness. Will check out the petition. I hate they use animals for any kind of testing…it is just not right and when I think of all the pain and suffering they put those poor sweeties through it breaks my heart. Take care of yourself while you are taking care of all the critters. Hugs and nose kisses to all from me and my crew.

    • Hope you and the crew are all ok? You got cold weather there I think?

      Yep the UK lags behind in some of the experimentation but is ahead in others so it would be nice if it could standardise to being ahead in it all.

      We are all fine and yep Seeks is the most lovely pup and so sweet for a demon lol xx

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