Arthritis, Alba and All

Its Seekies sister though so close to home……

She was taken on the 16th out of her locked kennel in the early evening. She very like seeks to look at but has a bit less white on her face and a bit more white on her body.  Because she was stolen she actually could be any where in the UK….. Though we think she was sold for a quick bit of money as some of it does point to that though we don;t know. Its wasn’t a professional job as they took only the one, left the fully trained adults and shut all the doors and left the pups safe when they left.

The people that bred Seeks are really nice people and their dogs are so normal but they are working dogs and there is a market for them so the pup could have been stolen to order…..

Its not helped by folk in OK magazine and such like saying how lovely springers are but omitting to say the kind of home they need as Springers really do need 2 or more hours of real exercise a day or you have trouble with them.

If I remember rightly her white on her face comes up to just about her eye level and Seeks comes to the top of her head which is why I had her and not the other little pup…. the idea that had I had the other one it would be Seeks out there is horrible actually.

Could those of you in the UK keep and eye out and if your on face book could you circulate her dogslost poster please? I know I text some of you and she is out there but she needs to get hotter in order to get the people who took her to dump her to be picked up and returned via her micro-chip or sometimes they hand them is as strays.

Either way we want her back as she is a lovely trusting pup and I so hope that hasn’t changed.

Her doglost details are here and the poster is at the bottom if you clock on poster.

Promise I will up date now but just please keep your eye out for the pup as she could really be anywhere.

Take care and thanks x


Comments on: "Stolen Spaniel Pup, but Not Mine….." (10)

  1. I’ll share the link to the poster where I can.

    • Thanks, the more she is highlighted the more hot she will get and the better the chance of hearing something x

      • It got quite a few retweets on Twitter and was shared again on Google+. I’ll tweet again.

      • Thanks my friend, your a treasure and my young-un put her on her facebook page today as well so she will get too hot to handle with luck xx

  2. may porter said:


  3. So sorry to read this Cris. Have shared the link on my FB page for you. Love Elna x

  4. Thanks Elna, bless her she is such a sweet pup and so like Squeaks xx

  5. Barbara said:

    Will keep my eyes and ears open Cris you never know she might come up this way..fingers crossed that she is returned..

    • Thanks my friend. Its just so horrible to know she is out there somewhere. Hey she has a home if she is damaged or no longer able to work.

      If we get her back she will be safe but till then we just don’t know what has or is happeing to her and its so worrying and upsetting. Hugs and Seeks sends her very best bounce xx

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