Arthritis, Alba and All

Sadly one Old Friend Lost to the Bridge……

A couple of years ago  a friend asked me if I would like one of her lambs…Looking at him it was fairly obvious that he was not quite right. He was  5 months of age yet  about the size they normally are at 4-5 weeks….Or the Size Albs was at that age anyway.

His head had a slight angle on the way he carried it to so its likely there is some neurological problem…

Thinking he may not be here too long I got him and bought him home. Thankfully he was already neutered…

His name was already Lambie so he kept that though I did think about changing it a few time…


He really is terribly stunted and at that time so very than you could pick him up one-handed and his weight was no more than an average cat.

Lovely Ethel agreed to look after him a bit….She was such a lovely girl but sadly she her self is the old friend now at the Bridge …. I do miss her but she has only recently crossed to it.

He has picked up a lot in the past 2 years (it was 2 years in November)  He remains small but he has got decent weight on and he is very happy even if it’s not necessarily going to be a long life.


Then in March 2015  I was asked if I would take on a blind sheep….He had been born 5 weeks earlier without any eyes….We made a small enclosure next to the sheep shed  and bought his Mum and him here. He was called Bertie so we called his Mum Gertie.



Gertie  sadly went to the Bridge in September but she was loved for the last 18 months of her life. She became really tame as well. I was worried about her loss in respect of Berts  as by then they were all interrogated into the  family and with the other 5…Ethel took him under her wing and all was well thankfully.

Berts has grown well and does cope really well.


It’s not easy to sheer him or do his feet but except for those times he is really sweet and very friendly.

Lovely Ethel only made it to 13 BUT her sister Esmerelda is still doing well 🙂

Like Bre she left a big hole and poor Bertie  had lost another who looked after him…..He is only slightly younger than Lambie so the are  friends now but he has no mother now as Ethie did stand in mum duties and none of the others are so kind….

Berts did think Albie would look after him but her motto has always been look out for number one lol…..

Alba still does her face pulling….I sometimes wonder if she knew I took this just before she got a hair cut lol…


She should have known as I had made a start on her lol…. It was hard to do them for certain this year. A lot of pain meds, some spinal injections and still only one a day till they were all done


I think Albs is regerstring her shock I did her lol She still does the most amazing faces …


I was horrified that it took me a week this time…The bones just don’t lke shearing sheep…

I love the bond thy and are still have though



Lovely Esmerelda taken just before Christmas and she WILL make it to 14!!!




Comments on: "Alba has 2 New Friends….." (11)

  1. Lovely to see your treasures and goes to show you have a heart of stone and are not a soft touch at all LOL , even with that look of utter disgust they all love you as much as you love them , Sorry for the losses though xxxxx

    • Lol yep real heart of stone…You know May she charged me 30 quid for Lambie…..I doubt he was worth 5 lol….

      That is Albs disgusted I live face lol lol lol xxx

    • Its total disgust isn’t it lol…Its Albs and I wouldn’t have her any other way lol xx

  2. Barbara12 said:

    So lovely to see you posting again, what would the world be like without people like you..the time your family have with you is such an happy sorry to hear about the ones you have lost…but it would be so peaceful for them xxxxxx

    • I must admit I was a bit worried about taking on Bertie but then I met him. He was very young and for him being blind is from birth so normal. He must think we are all the same bless him….Both him and Lambie are unlikely to make old age but both will be safe and loved for as long as they have.

      Hope your doing ok my friend? xxx

      • Barbara12 said:

        You do have such a good heart , when I pass on I want to come back has a sheep and live with you…I am doing ok thanks.xx

      • ah but you will hate me if you don’t have a zip and need sheering lol xxx

  3. These photos are so cute! RIP little sheep. 🙂

    • They are such gentle souls….. Bertie is so sweet even though he can’t see For as long as he is happy he has a home . Ethel was a lovey old girl…I still miss her xx

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