Arthritis, Alba and All


The ramblings of a fool with a love of animals and a lot of arthritis, lol.


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  1. hunktrees said:

    You are no fool our Skiezer xx

  2. Tony said:

    You are one of the most dedicated folks I know hun.
    God bless ya for everything you do..

    • Oh Tony you treasure! In my case its a thin line between dedication and total all out madness, lol. Hugs and tea to you both and a big cuddle to the big white dope… who could make a cameo yet…. xx

  3. You have awards skezier, should you choose to accept them. Please see my most recent blog post.

    • Hi Boson I wanted to thank you for nominating me and did try to understand what I am meant to do,lol. can you give me idiot prof instructions on how the award bit so I can do a post please?

      Hope your jam jar tornado’s have been quiet today….. Mine is crashed out asleep just now but we are about to go and check all is well and feed the lamb so he will be awake for that lol x

      • You can just accept your awards skezier or you can also give them to some other people that you want to give them to, as I did. I wrote a post to give them out which you can view and see how to do that.

        It was awfully hot here but the jam jar tornado’s sat looking at me through the window and barking for work so instead of playing ball I took them to the pond and threw sticks in.

      • You know I would like to give some as I do enjoy reading a lot and so many more I haven’t found yet as well x

  4. I want to follow your blog but I can’t figure out how.

    • Thanks for wanting to and hi 😉

      There should be a follow button on the right hand under the blog rolls. Mine sometimes has it on the black stripe at the top of the page ass well as like. Its almost the last thing at the right hand size under the titles, then the categorise and then the blog roll. Under that there should be a button saying follow.

      If you can’t find it I will log out and see if its there or where it gone. Hope your keeping ok and thank you again for wanting to follow this xx

  5. Elizabeth Soulsby said:

    Hi Skezier,
    Finally managed to follow you. I hope you are managing okay and not suffering too badly. I can see the newbies are settling in! Hope they aren’t giving you too much hassle?
    Hugs and a much needed cuppa.

    • Welcome my friend!!!! So good to see you though I am not as frequent a poster as I was just now.

      Hope all is ok with you and leaving tea and a ((( ))) Cris xx

  6. Hi, it’s good to e-meet you and glad that we can talk science 🙂 I don’t often mention my disability on WP but since you mention yours, I’m sorry to learn of it. Mine is multiple sclerosis. As well as the WP blog, I run a disability community You’d be welcome there. Btw my co-moderator over there is Missus Tribble whose WP blog is Wine and Roses from Outer Space.

    • Hi Nice to e meet you as well. I am sorry you also have the ms and hope its not been too bad a day for you?

      I will have a look at the blog later, just about to go feed everyone again lol I seem to be doing that a lot now winter has started.

      I really am glad to have found your blog as I am not so good on the science as such but am so pleased people like you can argue the rights and wrongs as I can do it from a welfare point of view and need to be grounded here and there.

      You take care and will pop on to that and the wine and roses from outer space one as soon as Alba and her friends are tucked up and warm. x

      • Thanks! Today’s been all right. I’m in remission which, as you probably know, means that my symptoms aren’t worsening. I know a few people with various kinds of arthritis which doesn’t sound like fun at all.

        Since MS robbed me of fieldwork and labwork, I’m using the faculties I do have. T’internet is a lifeline isn’t it? A senior academic suggested I write a science blog, hence my Science on the Land, and I find that I love ❤ ❤ writing popsci! I'm doing some work in his group, too. A recently doctored (got PhD) friend taught me the term 'science whore' and that's what I know call myself. Pay me and I'll do it! Nobody's paying me to write popsci, yet, but you've just told me that my blog is easily found (and I've noticed that it comes up on Google) so hopefully I'll get spotted.

      • Glad you have some remission, my pa can go into that so I know how good it is to have.

        I seriously hope someone will pick up and start paying you as that’s a really good blog and very interesting. I still got fog in my brain at the names but they will come to me…. later tonight possible though this lot will never remind me in the morning.

        The arthritis is something I have had most my life now so it could be worse cus I think getting it later and remembering when you didn’t have it would be more upsetting somehow.

        You stay warm and will pop over the disabled site as well. Cris x

  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I see your dog is as mad about water as mine and, amazingly you are an arthritis sufferer too. I have RA but I am in remission except for my feet as long as I swallow a fistful of tablets every morning. I’ve also started looking at healthier options like organic foods, the paleo lifestyle etc and would appreciate any input. Bests wishes, Karen

    • Karen so glad you have some remission 🙂

      Yep my dogs love water and wallowing in mud lol then they come inside…. Be dry and summer soon x

  8. Erica said:

    Finally, I have signed up to following your blog old friend. So, now I’ve neatened it all up and you’ve got 60 following you!

    Lots of love, ‘Eric’

    She’s the only person to ever get away with calling me that, aren’t you 🙂

  9. Thank you for stopping by Storyteller. — Ray

  10. guttermutt said:

    Sounds like my kind of blog!!! 😉

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